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Grammy’s Have Become Hard To Watch

Last night was the 2014 Grammy Awards and it was very hard to watch. The show has become so ridiculous and of course the award show snubs Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. The Grammy Award show even managed to ruin the closing artists performance, as usual. Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor, and Queens of the Stone […]

Daily Reload: Slayer, Foo Fighters + More

Courtesy of Slayer – Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo has been dismissed from the band’s upcoming Australian trek after an ugly dispute over financial matters. [ Loudwire ] –  Foo Fighters ‘ hiatus was a short one, as Dave Grohl revealed that he was planning to resume working with the band on a new album shortly. [ Loudwire ] – Papa Roach ‘s Jacoby Shaddix talks about making a connection through music and sober living in our exclusive video interview: [ Loudwire ] – Regardless of Randy Blythe ‘s legal matters, Lamb of God have booked their first show of 2013. [ Loudwire ] – Trent Reznor ‘s  How to Destroy Angels have confirmed dates beyond their April concert debut at Coachella. [ Loudwire ] – What are the Best Rock and Best Metal Songs of 2013 so far? We provide our picks: [ Loudwire ] – Kiss are hitting the road north of the border, revealing their Canadian tour dates. [ Ultimate Classic Rock ] – Hawkwind ‘s founding member Nik Turner will perform the ‘Space Ritual’ album live in Los Angeles. [ Ultimate Classic Rock ] – Mumford and Sons and Adele are clearing space for more trophies after cleaning up at the 2013 BRIT Awards. [ ] – Recent Grammy winner Frank Ocean is pairing up with Depeche Mode ‘s Martin L. Gore on a track. [ ]

How to Destroy Angels Reveal Initial Stops for 2013 North American Tour

Facebook: How to Destroy Angels For those of you who didn’t get tickets before Coachella sold out, there will actually be more shows this spring where you can catch Trent Reznor ‘s band  How to Destroy Angels performing live for the first time. Coachella remains the band’s first scheduled performance, as the group will take the stage on April 12 and 19 at the Indio Polo Fields. However, the collective has just announced stops in Las Vegas, Monterey (Calif), San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, Toronto, Boston, Montclair (N.J.) and New York. In their posting about the new shows, How to Destroy Angels cautioned, “These are the only dates we have scheduled right now. To preemptively answer the ‘when you are coming to my city/country?’ questions: We just don’t know. Right now the dates above are the only dates. There are some other announcements coming soon that will impact this as well.” Reznor & co. will be offering direct pre-sales for the limited number of tickets to the shows, with pre-sales beginning Feb. 27. How to Destroy Angels’ ‘Welcome Oblivion’ album is currently streaming online ahead of its March 5 album release date. How to Destroy Angels 2013 North American Tour 4/12 — Indio, California — Coachella 4/13 — Las Vegas, Nev. — Pearl Theater 4/17 — Monterey, Calif. — Golden State Theater 4/18 — San Francisco, Calif. — Regency Ballroom 4/19 — Indio, Calif. — Coachella 4/21 — Denver, Colo. — Paramount Theater 4/23 — Chicago, Ill. — Vic Theater 4/25 — Toronto, Ontario — Sound Academy 4/27 — Boston, Mass. — House of Blues 4/28 — Montclair, N.J. — Wellmont Theatre 4/29 — New York, N.Y. — Apollo Theater [button href=”” title=”Next: Watch How to Destroy Angels’ ‘How Long?’ Video” align=”center”]

Trent Reznor-Guided ‘Beats’ Streaming Service to Launch in Summer 2013

Sean Gardner, Getty Images Interscope honcho Jimmy Iovine spilled the beans earlier this year that Trent Reznor ‘s involvement with Dr. Dre’s Beats by Dre service involved a new streaming service. Now comes word that the Beats Electronics service will be available beginning this summer. According to Billboard , Iovine revealed during Tuesday’s (Feb. 12) AllThingsD Dive Into Media Conference that the service would simply be called Beats (it had been previously given the tentative title Daisy) and would rely heavily on hand-curated lists in order to differentiate itself from such other streaming services as Spotify, Rhapsody, Muve and Slacker. “We are making tons and tons of curated lists,” said Iovine. “If you go to the gym, we’ll know where you are. So when you wake up in the morning, there will be a list waiting for you.” As for Reznor’s involvement, he’s serving as chief creative officer and is offering his expertise in helping to personalize playlists for each listener. As someone who is overseeing the curation of playlists, he’ll also study algorithms to help determine what might fit each person the best. Iovine stated that they wanted to “marry math with emotion,” and added, “Right now there are only mathematical solutions.” The label chief also explained that Beats plans to give artists access to user data, allowing them the ability to know exactly who their audience is and where their music is being used. [button href=”” title=”Next: Trent Reznor + Atticus Ross Win 2013 Best Score Soundtrack Grammy” align=”center”]

Daily Reload: 2013 Grammy Awards, Device + More

Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images Here’s a look at the top stories of the day on Loudwire and around the Web: – The 2013 Grammy Awards saw the Black Keys , Halestorm and Trent Reznor  take home golden gramophones. Check out the full list of Grammy winners in the rock categories here. [ Loudwire ] – David Draiman ‘s Device unveil teaser video for self-titled debut album. [ Loudwire ] – Corey Taylor , Maynard James Keenan , Dave Navarro + more weren’t too happy with the 2013 Grammy Awards. See why they offered their criticism here. [ Loudwire ] – Navy SEAL who evidently shot Osama bin Laden talks about the military use of Metallica and Demon Hunter ‘s music.  [ Loudwire ] – Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello joins LL Cool J, Public Enemy’s Chuck D, Travis Barker + more for 2013 Grammy performance. [ Loudwire ] – It was 50 years ago today that the Beatles recorded the majority of their ‘Please Please Me’ album in a 13-hour session. [ Ultimate Classic Rock ] – Pearl Jam ‘s upcoming Wrigley Field show is the fastest-selling concert in the ballpark’s history. [ ] – Did Jack White drop an F-bomb during his 2013 Grammy performance? [ ]

Inverse Phase Discusses His 8-Bit Nine Inch Nails Tribute ‘Pretty Eight Machine’

Photo Credit: Marjorie Becker In June of last year, we wrote an article about an 8-bit re-imagining of the classic Nine Inch Nails album ‘Pretty Hate Machine’ created by an artist by the name of Inverse Phase. The post became a huge hit, and we were recently able to talk to Inverse Phase about the project. Inverse Phase actually began recording his ‘Pretty Eight Machine’ record with the help of donations via Kickstarter. He managed to raise enough money to bring the project to life, even receiving complimentary messages from Trent Reznor and Rob Sheridan. We wanted to know more about Inverse Phase and ‘Pretty Eight Machine,’ and he provided us with some intriguing answers. How did you come up with the idea of creating an 8-bit version of ‘Pretty Hate Machine’? The idea for Pretty Eight Machine came as a somewhat random idea … a few friends and I were at a convention, talking about how there had to be some Nine Inch Nails chiptunes out there. When I didn’t really find much of anything, I decided to write a few minutes of one and surprise them the next day. Upon playing it, they asked where I found it, told me it was really good, and … “coerced” me into doing more. Hahaha! So, I decided to arrange a few important chunks of the album to see if I could really pull it off, and when my friends and I listened to the results, we pretty much knew it had to happen. I didn’t have the money to do the licensing/etc on my own dime, so off to Kickstarter I went. How much money did you earn and how essential was this fundraising to the creation of ‘Pretty Eight Machine’? I raised about $3,600, and at this point ALL of it will have gone to licensing and materials…well, that and a laptop battery for my performance/composing laptop I use on the road. Kickstarter was really what encouraged me to finish the project. I actually got very little support from the NIN community (“You’re destroying my favorite music!” “Chiptunes suck!” “You mean you’re actually going to sell this?”). Surprisingly, I also got very little support from the general chiptune community, too (“Why NIN covers?” “Kickstarter? More like BEGSTARTER!” etc). The people that really ended up pushing the project to succeed on Kickstarter were, again, my friends, fans, and other acquaintances / supporters that didn’t hate my guts. If the Kickstarter hadn’t succeeded, even if I knew it would’ve gotten as much press as it did, I would’ve still done the album, but I probably would have had to back-burner the album a lot more than I already had. With my current ongoing contracts (I’m currently working on four game soundtracks) who knows when I would’ve gotten to it. How did you get Rob Sheridan’s permission to mimic his artwork? Getting a hold of Rob Sheridan … well, I got lucky. My art doesn’t actually use any NIN IP/trademarks/etc, but I just wanted to do the nice thing and get in touch. I’m a fan, not an a–hole. So I sent an email to him detailing what I wanted to do and a rough draft of the artwork, and then pinged him on Twitter once or twice to let him know. He just replied on twitter and said, “Yeah, absolutely.” Super nice guy. Married now, too! You mention on your Bandcamp page that you hope that Trent Reznor and Rob Sheridan would enjoy the project. Have you gotten any feedback from either of them?  So, when I was making my initial contacts towards the beginning of the project, my contact at Rebel Waltz said he would love a few copies of the CD when it was finished, and he said he’d get a CD out to Rob, Trent, et al. Then the album came out. I actually didn’t know what Trent or Rob thought. Even when Rob very kindly tweeted out the album at first, it was very matter-of-fact, and I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I guess he wanted everyone to decide for themselves. But since then, I’ve heard from both of them! Again, Rob’s pretty active on Twitter, so I caught him at the right time, and he mentioned that he enjoyed it (I sent him a download code). Through crosstalk from The NIN Hotline we also found out he’d pick it up on vinyl if it ever became available. Chiptunes on vinyl is kind of an amusing thought though, since it’s digitally created. So, the same arguments made FOR vinyl actually work against me. I had pretty much given up hope hearing from Trent, but about a month after the album came out, he sent me this incredibly down-to-earth email. He had just gotten out of working on some stuff in the studio and had really nice things to say; my jaw is basically permanently ajar. Seriously brought some amazing closure to an already fantastic release. You also mentioned that ‘Pretty Eight Machine’ was produced during a turbulent time in your life. Would you mind telling us about what was going on at the time? Sure. Before the Kickstarter, I stepped back from a major part of my life: doing volunteer work for a large video game party/rock concert called MAGFest , and then shortly thereafter I lost my day job due to some major layoffs. Granted, this was the kick in the ass I needed to say, “Okay, maybe I can go full-time with music,” but then, after the Kickstarter succeeded and completely unrelated to all of that, I had some personal issues which led to a bit of an emotional breakdown. Oh, and there was that earthquake in Virginia while I was away from home, and my water heater at my house exploded. I just felt really trapped by a lot of situations that all hit me at once. So, I ended up moving myself to another state, it took like four months, and I left some close friends behind in the process. All of this was of course happening while working on ‘Pretty Eight Machine,’ which was already well-behind deadline, not to mention I had my other game music deadlines to meet. It was a rough patch for sure. Stream ‘Pretty Eight Machine’ in the player below and check out Inverse Phase on Facebook and Twitter . To buy a copy of the album, click here . Listen to ‘Pretty Eight Machine’ ?

Trent Reznor + Atticus Ross Win 2013 Grammy Award for Best Score Soundtrack

Michael Buckner, Getty Images Chalk up another award for Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor . The rocker, who has taken up film scoring in recent years, joined his musical partner Atticus Ross in winning the Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media for their work on the film ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.’ For Reznor and Ross, it was the continuance of a great musical partnership. The pair won the Best Original Score for Motion Picture at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards and the Academy Award for Best Original Score for their work on the film ‘The Social Network.’ Their work on ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ also earned them a Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Score – Motion Picture. Reznor and Ross did not attend the Grammy pre-telecast ceremonies to accept their honor, though the Reznor did tweet , “Why thanks, y’all” shortly after their category was called. The Nine Inch Nails leader was one of the major rock winners during the early ceremonies, with Halestorm winning the Best Hard Rock / Metal Performance Grammy and The Black Keys winning for Best Rock Song for ‘Lonely Boy’ and Best Rock Album for ‘El Camino.’ Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach also won a Grammy for Producer of the Year, Non-Classical in the pre-telecast ceremony. [button href=”” title=”Next: Halestorm Win 2013 Best Hard Rock / Metal Performance Grammy” align=”center”]