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Pop Evil Unleash New Single ‘Trenches’ Off Upcoming Album ‘Onyx’

eOne Pop Evil are literally just wrapping up their new album, but the band is so excited about the disc that they’ve already decided to share some new music. The group just took to their Facebook page to debut the new single ‘Trenches,’ which can also be heard in the player below. The hard-driving track is filled with powerful drumming, some chugging guitar riffs and frontman Leigh Kakaty’s in-your-face belting about coming out of the trenches and being ready for a fight. The vocalist says about the song, “It’s about our battles. Not focusing on the things we can’t control, if we really want to be a band that stands the test of time we have to write the music that connects. We have to dig our way out of the trenches.” Pop Evil also revealed that the title of their forthcoming album will be ‘Onyx.’ The disc is due May 14 and the band is ready to carry the flag for rock ‘n’ roll again. They state, “It’s a matter of time before rock ‘n’ roll is in the forefront again and we want to be part of that.” ‘Onyx’ follows 2011′s ‘War of Angels’ album, which featured the singles ‘Last Man Standing,’ ‘Save the World,’ ‘Monster You Made’ and ‘Boss’s Daughter.’ Take a listen to the ‘Trenches’ single below and if you like what you hear, it’s available for purchase on iTunes here . Listen to Pop Evil’s ‘Trenches’ [button href=”” title=”Next: Watch Pop Evil’s ‘Purple’ Video” align=”center”]

Megadeth Bassist David Ellefson Donates Bass Strings for Charitable Bracelets

Mary Ouellette, Megadeth ‘s David Ellefson makes the most out of his bass strings on a nightly basis, but now he’s found yet another use for them. The rocker is donating his used bass strings the Wear Your Music Organization so that they may turn them into bracelets. The bassist stated that all proceeds from sales of the bracelets will go to the MusiCares organization. The bracelets will be hand crafted according to orders, with the buyer having the chance to personalize their bracelets based on size, if you add a clasp and whether or not they would like to make it precious by adding a sapphire, ruby or emerald. For further details and to place your order, click here . Ellefson has been busy of late, working with Megadeth on finishing their forthcoming album, ‘ Super Collider .’ The disc is expected to arrive this June. The bassist will take part in a chat this afternoon (Feb. 24) for fans that are part of the Megadeth Cyber Army fan club. The chat will take place at 6PM ET / 3PM PT at this location . [button href=”” title=”Next: Dave Mustaine Asks Fans for Megadeth Guest Vocalist Suggestions” align=”center”]

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine ‘Pumped’ as Band Begins Mixing New Album

Mary Ouellette, Megadeth are inching closer to a new record. In their latest online update, singer Dave Mustaine provides the news that mixing has begun on their forthcoming release. Though the band has yet to reveal any key details like an album title, artwork, track listing or release date, they have been diligent in keeping fans up to date on the progress of their new disc. The group has been working on their fourteenth collection at Vic’s Garage studio in San Marcos, California. Mustaine revealed in his brief posting , “Played guitar, sang and did some minor adjustments yesterday to songs one-four. Mixing has begun and you’ll have something soon to hear! I’m so pumped.” Mustaine’s posting follows another entry from bassist David Ellefson , who commented earlier last week , “Really some great, great songs taking shape at this point in the recording process. I told Dave [Mustaine] today that one of them totally reminded me of the earliest stuff back when we first met — fast, rippin’ and fully bringing the REAL old-school Megadeth sound!!!” The group has been working with producer Johnny K on the effort and expects to release it via a new record label later this year. Footage of the band in recording sessions can be seen below. For members of the band’s Cyber Army fan club, drummer Shawn Drover will be dropping in for a chat this Thursday night (Feb. 7) at 7PM ET. For details on the Megadeth Cyber Army, check here . Watch Megadeth in the Studio Watch Megadeth in the Studio [button href=”” title=”Next: 10 Best Megadeth Songs” align=”center”]

Bring Me the Horizon Premiere New Single ‘Shadow Moses’

Simone Joyner, Getty Images Bring Me the Horizon continue to evolve with each album and the band is ready to kick off 2013 by showing a bit of their musical growth with the new song ‘Shadow Moses.’ The group debuted the track Friday (Jan. 4) on BBC Radio 1, giving fans their first taste of the forthcoming album, ‘ Sempiternal .’ The song provides a haunting opening before kicking in with singer Oli Sykes delivering the key line, “ Can you tell from the look in our eyes / We’re going nowhere / We live our lives and we’re ready to die / We’re going nowhere .” The “ We’re going nowhere ” line has already worked masterfully as an audience call-and-response in the band’s recent live performances. In addition, the group has managed to work in the album title into the tune, with Sykes screaming on a couple of occasions, “ This is sempiternal .” For those wondering what the title means, it’s definition is “eternal and unchanging” or “everlasting,” thus making the concept of “going nowhere” in the track a rather dreary thought. Along with the brutal subject matter, the song comes with the requisite force, aggression and driving guitar work that one would expect from Bring Me the Horizon, along with a chorus that’s incredibly infectious. Sykes recently said of the band’s forthcoming disc, “I’ve never been so confident about an album. It makes our last record just sound s—. We’re doing stuff we could never dreamed of doing before.” A firm release date for the ‘Sempiternal’ album has not been revealed, but given the fact that the song has now debuted, an early 2013 street date is likely to follow. To listen to ‘Shadow Moses,’ click on the button below and drag the player to the 2:12:02 mark: [button href=”” title=”Listen to Bring Me the Horizon’s ‘Shadow Moses’ (at 2:12:02 mark)” align=”center”] ?

Buckcherry vs. Trapt – Cage Match

Photos: Stevie D., Century Media / Epochal Artists, EMI Buckcherry won a major victory with ‘Gluttony’ against Alice In Chains in the last Cage Match, but will they be able to do it again versus today’s competitors? Trapt take the matchup by storm with their current single ‘Bring It’ off of their forthcoming fifth studio album ‘Reborn,’ due Jan. 22. The band will be trekking all over the U.S. in support of the new record and recently announced that bassist Travis Miguel of Atreyu will be rounding out their touring lineup. Check out a full list of dates and cities, go here . So will Trapt ‘Bring It’ for a massive win or will Buckcherry continue their reign with ‘Gluttony’? Get in on the action, listen to both tracks and vote for your favorite track in the poll below! (This Cage Match will run until Monday, Jan. 7, at 8AM ET. Fans can vote once per hour! So come back and vote often to make sure your favorite song wins!) Listen to Buckcherry, ‘Gluttony’ Listen to Trapt, ‘Bring It’ Sorry, you need to have javascript running to see this poll. Email Me When Cage Match Winners Are Announced Enter your email address below to receive the Loudwire newsletter, which will include notification of the daily winner of the Cage Match, as well as our top stories of the day. Email Rules of Cage Match: Fans can vote once per hour for their favorite song. If a song remains the reigning champ for five straight cage matches, it is retired to the Loudwire Cage Match Hall of Fame. With so many great songs out there, we have to give other bands a chance!

Bullet for My Valentine Reveal ‘Temper Temper’ Album Artwork

RCA Bullet for My Valentine recently revealed that their latest studio album, ‘ Temper Temper ,’ would be arriving on Feb. 11 and now we know what the album cover art looks like. The band has unveiled the artwork (see the image on the left) for their forthcoming release and it shows a darker side to the album’s title. Given that the title ‘Temper Temper’ suggests some hot-headedness, the imagery of a pair of bloody hands, palms up, is a striking one. The pose is almost mindful of a person who is looking down upon their hands contemplating the dastardly deed they’ve done, though we never actually see the person’s face. So far, the group has served up the album’s title track and a second single ‘ Riot ‘ to check out in advance of the disc’s release, but it is not known how those songs compare to the rest of the record. In addition, the band has also unleashed a music video for ‘Temper Temper,’ giving at least some visual representation of the song. Bullet for My Valentine fans have had to wait a little while for a new disc, as singer Matt Tuck spent much of 2012 balancing his time between Bullet and his other hard-edged band, AxeWound , who toured and released their debut disc last year. Tuck says having the other group did affect Bullet for My Valentine’s latest effort, explaining , “We approached the record a lot differently this time around. It was more inspired by the way I did the AxeWound record and that was basically: get in the studio and write and record as you went along.” Look for ‘Temper Temper’ in stores Feb. 11; you can also pre-order the disc here . [button href=”” title=”Next: Watch Behind the Scenes Video from ‘Temper Temper'” align=”center”]

Queens of the Stone Age Get Their Spinal Tap on in ‘Secrets of the Sound’ Mockumentary

YouTube Queens of the Stone Age are in the process of finishing up their next album, but took time out of their schedule to give fans a little insight (or perhaps none at all) on exactly how the disc is coming along in a new mockumentary short inspired, in part, by ‘This Is Spinal Tap.’ The band, taking a jab at how many “behind the scenes” features there are concerning acts and the music making process, filmed the humorous 9-minute clip with hosts Matt Berry and Steve Agee. Berry and Agee venture to the band’s studio to film their ‘Secrets of the Sound’ segment, but find the group a little less than cooperative. Bassist Mike Shuman can’t be bothered to remove his headphones to answer a question. Troy Van Leeuwen seems more concerned with preening in front of a bathroom mirror before giving a straight answer. And multi-instrumentalist Dean Fertita simply sprays Agee with lilac-scented spray before storming off after one question. The bulk of the info comes from frontman  Josh Homme , who admits that he’s not sure about all of the instruments in their studio, reveals that a fan sent in a human ear at their request so they could test out the way things sound, and he also reveals that he’s the Encino Chapter head of the Patrick Swayze fan club. So there you have it — everything you never thought you wanted to know about Queens of the Stone Age and their forthcoming album. Meanwhile, we can tell you that the band has Dave Grohl playing drums on the new disc, with contributions from Nine Inch Nails mastermind  Trent Reznor , former QOTSA member  Nick Oliveri and Scissor Sisters singer  Jake Shears . Watch Queens of the Stone Age’s ‘Secrets of the Sound’ Mockumentary [button href=”” title=”Next: Josh Homme Discusses ‘Manic + Unpredictable’ Album” align=”center”]