15 Sexiest Rock Music Videos

604 / Geffen / Nothing Despite the fall of MTV’s ‘M’ portion of its programming, the art of the music video is certainly not dead. Rock and metal acts continue to create incredible visual interpretations of their most invaluable tracks, further examining the profound and introspective analysis of the themes studied within their music. This list is not about that. This list is about the Sexiest Rock Music Videos of all time. We’ve all gotten that certain special feeling while experiencing a sexy music video that taps into our most primal urges in just the right way. Some of us make a break for the nearest private space, while others press their eyeballs into their TV and computer screens until they need to be pried loose like the pole-licking scene from ‘A Christmas Story.’ Either way, we’ve got some of the most pants-tightening videos ever released by acts such as Marilyn Manson , Papa Roach , Avenged Sevenfold and many more. We’ve teamed up with Ultimate Classic Rock and Diffuser.fm to bring you 15 of the sexiest rock videos of all time. Click below to enjoy the Sexiest Rock Music Videos! [button href=”http://loudwire.com/marilyn-manson-mobscene-sexiest-rock-music-videos” title=”See the Sexiest Rock Music Videos Here” align=”center”]

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15 Sexiest Rock Music Videos

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