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Six Feet Under Announce New Album ‘Unborn,’ Unleash Lyric Video for ‘Zombie Blood Curse’

Metal Blade Records Florida’s legendary death metal merchants  Six Feet Under will unleash their tenth studio album, ‘Unborn,’ on March 19 via Metal Blade Records. A lyric video for the song ‘Zombie Blood Curse’ is now available, as well (watch below). Released less than a year after 2012′s ‘Undead,’ ‘Unborn’ will be the band’s first album featuring guitarist Ola Englund and bassist Jeff Hughell. It’s the second SFU under album for drummer Kevin Talley. Vocalist Chris Barnes once again brought in some guest songwriters for the new album. “The journey to create, write, and record ‘Undead’ and ‘Unborn’ has been the most challenging and exciting musical endeavor and process I have ever been involved with,” says Barnes. “Working with all these amazing writers and musicians like Ben Savage (Whitechapel) on songs like ‘Neuro Osmosis’ and ‘Fragment’ are some of the most dynamic, beautiful, and brutal songs I’ve ever had the pleasure of putting lyrics to. I believe Ben is a true innovator of the death metal genre.” Barnes continues, ”It was also a lot of fun working Jari Laine from Torture Killer again. We wrote a great album together a few years back called ‘Swarm!’ – one of my favorite releases I’ve been involved with – and Jari is someone who I have really wanted to work with again ever since. I wanted to revisit collaborating with Jari because of how well we work together; proof of that on ‘Unborn’ are the hook heavy sounds of songs like ‘Zombie Blood Curse’ and ‘Incision’.” ‘Zombie Blood Curse’ is vintage Six Feet Under, a mid-tempo behemoth that slows down to a skull-crushing pace midway through before picking back up. And since its not always easy to make out Barnes’ death metal growls, a lyric video is perfect for Six Feet Under. Check it out below: Watch Six Feet Under – ‘Zombie Blood Curse’ Lyric Video

15 Sexiest Rock Music Videos

604 / Geffen / Nothing Despite the fall of MTV’s ‘M’ portion of its programming, the art of the music video is certainly not dead. Rock and metal acts continue to create incredible visual interpretations of their most invaluable tracks, further examining the profound and introspective analysis of the themes studied within their music. This list is not about that. This list is about the Sexiest Rock Music Videos of all time. We’ve all gotten that certain special feeling while experiencing a sexy music video that taps into our most primal urges in just the right way. Some of us make a break for the nearest private space, while others press their eyeballs into their TV and computer screens until they need to be pried loose like the pole-licking scene from ‘A Christmas Story.’ Either way, we’ve got some of the most pants-tightening videos ever released by acts such as Marilyn Manson , Papa Roach , Avenged Sevenfold and many more. We’ve teamed up with Ultimate Classic Rock and to bring you 15 of the sexiest rock videos of all time. Click below to enjoy the Sexiest Rock Music Videos! [button href=”” title=”See the Sexiest Rock Music Videos Here” align=”center”]

Baroness Members Deliver Surprise Performances at Converge and Neurosis Shows in Philadelphia Decibel Magazine recently celebrated their 100th issue with an insane concert in Philadelphia, a show we dedicated ourselves not to miss. The show’s lineup itself was incredible, presenting Converge , Pig Destroyer , Repulsion, Municipal Waste , Tombs + Evoken live, but the most incredible parts of the evening came from Baroness frontman John Baizley , who offered not only a surprise speech, but shared the stage with Converge for the song ‘Coral Blue.’ After Pig Destroyer grinded the Philly crowd into a brutal dust, John Baizley took a microphone right before Converge started their set to share his passion for the band and their newest album, ‘All We Love We Leave Behind.’ Having suffered through serious injuries after Baroness’ tour bus crashed in England last year, Baizley revealed how crucial ‘All We Love We Leave Behind’ was to both his physical and metal rehabilitation. Baizley addressed the crowd: About five months ago, I was in a f—ing bad wreck. I was laid up in the hospital for while; too long. I was going through what I would describe as the worst thing, mentally and physically, that one could go through, at least in my opinion. There came a point where I needed something to get past the hump that I was in, you know, just this state of depression or pain or whatever it was, and so I thought, ‘Well, music is this thing that’s meant to soothe the savage beast,’ and I had my wife bring me an iPod collection of mellow songs; Emmylou Harris, just old country stuff mostly. I put the headphones in and listened to it, and what was happening was not soothing at all in any way, shape or form. It was harsh and it was grating, and in that first moment when I was trying to listen to something relaxing and trying to get myself through a very difficult time, I became scared s–tless and I thought that I had lost the ability to enjoy music and I had lost the magic that music had over me. I think it was about three-and-a-half weeks after the crash, I had the new Converge record [‘All We Love We Leave Behind’] and I was like, ‘Well, Emmylou is not doing it for me, let’s try the opposite.’ And that record brought me back into the fold. Thank you for writing music that truly inspires, and I mean this when I say this, that truly rehabilitates, not just offers me a release from aggressions or from bulls–t, but something that helps me look forward to tomorrow when today is as tough as it gets. Near the end of Converge’s set, the band invited Baizley onstage to sing and play guitar for ‘Coral Blue,’ easily the most Baroness-like track from Converge’s 2012 album. As extra proof of Baroness’ massive desire to return in full-force, Baizley and fellow Baroness guitarist Pete Adams opened for the legendary Neurosis the night in Philly. Watch the footage from that show here . Check out both Baizley’s speech and his performance with Converge in the videos below. Keep feeling better, John! We can’t wait to see Baroness take the stage once again. John Baizley Addresses Crowd at Decibel’a 100th Issue Concert John Baizley Joins Converge Onstage for ‘Coral Blue’ [button href=”” title=”Baroness’ John Baizley Gives Update on Recovery” align=”center”]

Adler Singer Jacob Bunton Offers Inside Look at Slash Collaboration ‘Just Don’t Ask’

Facebook: Jacob Bunton When former Guns N’ Roses  drummer  Steven Adler launched his new band Adler , it offered a fresh start for the musician. But the stickman still has one very significant tie to the past on his ‘Back From the Dead’ album — a guest appearance from his former bandmate  Slash on the track ‘Just Don’t Ask.’ Speaking exclusively with Loudwire, Adler singer Jacob Bunton tells us, “Steven and Slash have been close friends since they were kids, so the chemistry between the two is amazing.” Of the song ‘Just Don’t Ask,’ Bunton recalls, “When we started recording the album ‘Back From The Dead’, Steven asked Slash if he would play on record. We weren’t sure at first which song to have him play on. Halfway through recording the record, I wrote the song ‘Just Don’t Ask’ and we all looked at each other and said ‘this is the perfect one.’ Slash is one of the most soulful rock guitarist of all time and everything he does is so tasteful. I love his solos on the hard rockin’ songs, but we all agreed that the melodies he creates on ballads are some of the most memorable in music. He came to the studio, plugged in and just nailed it. He’s also one of the coolest mutherf—ers you’ll ever meet!” And speaking of meeting Slash, the vocalist says the guitarist knows how to make an entrance. He explains, “We recorded at Jeff Pilson’s studio in his house. Slash showed up a few minutes late for the session and said he had gone to the wrong house. Can you imagine getting a knock on the door at 10:00 at night and when you open the door, Slash is standing there?” Take a listen to Adler’s ‘Just Don’t Ask’ featuring Slash in the player below. The album, ‘Back From the Dead,’ which earned a stellar review from Loudwire when it dropped in November, is available at iTunes . Listen to Adler’s ‘Just Don’t Ask’ Featuring Slash ? [button href=”” title=”Next: Read Our Review of Adler’s ‘Back From the Dead'” align=”center”]

Most Anticipated Early 2013 Rock Tour – Readers Poll

Christopher Polk / Michael N. Todaro / Mark Metcalfe / Kevin Winter / Jim Dyson, Getty Images While it may be hard to even envision sitting on the lawn of an amphitheater hill and catching one of your favorite rock bands under the sun and stars during these cold winter months, that doesn’t mean the touring season has stopped for most bands. In fact, most acts are continuing the promotion of their music in clubs and arenas across the country. As 2013 kicks off, we’re asking you which early year rock tour piques your interest the most. Green Day are making their return to the stage. Kid Rock and Buckcherry are teaming up for a run with newcomers Hellbound Glory. Marilyn Manson ‘s career revival continues with new dates featuring support band Butcher Babies. Sevendust are meeting up with Italian rockers Lacuna Coil for North American shows. And the reunited Soundgarden continue to be a hot ticket, especially with a new album to promote. There are solid package tours to consider. Would you rather spend your money on a Stone Sour / Papa Roach double bill or triple bill featuring  Shinedown ,  Three Days Grace and  P.O.D. ? There’s Flyleaf and Drowning Pool , both with new singers, teaming up for a trek. 3 Doors Down and Daughtry are holding over their successful 2012 tour for another leg. And rock vets Nonpoint have invited promising upstarts Candlelight Red and Digital Summer along for dates in the coming months. In addition, bands like Deftones , Black Veil Brides , Tremonti , A Day to Remember and Hollywood Undead are certain to be top draws once their 2013 ventures get under way. Those are just a few of the rock tours launching in the first few months of 2013. Here’s your chance to tell us which one excites you the most. Cast your vote in the poll below. Sorry, you need to have javascript running to see this poll. [button href=”” title=”Previous Readers Poll: Most Desired 2013 Album” align=”center”]

How to Destroy Angels Stream ‘An Omen’ EP Ahead of Release

Columbia Records Trent Reznor fans were recently treated to ‘ Keep It Together ,’ the lead song from the ‘ An Omen ‘ EP from his How to Destroy Angels  outfit. Now the full six-song disc has found its way online for fans to check out. Aside from the moody digitalism of ‘Keep It Together,’ the set includes such new standouts as the plucky and somewhat folky ‘Ice Age,’ Reznor’s wife Mariqueen Maandig’s melodically mesmerizing showcase ‘On the Wing,’ and the vintage groove of ‘The Loop’ among others. ‘An Omen’ is serving at the precursor to a full-length disc that will follow. Though a title and release date for the album has not been announced, it is expected within the next year. The new EP drops in stores onTuesday (Nov. 13). Reznor recently revealed that How to Destroy Angels signed to a major label because of what it could offer them going forward, as he views the group reaching a different audience than just those who know him for Nine Inch Nails and needing a way to get new listeners. He  explained , “The main reason I do what I do is I want to do something that matters. I want to be able to create art that reaches the maximum amount of people on my terms … That was a key component … Because it came down to us — us being the band now — sitting around and identifying what our goals were. And the top priority wasn’t to make money. It was to try to reach the most amount of people, and try to reach the most amount of people effectively, that doesn’t feel like it’s coming completely from my backyard. Because I don’t want this project, ultimately, to just be dismissed as a ‘side project’ or … (loud sigh) … a ‘patronizing affair with Trent and his wife.’ Sounds terrible, you know?” In other Trent Reznor news, the singer just revealed he’s begun working on Nine Inch Nails music and he’s also set to appear on the ‘ Call of Duty: Black Ops II ‘ soundtrack that arrives later this month. Check out the stream of the ‘An Omen’ EP (via  Hype Machine ) below. Listen to How to Destroy Angels ‘An Omen’ EP [button href=”” title=”Next: Mariqueen Maandig – Hottest Rockstar Wives” align=”center”]

Deftones Offer Advance Free Stream of New Album ‘Koi No Yokan’

Reprise Deftones ‘ seventh studio album, ‘Koi No Yokan’ is without a doubt one of the most anticipated releases of the year. The veteran act has compiled one of the most celebrated discographies of the past 20 years, and although the album won’t see a release until Nov. 13, the entire ‘Koi No Yokan’ album is now available for streaming in full. Rolling Stone has just posted the entire record, and so far the reaction from fans has been incredibly positive. We’ve been amping up Deftones fans for several weeks, as the songs ‘ Leathers ‘ and ‘ Tempest ‘ were released to tease ‘Koi No Yokan,’ but now fanatics can hear the complete album, which boasts eleven tracks total. After the success of the band’s 2010 full-length, ‘Diamond Eyes,’ Deftones returned to the studio with a greater confidence riding off the creative accomplishments of the album. “Because we got through making that record, it was so well received and we loved it, it was a confidence-builder [for] all of us as a band,” frontman Chino Moreno tells Rolling Stone . “So when we went in to make this record, I think we carried a lot of that over with us. There was no doubt.” Moreno continues, “Diamond Eyes was capturing lightning in a bottle. We had just come together, had a lot of constraints in terms of time, so we’re just banging things out. This time we had a little more chance to experiment and just play.” Without further ado, get the hell over to Rolling Stone and listen to ‘Koi No Yokan’ in full: [button href=”″ title=”Listen to Deftones, ‘Koi No Yokan’ in Full” align=”center”]