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Stone Sour Unleash New Song ‘Do Me a Favor’ With Lyric Video

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Stone Sour know how to set a mood, and frontman Corey Taylor certainly does just that vocally within the new lyric video for the band’s latest single, ‘Do Me a Favor.’ The track is the first single off the band’s upcoming ‘ House of Gold & Bones Part 2 .’ The clip is set against the backdrop of a desolate landscape before finally directing the action inside a dilapidated house where the lyrics, and occasional silhouettes presumably of Taylor, come to light against a tattered wall. As we learned with ‘House of Gold & Bones, Part 1,’ the story centers on a person’s downward spiral and it feels as though lyrically the brutal nature of the character’s viewpoint is definitely intact on ‘Do Me a Favor.’ Taylor opens the song belting, “ I am an anti-everything man / A scab on the lips of the lord / My caustic dismissal / Is all I need to get you to fall on your sword ,” and he later offers the thought-provoking line, “ Ignoring your history is killing your past / You might run forever if death never lasts .” As for the chorus, the criticism comes harsh. The frontman sings, “ So do me a favor / Your behavior / Is just the reason there is no savior / When your wasted / Let’s face it / There’s a side of you that knows you’re a failure / Lives for the danger / Feels like an enemy / But looks like a stranger .” ‘House of Gold & Bones Part 2′ is set to drop on April 9, and ‘Do Me a Favor’ feels like the perfect transition from what we got on the first disc to lead into the second. The band is currently on tour in support of both ‘House of Gold & Bones’ discs. Watch Stone Sour’s ‘Do Me a Favor’ Lyric Video [button href=”” title=”Next: Watch Corey Taylor Discuss Stone Sour, Swear Words + More” align=”center”]

Dave Mustaine Finds Inspiration in Jesus and Clint Eastwood for Upcoming Megadeth Album

Twitter: @DaveMustaine Megadeth mastermind  Dave Mustaine has been keeping fans updated on the status of their new album by making the most of social media – posting Twitter updates and Facebook postings on all the latest happenings. He most recently posted news yesterday that three new tracks were almost complete. Mustaine followed up on that news with more detail, posting the photo seen here on Twitter citing some inspiration for his vocal chops, saying, “Cutting vocals today! Some inspiration! Jesus and Clint Eastwood!” The picture, seemingly depicting a photo of Clint Eastwood as his character Josey Wales from the 1976 Western flick ‘The Outlaw Josey Wales,’ sits alongside a crucifix. Next to the in-studio inspiration lies what could perhaps be the lyrics to one of the new Megadeth songs, titled ‘Nothing To Remember.’ The new Megadeth disc is being produced by Johnny K. Although no drop date has been officially announced, the disc is slated to come out sometime in 2013. It’s not all work for Mustaine over the holidays though, he also posted that he went to see the new film ‘Les Miserables’ starring Hugh Jackman and seemed to enjoy it, expressing, “Saw Les Miserables last night. If Hugh Jackman doesn’t get nominated for an Oscar I will be surprised. He was superb!” Hopefully all this new inspiration will convince Mustaine to keep up the great first-person coverage of all the Megadeth magic going down in the studio while fans wait patiently to hear the new music. [button href=”” title=”Next: Megadeth Make Progress on New Album” align=”center”]

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