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Shadows Fall Drop Off 2013 European + UK Tours

Razor & Tie Shadows Fall  had been set for a big spring overseas. The band had booked dates with Testament  in Europe and  Ill Nino  in the UK, but now they’ve bowed out of both of those tours.  Shadows Fall revealed that they were exiting the upcoming treks due to “a number of circumstances beyond our control.” It is unknown what those circumstances are. However, the band as a whole appears to be okay having just completed an early year tour with Hatebreed , Dying Fetus and The Contortionist . It is known that guitarist Jon Donais would be taking leave from the band over the next couple of months (with Shadows Fall’s encouragement) to play with Anthrax in Australia and on that group’s ‘Metal Alliance’ U.S. tour this spring. But it is not known if his absence played into the band bowing out of their overseas dates. The group offered their statement on the matter in a Facebook posting that reads as follows: Due to a number of circumstances beyond our control, Shadows Fall has been forced to cancel our upcoming European tour with Testament and our co-headlining UK run with Ill Niño. We tried everything we could to make this tour happen and exhausted all options we could think of but unfortunately we were not able to work it out. We sincerely apologize to all the fans, promoters and bands involved. Everyone in Shadows Fall thank you for understanding and we plan on making it up to our European fans as soon as possible. Shadows Fall have been promoting their ‘ Fire From the Sky ‘ album, which dropped last May. The disc has already spawned the title track and the follow-up single ‘ The Unknown .’ [button href=”” title=”Next: Shadows Fall – Top 21st Century Metal Songs” align=”center”]

Dillinger Escape Plan’s Greg Puciato Offers Update on Max Cavalera + Troy Sanders Project

Anna Weber / Carlos Muina / Karl Walter, Getty Images There were some eyebrows raised last year when Mastodon ‘s Troy Sanders and Soulfly ‘s Max Cavalera revealed they were working on a project together , and the anticipation level grew once it was revealed that Dillinger Escape Plan frontman Greg Puciato and The Mars Volta ‘s former drummer Dave Elitch were involved as well. With some time for the band to work through the specifics, Puciato has offered an update on their new album progress. He tells Noisecreep , “We have 11 songs written … We had a really easy time writing and we may actually be recording really soon, like in the next month or so. And then we’ll have to sit on it. We can’t release it right behind the Dillinger record and we also have to figure out when the Mastodon record is coming out and the same for whatever Max is doing next. It’s going to come out. It’s just going to be a matter of logistics as to when.” Puciato says the idea for the band came together when he was at a Deftones show in Los Angeles and started talking with Cavalera about their shared love for old thrash metal, punk and hardcore. He recalls, “We found ourselves referencing many of the same things and we were like, ‘F– man, we should make a record and do it together as a one-off like Nailbomb.” The Dillinger leader adds, “No one in metal makes collaborative records like people in jazz and hip-hop do. It doesn’t have to be like a band that you’re launching from the ground that you go on tour with. There is something to be said for collaboration and throwing yourself out there and learning something new from working with different people.” [button href=” ” title=”Next: Dillinger Escape Plan – Top 21st Century Metal Songs” align=”center”]

Killswitch Engage Unveil Cover Art for Upcoming Album ‘Disarm the Descent’

Roadrunner The upcoming sixth album from  Killswitch Engage can certainly claim the distinction of “highly anticipated.” It was recently revealed that the disc will be titled ‘Disarm the Descent’ and be released on April 2, but another piece of the puzzle has been released in the form of the album’s cover art (pictured here). ‘Disarm the Descent’ will be Killswitch Engage’s first album in 11 years that features returning vocalist Jesse Leach , the singer having left the metal act shortly after their 2002 full-length ‘Alive or Just Breathing.’ Since Leach’s triumphant return to the band at the 2012 New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, the revamped Killswitch have proven themselves as a solid live act, but now fans will get to hear Leach’s studio work on ‘Disarm the Descent.’ The cover art for the upcoming album was designed by Killswitch Engage bassist Mike D’Antonio, which depicts a veiled female figure with flames coming out of her chest. The artwork is stunning and harnesses a gritty a scratched up style fitting of the group’s sound. “To me, this is by far my best vocal performance, much thanks to Adam’s guidance and faith in my abilities,” Jesse Leach says about the new album. “I am very grateful to be where I am in life, back in an amazing band with a record we are all excited for the world to hear. Thanks to all the fans for their warm welcome back and their undying love for Killswitch Engage.” Stay tuned for more news on Killswitch Engage’s upcoming sixth album. ‘Disarm The Descent’ Track Listing: ‘The Hell In Me’ ‘Beyond the Flames’ ‘New Awakening’ ‘In Due Time’ ‘A Tribute to the Fallen’ ‘The Turning Point’ ‘All That We Have’ ‘You Don’t Bleed for Me’ ‘The Call’ ‘No End in Sight’ ‘Always’ ‘Time Will Not Remain’ [button href=”” title=”Killswitch Engage – Top 21st Century Metal Songs” align=”center”]

Nick Oliveri Contributes Vocals to Queens of the Stone Age Album, Rejoins Kyuss Lives!

Jo Hale, Getty Images There is never a dull moment when it comes to former Queens of the Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri. The musician has not only rejoined Kyuss Lives! , but he also has contributed vocals to the upcoming QOTSA album. It was previously announced that  Dave Grohl  would play drums on the new QOTSA disc, while  Trent Reznor would be contributing to a track, as well. Now, Oliveri is returning to the fold, even if in a limited capacity. A post was issued on the Mondo Generator Facebook page. Oliveri is the frontman and bassist of that band. The update read as follows: NEWS: Nick has re-joined Kyuss, and has recently recorded his vocals on a new Queens of the Stone Age song! Stay tuned. Oliveri split with QOTSA in 2004, and not exactly in amicable fashion. Earlier this year, QOTSA frontman Josh Homme  appeared on a Mondo Generator track , so it seems as if fences have been mended between the two, to some extent. Oliveri also left Kyuss Lives! to avoid the ugly court battle over the name, which was taking place between the current and former members of Kyuss. Maybe all the legal hatchets in the incestuous ranks of QOTSA and Kyuss are being buried? Oliveri was also in the news recently when he engaged in a standoff with cops after a domestic disturbance. He took a plea deal and avoided jail time. [button href=”” title=”Queens of the Stone Age: Top 21st Century Metal Songs” align=”center”]

Machine Head to Rejoin Dethklok Tour Following Robb Flynn’s Surgery

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire They say music comes from the soul, but we’re not sure what part of Robb Flynn ‘s aching, recuperating body that his determination comes from. The Machine Head vocalist is making good on his promise to rejoin the band’s trek with  Dethklok ,  All That Remains  and Black Dahlia Murder  before its conclusion, revealing they’ll be back on the bill as of this Saturday (Nov. 24) in Portland, Ore. Flynn recently had emergency surgery to deal with a hernia, and missing dates is not something that Machine Head are accustomed to. The group bowed out of the trek and missed a total of nine dates while the singer recovered. Since the need for the surgery happened while the band was on tour, Flynn initially spent part of the recovery process in a hotel room. He documented the aftermath of the surgery in a pair of video diaries that he shared with fans. The singer recently arrived back in the Bay Area where he was able to spend the last few days recuperating at home with his family. Flynn says the experience “totally sucked balls,” but that he is “feeling stronger now, especially after a heavy listening schedule of Accept’s ‘Balls to the Wall,’ AC/DC’s ‘Big Balls’.” He adds, “Hell, I even found time to record a cover of Soulfly’s ‘Eye for an Eye,’ with the lyrics changed to ‘Guts in the Nuts.’ Guts in da nuuuuuuts, guts in da nuts, in da nuts, in da nuts.’” For the remaining dates on the Dethklok-Machine Head-All That Remains-Black Dahlia Murder trek, be sure to click here . [button href=”” title=”Next: Machine Head – Top 21st Century Metal Songs” align=”center”]

Municipal Waste’s Ryan Waste Discusses Insane Music Videos, Band’s Catchphrase + More

Nuclear Blast Crossover thrash phenoms Municipal Waste have carved out a unique career for themselves through drinking beer, eating people’s entrails in space, ripping faces, but most importantly creating some truly sick thrash music. Currently on a co-headlining tour with the legendary Napalm Death , we spoke to Municipal Waste guitarist Ryan Waste about some pressing social and philosophical issues … just kidding, we talked about thrashing and hurricane-induced yeast infections. Municipal Waste described their music perfectly at their Connecticut show on Oct. 28: “There’s a gigantic circular storm coming this way tonight, and it’s called the circle pit to this next song.” In a pre-hurricane interview, Ryan Waste talks about the band’s music videos for ‘The Fatal Feast’ and ‘Repossession,’ his signature ‘MW’ guitars, adding the line “ Municipal Waste is gonna f— you up! ” to the second recording of ‘Born to Party’ and much more. Check out our triple-distilled, uncapped interview with Ryan Waste. Municipal Waste’s Ryan Waste Talks to Loudwire [button href=”” title=”Municipal Waste – Top 21st Century Metal Songs” align=”center”]

Behemoth Singer Nergal Receives Support From European Commission in Blasphemy Case

Photo by KOBARU Earlier this week it was reported that Behemoth frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski could be facing some jail time in Poland after ripping up a bible and calling the Catholic church “the most murderous cult on the planet” onstage during the band’s performance in Gdynia. But it turns out that the vocalist may have an ally in the European Commission, who have weighed in on Poland’s national blasphemy law. According to the EU Observer , the European Commission has stated that the prosecution of a rock group for “blasphemy” is against European values. They added in a written letter that “national blasphemy laws are a matter for the domestic legal order of the member states.” The letter also stated that EU countries must respect international pacts. The European Commission cited the European Convention of Human Rights that Poland had signed about the freedom of expression, which explains, “This right protects not only information or ideas that are favorably received or regarded as inoffensive or as a matter of indifference, but also those that offend, shock and disturb.” “[The decision] is negative and restricts the freedom of speech,” stated Nergal’s attorney Jacek Potulski to Reuters. “The court decided that this is allowed in a democratic system. We are still arguing that we were dealing with art, which allows more critical and radical statements.” The case will now be taken to a smaller court for another trial. [button href=”” title=”Next: Behemoth – Top 21st Century Metal Songs” align=”center”]