Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Discusses Being Hit by Beer + Rocks at Croatian Festival

Mary Ouellette, You may remember an incident in Croatia earlier this year where Megadeth were pelted with beer bottles and rocks after a group of fans blamed the ‘Big 4′ thrash act for W.A.S.P. no-showing at the festival. After frontman Dave Mustaine was hit in the head with a rock, the band ended their set early. Now, nearly four months later, Mustaine has spoken out about the event in a new interview. After being asked by Powerline about the online backlash to some of Mustaine’s controversial comments, such as speaking out against gay marriage and claiming that President Obama “was born somewhere else than America ” even after Obama’s long-form birth certificate was released, Mustaine eventually made his way to the Croatian incident. Mustaine mistakenly placed the event in the Czech Republic rather than Croatia, but he still recalled the situation with vivid detail: I treat people the way I want to be treated. Even when we were in the Czech Republic and people were upset about the whole debacle with W.A.S.P. not playing and took it out on us. That wasn’t our fault but they still were taking it out on us and when we were in Dubai we did a meet-and-greet and a woman and her little boy came up. And she said, “Yeah, he saw you in the Czech Republic and he was supposed to meet you after the concert and you guys finished early.” And I was gonna say, “Yeah, but …” and she said, “He cried because he didn’t get to meet you.” And I thought, “You know what?! Son of a gun …” The guys that acted out there, I understand why they did that. They wanted to see W.A.S.P., they don’t know why that they didn’t play and somebody had said something that it was our fault. It wasn’t our fault. We don’t decide whether W.A.S.P. plays or not. And they had been out in the sun drinking and they thought it was a novel way to express their disdain for the way things took place was to throw objects at us. I understand. I totally understand. I would have handled it a little bit different. I’m not a p—y who throws rocks at artists. They may not love me, but I still have love in my heart for them. And I’m not going to write the Czech Republic off just because of these few people who mishandled themselves that day. I think that if the guys who actually did that, if we sat down and talked, we’d probably have a lot in common. Because I don’t dislike W.A.S.P. I’m actually friends with Blackie [Lawless] and I probably would have wanted to see them play as much as their fans did — well, probably not as much, but it’s funny how similar a lot of us are when you get down to it, but this mob mentality gets people fired up and you’re afraid to say what your convictions really are because … You know, I saw a letter about three years ago. It was the vice president of GE and I’m thinking it was an open letter about how afraid he was about the way things were going and how he doesn’t think he’ll be able to write the same letter several years later because of the fact that if anybody who says anything negative right now about a politician is going to be vilified and, man, damn if he wasn’t right. [button href=”” title=”Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Shares Concerns Over Vocal Damage + Cursing” align=”center”]

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Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Discusses Being Hit by Beer + Rocks at Croatian Festival

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