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Grammy’s Have Become Hard To Watch

Last night was the 2014 Grammy Awards and it was very hard to watch. The show has become so ridiculous and of course the award show snubs Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. The Grammy Award show even managed to ruin the closing artists performance, as usual. Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor, and Queens of the Stone […]

Queens of the Stone Age Land Elton John for Guest Spot on Upcoming Album

Lisa Maree Williams / Frazer Harrison, Getty Images Queens of the Stone Age ‘s upcoming disc is set to feature a who’s who of music stars. The latest confirmed participant on the band’s upcoming record is none other than the legendary Elton John . The piano man revealed his guest turn on ‘Chelsea Lately,’ which is being hosted this week by Queens of the Stone Age’s studio drummer Dave Grohl . The Foo Fighters frontman teased, “Recently Elton and I recorded something together, something that people wouldn’t imagine the two of us doing together,” setting up John to reveal his participation. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer revealed the bizarre consequences surrounding his recording session, explaining, “I was in Vegas and I can back to L.A. and Engelbert Humperdink had written me this very sweet letter and asked me to do a duet with him and I couldn’t say no. He’s 76 and still got a great voice and he’d been part of my history, so I said, ‘Of course.’ So I went there and sang the duet with him and then I drove three blocks in the Valley and went from Engelbert to Queens of the Stone Age, which was a bit of a mindf—.” John says it may seem like an unlikely pairing, but it’s not weird at all to him. He pointed out that he played on Alice in Chains ‘ last album and admitted that he rarely gets approached for rock guest spots because people think he’ll just say no. Speaking about the session, Elton recalled, “It was really a great track and you know I’m a piano player and guitar bands play differently …. And I think it was in B, which is a pianist’s nightmare, and we played for three hours, and [Grohl] played on every take and every take was amazing. He’s just built like a brick s— house when he plays the drums, you know, and it was fantastic.” In addition to John, the Queens of the Stone Age album has reportedly included guest contributions from Trent Reznor , Nick Oliveri , Mark Lanegan and the Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears , as well as Grohl’s drumming on the full disc. Watch Dave Grohl Interview Elton John on ‘Chelsea Lately’ [button href=”” title=”Next: Queens of the Stone Age Reveal Album Secrets in Mockumentary” align=”center”]

Queens of the Stone Age Describe New Album as ‘Manic and Unpredictable’

Kristian Dowling, Getty Images Queens of the Stone Age are having a little fun with the media leading up to the release of their next album. Singer Josh Homme and band took the time to write up a missive on their forthcoming release for Mojo magazine, admitting a little bit of the pretention that comes with quotes hyping an album. Queens of the Stone Age have been in the studio for a good part of 2012 with Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl coming on board to play drums for the full record and both former Queens of the Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri and Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor lending a hand as well during sessions. The Mojo message , which featured a rather artful drawing of a single eye with a clock face in place of the pupil that’s set to 9:00, reads as follows: Dear Mojo, A stitch in time will save you 9, but … there’s no way we could have prepared for the journey up the river that is this album. In our grand plan, we envisioned our lives and recordings running like clockwerk. However, the reality has been manic and unpredictable. These songs aren’t recollections of the times we had. They are depictions of what we are going through in real time. It means even a bad event can turn into an unforgettable song — at least for us, ha. The record sounds like running in a dream inside a codeine cabaret. I hope you understand what that means, cause we don’t. Sounds like a load of pretentious s—! What? Gotta go, the therapist says our time is up… Queens of the Stone Age Homme recently spoke about the difficulty the band has had in getting their new album to completion. Though a firm title or release date has yet to be announced, it’s expected that the next Queens of the Stone Age album will arrive in the first half of 2013. [button href=”” title=”Next: Nick Oliveri Contributes to New QOTSA Album” align=”center”]

Nick Oliveri Contributes Vocals to Queens of the Stone Age Album, Rejoins Kyuss Lives!

Jo Hale, Getty Images There is never a dull moment when it comes to former Queens of the Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri. The musician has not only rejoined Kyuss Lives! , but he also has contributed vocals to the upcoming QOTSA album. It was previously announced that  Dave Grohl  would play drums on the new QOTSA disc, while  Trent Reznor would be contributing to a track, as well. Now, Oliveri is returning to the fold, even if in a limited capacity. A post was issued on the Mondo Generator Facebook page. Oliveri is the frontman and bassist of that band. The update read as follows: NEWS: Nick has re-joined Kyuss, and has recently recorded his vocals on a new Queens of the Stone Age song! Stay tuned. Oliveri split with QOTSA in 2004, and not exactly in amicable fashion. Earlier this year, QOTSA frontman Josh Homme  appeared on a Mondo Generator track , so it seems as if fences have been mended between the two, to some extent. Oliveri also left Kyuss Lives! to avoid the ugly court battle over the name, which was taking place between the current and former members of Kyuss. Maybe all the legal hatchets in the incestuous ranks of QOTSA and Kyuss are being buried? Oliveri was also in the news recently when he engaged in a standoff with cops after a domestic disturbance. He took a plea deal and avoided jail time. [button href=”” title=”Queens of the Stone Age: Top 21st Century Metal Songs” align=”center”]

Trent Reznor Reveals Queens of the Stone Age Collaboration During Online Chat

Mary Ouellette, Musical mastermind Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and How to Destroy Angels recently took part in an open Q&A session on Reznor participated in an ‘AMA’ session, which means, “Ask Me Anything.” With no barriers in place, fans submitted a mass of questions, which led to some insightful revelations from Reznor, including news that he has been helping out Josh Homme with a new Queens of the Stone Age song. Check out some of the Reddit conversations between Trent Reznor and his fans: AmeliaLaChida: Aside from destroy angel’s new EP, what’s next for you? A number of things. Tweaking some things for the HTDA full LP (coming in Spring), helping Josh out on a new QOTSA track, working with Roy, starting rehearsals for two bands. toastercookie: Could you talk a little bit about how involved you were with the lighting setups for your NIN shows?I went to Lights in the Sky in 2008 and I have to say it was the best lighting / visual setup that I’ve ever seen at a concert. How does that all come together? Do you plan out the setlists and then sync up specific lighting sequences to the songs beforehand or is it a bit more of a live, fluid process? I would kill to see NIN again, what a great show. Thank you. I spend a lot of time and energy thinking about how music is presented live. Lights in the Sky was probably my favorite live show I’ve worked on so far. This was a real collaboration between myself, Rob, Roy Bennett, and Moment Factory. We set out to make an experience and I really felt proud to put that on every night. Cryptic additional comment: 2013. link343: Hi Trent. Thanks for the years of music. What’s the status on The Fragile reissue? I know you talked about how Alan was doing a 5.1 remix a few years ago during a New York Times interview during the promotion for ‘The Social Network.’ The 5.1 mixes are done and sound amazing. Alan was the only person who could have possibly done it, and he did not disappoint. There are a couple other elements involved that we want to get right before we put this into production. These involve packaging and additional content. Patience, my friends. dim85: What was the first computer and software you used for music? I had a Commodore 64 with, I think, the Sequential Circuits Model 64 Sequencer Cartridge. And it was the greatest thing in the world (or so I thought at the time). Moving on… The first “real” platform I used for composition was a Mac+ running Performer. Pretty Hate Machine was done with this. Couto: Someone really has to ask this, so there it goes… Can you disclosure [sic] any future plans for Nine Inch Nails? Sure I could. Check out more of Trent Reznor’s Q&A session on Reddit . [button href=”” title=”Trent Reznor’s How to Destroy Angels Stream ‘An Omen’ EP” align=”center”]

Alice in Chains, Queens of the Stone Age, Motorhead + More Added to Download 2013

Kevin Winter / Jonathan Wood / Theo Wargo, Getty Images Boy, would it be awesome to head to the U.K. in June! The 2013 Download festival has announced more acts for its upcoming three-day show, and the list is incredibly enticing.  Alice in Chains ,  Queens of the Stone Age , Motorhead ,  30 Seconds to Mars , the  Gaslight Anthem , HIM  and A Day to Remember  have all been added to the bill. The aforementioned acts will join previously announced headliners Slipknot  (June 14),  Iron Maiden (June 15) and  Rammstein (June 16). For Queens of the Stone Age, this will mark their first appearance at Download. The rest, though, are pretty much Download veterans. 30 Seconds to Mars are back for the third time, Motorhead for a fourth time, Alice in Chains for a second time and A Day to Remember for a third appearance. Download has a lengthy history of booking quality performers, as Soundgarden , Megadeth and Metallica all graced the festival stage in 2012. So, if you’d like to make the trip to England to catch all the incredible bands at the 2013 Download festival, click here for info on tickets and other details. [button href=”” title=”Next: 10 Best Alice in Chains Songs” align=”center”]

Pearl Jam, Queens of the Stone Age + A Perfect Circle to Play Lollapalooza Brazil and Chile

Lollapalooze Chile The lineups for the 2013 Lollapalooza festivals in Brazil and Chile have been announced. Lollapalooza Brazil will return to São Paulo’s Jockey Club March 29-31, 2013, while Lollapalooza Chile will make its way back to Parque O’Higgins in Santiago April 6-7, 2013. Pearl Jam , Queens of the Stone Age , A Perfect Circle and Puscifer will play both festivals. Maynard James Keenan will be pulling double duty, since he is a member of both A Perfect Circle and Puscifer. The Black Keys, The Killers, Deadmau5, Nas, The Hives, Franz Ferdinand, Two Door Cinema Club, Hot Chip, Passion Pit, Crystal Castles, Kaiser Chiefs, Alabama Shakes, Toro Y Moi, Gary Clark, Jr, Kaskade, Steve Aoki and Porter Robinson are also confirmed for both Brazil and Chile. The two-day Chilean fest will also include appearances by Keane and Bad Brains, as well as regional bands Los Tres and Manuel Garcia. In Brazil, a third day has been added, with the lineup including  The Flaming Lips, Cake, Madeon, Criolo + Emicida and others. Lollapalooza was started in 1991 by Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell. It continued through 1997, then returned in 2003. Originally a touring festival, the North American Lollapalooza is now held every year in Chicago. In 2010, Lollapalooza expanded to Chile, and last year was the inaugural Lollapalooza Brazil. The festival is expanding again, with Tel Aviv, Israel, announced as the newest venue, with its first Lollapalooza to be held Aug. 20-22, 2013. Watch the Lollapalooza Brazil Lineup Announcement Video

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