Pig Destroyer Unleash New Tripped-Out Video for ‘The Diplomat’

Relapse Who says the music video is a dead art form? Pig Destroyer have just released a video for their new track ‘The Diplomat,’ which pays tribute to ’2001: A Space Odyssey’ while injecting pure LSD into the eyeballs of anyone who chooses to view ‘The Diplomat.’ On Oct. 24, Pig Destroyer posted a teaser on their Facebook page for their new music video. Along with a visually addicting image of black-lit apes , Pig Destroyer warned fans with the message, “Prepare your anus for tomorrow…” Although the video’s release was pushed back until today (Oct. 26), the delay gave grinders an extra day to prepare their poop-chutes for one of the year’s best videos. ‘The Diplomat’ video showcases a time-traveling businessman and his faceless limo driver, as they return to a time where apes claimed dominance. The businessman comes equipped with a mystery briefcase and an arsenal of machine guns, which leads to some primate pulverizing. We won’t give away the ending of the video, but believe us when we say that ‘The Diplomat’ needs to be seen by fans of experimental and trippy visuals, along with brilliant grindcore. ‘The Diplomat’ comes from Pig Destroyer’s newest album, ‘ Book Burner ,’ which proves to be one of 2012′s essential metal albums, with even Larry King (unknowingly) contributing to new track ‘The Bug.’ Treat yourself by checking out Pig Destroyer’s new video for ‘The Diplomat.’ Pig Destroyer, ‘The Diplomat’

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Pig Destroyer Unleash New Tripped-Out Video for ‘The Diplomat’

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