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Dave Mustaine Invented The Internet

Ok, not really, but Megadeth can lay claim to being the first band online with an official website.  Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine recently spoke with Full Metal Jackie and spoke about how the internet has changed music. Mustiane's views on the internet and downloading in general have been pretty progressive in previous interviews, but here he talked … The post Dave Mustaine Invented The Internet appeared first on Metal Injection .

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine ‘Pumped’ as Band Begins Mixing New Album

Mary Ouellette, Megadeth are inching closer to a new record. In their latest online update, singer Dave Mustaine provides the news that mixing has begun on their forthcoming release. Though the band has yet to reveal any key details like an album title, artwork, track listing or release date, they have been diligent in keeping fans up to date on the progress of their new disc. The group has been working on their fourteenth collection at Vic’s Garage studio in San Marcos, California. Mustaine revealed in his brief posting , “Played guitar, sang and did some minor adjustments yesterday to songs one-four. Mixing has begun and you’ll have something soon to hear! I’m so pumped.” Mustaine’s posting follows another entry from bassist David Ellefson , who commented earlier last week , “Really some great, great songs taking shape at this point in the recording process. I told Dave [Mustaine] today that one of them totally reminded me of the earliest stuff back when we first met — fast, rippin’ and fully bringing the REAL old-school Megadeth sound!!!” The group has been working with producer Johnny K on the effort and expects to release it via a new record label later this year. Footage of the band in recording sessions can be seen below. For members of the band’s Cyber Army fan club, drummer Shawn Drover will be dropping in for a chat this Thursday night (Feb. 7) at 7PM ET. For details on the Megadeth Cyber Army, check here . Watch Megadeth in the Studio Watch Megadeth in the Studio [button href=”” title=”Next: 10 Best Megadeth Songs” align=”center”]

Daily Reload: Megadeth, The Mars Volta + More

Mary Ouellette, – According to Megadeth ‘s Dave Mustaine , the band is almost done with their next album. [ Loudwire ] – The Mars Volta ‘s Cedric Bixler-Zavala revealed in an online posting that he has left the band, which presumably means the group has broken up. [ Loudwire ] – What is the best hard rocking football anthem? You get to choose as round one of the 2013 Loudwire Rock Bowl gets under way. Vote here: [ Loudwire ] – After last year’s bus accident, it’s great to see Baroness performing again. Watch our exclusive video of John Baizley and Pete Adams playing ‘Foolsong’ live here: [ Loudwire ] – Dave Grohl wants to bring the Sound City Players to stages around the world. [ Loudwire ] – Van Halen ‘s former director of security dishes about the band’s “insane round the world ride” in a new interview. [ Ultimate Classic Rock ] – Fleetwood Mac ‘s reunion is now complete with the announcement of their 2013 tour dates. [ Ultimate Classic Rock ] – Ween ‘s Dean Ween and Primus ‘ Les Claypool are collaborating on a fishing reality series. [ ] – It’s no joke! The Flaming Lips are releasing ‘The Terror’ album on April Fool’s Day. [ ]

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Rants on Chemtrails + Accuses CNN of Not Getting Facts Right

Kevin Winter, Getty Images Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has once again taken to his computer keyboard to share his beliefs with all who will listen. The subjects of Mustaine’s many posts via social media platforms have been both diverse and controversial, and this time, Mustaine has been talking to his fans about “chemtrails.” The theory of chemtrails is a belief that our world is being sprayed with various chemicals via aircraft for unknown reasons. However, one theory is that these chemtrails are being used to affect our climate. We’ve all seen the white trails that airplanes can leave behind while in-flight; these lines have been dubbed called “contrails” by aircraft specialists. It is universally agreed within the scientific community that contrails are most often made of water, triggered by the water vapor in the exhaust of an aircraft engine. Despite scientific consensus, there is still a contingent of people that believe these aircrafts are spraying chemicals such as aluminum oxide and barium salts into our atmosphere. Mustaine addressed his chemtrails belief in a set of tweets on Jan. 5 and Jan. 6, respectively: Shame on the pilots spraying the grid lines in the once beautiful skies of San Diego. Shame, shame, shame! — Dave Mustaine (@DaveMustaine) January 5, 2013 It’s aluminum oxides & barium salts. They know what their cargo is. Only a fool or an accomplice would argue the unarguable. #chemtrails — Dave Mustaine (@DaveMustaine) January 6, 2013 Mustaine also recently used his Twitter page to blast an CNN article posted on Jan. 4, detailing the Megadeth frontman’s tiff with Men’s Wearhouse . The CNN writer ended his piece by stating, “Mustaine still holds a grudge against the more successful Metallica .” The shredder tweeted: Get yer facts right @ cnn ! I don’t still have a grudge w/Metallica, but I do w/you now. Guess ya missed the Big 4 tour?… — Dave Mustaine (@DaveMustaine) January 7, 2013 Do you think Mustaine’s opinions on chemtrails have merit or are they based in an unfounded conspiracy theory? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. [button href=”” title=”New Tarantula Species Named After Dave Mustaine” align=”center”]

Dave Mustaine Finds Inspiration in Jesus and Clint Eastwood for Upcoming Megadeth Album

Twitter: @DaveMustaine Megadeth mastermind  Dave Mustaine has been keeping fans updated on the status of their new album by making the most of social media – posting Twitter updates and Facebook postings on all the latest happenings. He most recently posted news yesterday that three new tracks were almost complete. Mustaine followed up on that news with more detail, posting the photo seen here on Twitter citing some inspiration for his vocal chops, saying, “Cutting vocals today! Some inspiration! Jesus and Clint Eastwood!” The picture, seemingly depicting a photo of Clint Eastwood as his character Josey Wales from the 1976 Western flick ‘The Outlaw Josey Wales,’ sits alongside a crucifix. Next to the in-studio inspiration lies what could perhaps be the lyrics to one of the new Megadeth songs, titled ‘Nothing To Remember.’ The new Megadeth disc is being produced by Johnny K. Although no drop date has been officially announced, the disc is slated to come out sometime in 2013. It’s not all work for Mustaine over the holidays though, he also posted that he went to see the new film ‘Les Miserables’ starring Hugh Jackman and seemed to enjoy it, expressing, “Saw Les Miserables last night. If Hugh Jackman doesn’t get nominated for an Oscar I will be surprised. He was superb!” Hopefully all this new inspiration will convince Mustaine to keep up the great first-person coverage of all the Megadeth magic going down in the studio while fans wait patiently to hear the new music. [button href=”” title=”Next: Megadeth Make Progress on New Album” align=”center”]

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Discusses Being Hit by Beer + Rocks at Croatian Festival

Mary Ouellette, You may remember an incident in Croatia earlier this year where Megadeth were pelted with beer bottles and rocks after a group of fans blamed the ‘Big 4′ thrash act for W.A.S.P. no-showing at the festival. After frontman Dave Mustaine was hit in the head with a rock, the band ended their set early. Now, nearly four months later, Mustaine has spoken out about the event in a new interview. After being asked by Powerline about the online backlash to some of Mustaine’s controversial comments, such as speaking out against gay marriage and claiming that President Obama “was born somewhere else than America ” even after Obama’s long-form birth certificate was released, Mustaine eventually made his way to the Croatian incident. Mustaine mistakenly placed the event in the Czech Republic rather than Croatia, but he still recalled the situation with vivid detail: I treat people the way I want to be treated. Even when we were in the Czech Republic and people were upset about the whole debacle with W.A.S.P. not playing and took it out on us. That wasn’t our fault but they still were taking it out on us and when we were in Dubai we did a meet-and-greet and a woman and her little boy came up. And she said, “Yeah, he saw you in the Czech Republic and he was supposed to meet you after the concert and you guys finished early.” And I was gonna say, “Yeah, but …” and she said, “He cried because he didn’t get to meet you.” And I thought, “You know what?! Son of a gun …” The guys that acted out there, I understand why they did that. They wanted to see W.A.S.P., they don’t know why that they didn’t play and somebody had said something that it was our fault. It wasn’t our fault. We don’t decide whether W.A.S.P. plays or not. And they had been out in the sun drinking and they thought it was a novel way to express their disdain for the way things took place was to throw objects at us. I understand. I totally understand. I would have handled it a little bit different. I’m not a p—y who throws rocks at artists. They may not love me, but I still have love in my heart for them. And I’m not going to write the Czech Republic off just because of these few people who mishandled themselves that day. I think that if the guys who actually did that, if we sat down and talked, we’d probably have a lot in common. Because I don’t dislike W.A.S.P. I’m actually friends with Blackie [Lawless] and I probably would have wanted to see them play as much as their fans did — well, probably not as much, but it’s funny how similar a lot of us are when you get down to it, but this mob mentality gets people fired up and you’re afraid to say what your convictions really are because … You know, I saw a letter about three years ago. It was the vice president of GE and I’m thinking it was an open letter about how afraid he was about the way things were going and how he doesn’t think he’ll be able to write the same letter several years later because of the fact that if anybody who says anything negative right now about a politician is going to be vilified and, man, damn if he wasn’t right. [button href=”” title=”Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Shares Concerns Over Vocal Damage + Cursing” align=”center”]

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Shares Concerns Over Vocal Damage + Cursing

Kevin Winter, Getty Images Megadeth ‘s Dave Mustaine had his share of health problems over the years, but the recent discovery of vocal damage had him a little concerned. The frontman headed online to his Facebook page to update fans on how he’s holding up. Mustaine has also been working toward a new record and figured it was time to share all things Megadeth, including his health status as well as revealing another recently discovered truth. The leader says that after hearing some of his interviews and watching footage of shows, he realizes his cursing has gotten a little out of hand, and while he may not scale it back completely, he’s definitely more conscious about how much he’s doing it. In his message, he stated: Droogies, I wanted to check in with you as I get ready to start tracking my 14 Megadeth record. For some of you that are new fans; the word ‘Droogie’ may seem a strange way to start a letter, but it means ‘friend’ supposedly in Russian slang. I got the idea to call you that from watching Alex from ‘A Clockwork Orange’ call his two co-conspirators that. So, now you know I ain’t calling you “druggies.” Onward to the update. Last Thursday I went to see an ENT (ear, nose, and throat Doctor), to find out the status of the damage to my vocal chords that they discovered prior to my surgery, and my neck from after the surgery. I was told during the first MRIs that I had a cyst or something on my vocal chords, and I didn’t give it anymore thought, because the fusion was way more important. I still find it laughable that someone I know said I was a p—y while lying in an ER awaiting spinal surgery for contemplating cancelling the BIG 4 show in NYC. I guess the old saying, ‘You spot it — you got it!’ applies here, except I don’t want to offend our female fans by comparing this excrement to a body part of theirs. I walked away from the surgery, which was done after the concert (who’s the p—y now?) and was a complete success, thinking I had nodes or polyps or something, and I wanted to wait until a year after the surgery to go get checked, because I just didn’t want to go under the knife again that soon, if of course I had too. Thank God I don’t. Fortunately, if you can say that, my problem with my vocal chords is treatable, and it is just a matter of exercise, diet, and eating habits. I started drinking Aloe Juice, taking a tablet for my stomach, and I have to cut out some things I like. Coffee is one of things, but since I am not a cheerleader for overpriced — overrated Starbucks, like Thor and Junior, I am not taking this too hard. I am bummed about no chocolate (I love chocolate!), and tomatoes (no spaghetti or pizza), but I am loving this ‘Countdown’ 20th Anniversary tour, and with the new record starting next week, singing is more important to me than ever. Thanks for all of your support through this whole ordeal, and I really, really look forward to seeing you at some point before the end of the year. Check out our support band Kyng and lemme know what you think. I like ‘em and I hope you will too. One last thing, I don’t generally watch video of myself, unless we are mixing or editing something, and over the last few months I had to; for one reason or another. I am really embarrassed by how much I swear or swore on stage and in interviews. I’m not a prude, but I am sorry for my language and some of the offensive words I chose to say. We all have said stuff we regret, and while I don’t ‘regret it’ I do feel that you deserve better from me. Here’s to a great fu– erm, a great flipping new record and tour! Dave Mustaine The singer recently revealed that he’ll be working with acclaimed producer Johnny K. , who has produced hit records for Disturbed , Staind , and 3 Doors Down among others. [button href=”” title=”Next: 10 Best Megadeth Songs” align=”center”]