10 Best Foo Fighters Songs

Larry Busacca, Getty Images Foo Fighters recently announced they were going on hiatus , which made us think it was perfect time to reflect on the band's career so far and count down the 10 Best Foo Fighters Songs. Who knew that the demos that Dave Grohl recorded in 1994 on his own would serve as the spark for what became one of the biggest rock bands in music? With the help of his Foo Fighters bandmates, Grohl has created a string of infectious, yet still hard-rocking hits. So, in their honor, let's rock through the 10 Best Foo Fighters Songs: ? 10 'Learn to Fly' From: 'There Is Nothing Left to Lose' (1999) ? ? If there is a choice for the most melodic, radio-friendly track in the Foo Fighters catalog, 'Learn to Fly' would have to be right up there. The lead single from the band's 'There Is Nothing Left to Lose' album was a critical one for the group, as they were once again in the process of trying to replace a guitarist and working in drummer Taylor Hawkins on an album for the first time. Not so coincidentally, the song itself deals with the struggle for inspiration and “looking for a sign of life.” Listen to 'Learn to Fly' ? ? 9 'This Is a Call' From: 'Foo Fighters' (1995) ? ? 'This Is a Call' is a must for the 10 Best Foo Fighters Songs. The track introduced Dave Grohl as someone other than the guy who played drums in Nirvana , and guess what? He rocked! With the song, Grohl offers, “This is a call to all my past resignation,” which is his way of saying thank you to everyone from who was there for him along the way and announcing his arrival as an artist. Listen to 'This Is a Call' ? ? 8 'Stacked Actors' From: 'There Is Nothing Left to Lose' (1999) ? ? The album 'There Is Nothing Left to Lose' found Dave Grohl escaping the glitter of Los Angeles for his more peaceful Virginia home, and the change of environment worked its way into song on the fan favorite track, 'Stacked Actors.' Dave Grohl told SwayMag.com , “'Stacked Actors' is a response to living in Hollywood for about a year and a half, and my disdain and disgust of everything plastic and phony, which is the foundation of that city.” Listen to 'Stacked Actors' ? ? 7 'Walk' From: 'Wasting Light' (2011) ? ? That never-give-up-spirit is at the heart of the Foo Fighters single 'Walk.' The final track on the 'Wasting Light' album leaves the listener on a high note, as Grohl sings about taking the next steps in life after believing he's “waited long enough” for everything to begin. The video for the song also left a memorable mark, as the band offered up their take on the Michael Douglas film 'Falling Down.' Listen to 'Walk' ? ? 6 'The Pretender' From: 'Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace' (2007) ? ? 'The Pretender' makes the Top 10 Foo Fighters Songs because it represents what the band does best. The opening of the track is a moody, haunting, melodic piece that pulls you in, while the remainder of the song is an amped-up infusion of hard rock goodness. Grohl told England's XFM that the song is about being f—ed over and not getting what they were promised. Listen to 'The Pretender' ? ? 5 'Monkey Wrench' From: 'The Colour and the Shape' (1997) ? ? To intoduce 1997's 'The Colour and the Shape' album, Dave Grohl laid his soul bare on the lead single 'Monkey Wrench.' The track, which was an anthem for those frustrated by their place in a relationship, was penned as the singer's first marriage was falling apart. Grohl lets fly a feverish rant during the bridge that was captured in one shot during the album session, and there's emotion in track not heard on prior tracks. Listen to 'Monkey Wrench' ? ? 4 'All My Life' From: 'One by One' (2002) ? ? There may not be a harder driving song than 'All My Life,' which finds bassist Nate Mendel keeping the band on course while Grohl, guitarist Chris Shiflett and drummer Taylor Hawkins unleash the fury at several points during the song. Grohl revealed that the song started as an instrumental before it evolved into what we hear now. As for the lyrical content, Grohl would reveal to Q magazine , “That song is a little dirty. Use your imagination.” Listen to 'All My Life' ? ? 3 'My Hero' From: 'The Colour and the Shape' (1997) ? ? While some may be quick to attach the song 'My Hero' to any big time star or celebrity, that's not what the track is about. Grohl explained , “That's my way of saying that when I was young, I didn't have big rock heroes … My heroes were ordinary people and the people that I have a lot of respect for are just solid everyday people – people you can rely on.” With the Foo Fighters dealing with the exit of drummer William Goldsmith during sessions, Grohl played hero by returning to the kit on the song. Listen to 'My Hero' ? ? 2 'Best of You' From: 'In Your Honor' (2005) ? ? 'Best of You' makes the Top 10 Foo Fighters Songs list as perhaps the most inspirational song the band has recorded. Filmmaker Mark Pellington, whose wife had died months earlier, reached out to the band to direct the video after the lyrical content helped him through a difficult time. Grohl revealed that the song actually almost never was, as the band had demoed so many tracks that it got lost in the shuffle until the group's manager asked him what happened to it. The song cracked the Top 10 on Loudwire's Top 21st Century Hard Rock Songs list . Listen to 'Best of You' ? ? 1 'Everlong' From: 'The Colour and the Shape' (1997) ? ? 'Everlong' headlines our list of the Top 10 Foo Fighters Songs. The track has become a fan favorite over the years, in both fully rocked-out band style and with Grohl playing it acoustically by himself on occasion. The track came about during a low point in Grohl's life, and speaks to the immense feelings brought about by love. The singer told Mojo magazine that Bob Dylan once praised the song, saying that he should learn it, which was one of the biggest accolades he could have ever received. Listen to 'Everlong' ? ? What Is Your Favorite Foo Fighters Song? There you go, one by one we counted down the Top 10 Foo Fighters songs. Did we get the best for you, or is our list a pretender? It was hard narrowing it down to 10, so we know there are tracks you probably thought should have been there. Let us know what you would add and what you would drop in the comments section below: ?

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