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Six Feet Under Announce New Album ‘Unborn,’ Unleash Lyric Video for ‘Zombie Blood Curse’

Metal Blade Records Florida’s legendary death metal merchants  Six Feet Under will unleash their tenth studio album, ‘Unborn,’ on March 19 via Metal Blade Records. A lyric video for the song ‘Zombie Blood Curse’ is now available, as well (watch below). Released less than a year after 2012′s ‘Undead,’ ‘Unborn’ will be the band’s first album featuring guitarist Ola Englund and bassist Jeff Hughell. It’s the second SFU under album for drummer Kevin Talley. Vocalist Chris Barnes once again brought in some guest songwriters for the new album. “The journey to create, write, and record ‘Undead’ and ‘Unborn’ has been the most challenging and exciting musical endeavor and process I have ever been involved with,” says Barnes. “Working with all these amazing writers and musicians like Ben Savage (Whitechapel) on songs like ‘Neuro Osmosis’ and ‘Fragment’ are some of the most dynamic, beautiful, and brutal songs I’ve ever had the pleasure of putting lyrics to. I believe Ben is a true innovator of the death metal genre.” Barnes continues, ”It was also a lot of fun working Jari Laine from Torture Killer again. We wrote a great album together a few years back called ‘Swarm!’ – one of my favorite releases I’ve been involved with – and Jari is someone who I have really wanted to work with again ever since. I wanted to revisit collaborating with Jari because of how well we work together; proof of that on ‘Unborn’ are the hook heavy sounds of songs like ‘Zombie Blood Curse’ and ‘Incision’.” ‘Zombie Blood Curse’ is vintage Six Feet Under, a mid-tempo behemoth that slows down to a skull-crushing pace midway through before picking back up. And since its not always easy to make out Barnes’ death metal growls, a lyric video is perfect for Six Feet Under. Check it out below: Watch Six Feet Under – ‘Zombie Blood Curse’ Lyric Video

Stone Sour Unleash New Song ‘Do Me a Favor’ With Lyric Video

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Stone Sour know how to set a mood, and frontman Corey Taylor certainly does just that vocally within the new lyric video for the band’s latest single, ‘Do Me a Favor.’ The track is the first single off the band’s upcoming ‘ House of Gold & Bones Part 2 .’ The clip is set against the backdrop of a desolate landscape before finally directing the action inside a dilapidated house where the lyrics, and occasional silhouettes presumably of Taylor, come to light against a tattered wall. As we learned with ‘House of Gold & Bones, Part 1,’ the story centers on a person’s downward spiral and it feels as though lyrically the brutal nature of the character’s viewpoint is definitely intact on ‘Do Me a Favor.’ Taylor opens the song belting, “ I am an anti-everything man / A scab on the lips of the lord / My caustic dismissal / Is all I need to get you to fall on your sword ,” and he later offers the thought-provoking line, “ Ignoring your history is killing your past / You might run forever if death never lasts .” As for the chorus, the criticism comes harsh. The frontman sings, “ So do me a favor / Your behavior / Is just the reason there is no savior / When your wasted / Let’s face it / There’s a side of you that knows you’re a failure / Lives for the danger / Feels like an enemy / But looks like a stranger .” ‘House of Gold & Bones Part 2′ is set to drop on April 9, and ‘Do Me a Favor’ feels like the perfect transition from what we got on the first disc to lead into the second. The band is currently on tour in support of both ‘House of Gold & Bones’ discs. Watch Stone Sour’s ‘Do Me a Favor’ Lyric Video [button href=”” title=”Next: Watch Corey Taylor Discuss Stone Sour, Swear Words + More” align=”center”]

Funeral for a Friend, ‘The Distance’ Lyric Video – Exclusive Premiere

The End Records Funeral for a Friend are ramping up to the release of their sixth studio album, ‘ Conduit ,’ and Loudwire is proud to bring you the exclusive premiere of their new lyric video for the single, ‘The Distance.’ The ‘Conduit’ album finds the band working with producer Romesh Dodangoda and is their first official release with new drummer Pat Lundy. Singer Matthew Davies-Kreye says of the album’s title, “Five people on a stage, a conduit for the message and the music, delivering that to people who want to listen to it, be a part of whatever it is that we’re doing and being involved. It’s purely about delivering the message.” The vocalist says that he enjoys seeing how their music can affect people and how the songs transcend the band and become something more to a lot of people. He adds, “It sounds lofty I know, but that’s how it feels to us when we meet the folks who dig our band and who treat these songs with so much love and respect. It blows our minds constantly.” Will ‘The Distance’ soon be among the songs receiving that respect from fans? The track itself fits right in with the album’s theme. It’s a driving rocker that speaks to making a connection. As for the clip, the words for the song appear over a backdrop of muted colors. Meanwhile, at the top of the screen, a wave-like file is monitoring the intensity of the music. Funeral for a Friend’s ‘Conduit’ album arrives Feb. 5 and can currently be pre-ordered here . Check out the group’s lyric video for ‘The Distance’ below. Watch Funeral for a Friend’s ‘The Distance’ Lyric Video [Exclusive] [button href=”” title=”Next: Funeral for a Friend Part Ways With Drummer” align=”center”]

Alice in Chains Unleash New Single ‘Hollow’

EMI Alice in Chains have unleashed the first taste of their upcoming album in the form of the new single ‘Hollow.’ The track can be heard in the lyric video below. The band’s upcoming disc is the follow-up to 2009′s ‘Black Gives Way to Blue,’ which was AIC’s first album to feature current vocalist William DuVall, who replaced the late Layne Staley. The disc is set for release in the spring of 2013. The song ‘Hollow’ boasts a vintage Alice in Chains sound, with DuVall and guitarist-singer Jerry Cantrell trading harmonies over some crushing guitar riffs. Lyrically, the song offers a series of cryptic phrases, beginning with the lines, “Turning in circles / Slowing down / Pulling against a closing out / Easy to feed off a weaker thing / Harder to say what I really mean.” The tune is accompanied by a lyric video that features Instagram photos that were sent in by fans at the request of Alice in Chains. The band posted a series of lyrics to inspire the photo submissions. ‘Hollow’ will be available for purchase on iTunes beginning Jan. 8, with the official music video for the song set to follow. Alice in Chains, ‘Hollow’ – Fan Lyric Video [button href=”” title=”Next: 10 Best Alice in Chains Songs” align=”center”]

Buckcherry Offer Free Download of New Single ‘Gluttony’

Photo by Stevie D. We recently reported that Buckcherry  unleashed their brand new single ‘Gluttony’ off of their forthcoming album ‘Confessions.’ The band is now offering a free download of the track for today (Dec. 10) only. ‘Gluttony’ is the first single off of Buckcherry’s upcoming sixth studio album, ‘Confessions,’ which is due out Feb. 19, 2013, via Century Media Records. Buckcherry have also unveiled a lyric video (watch below) for the new track so you can keep up with frontman Josh Todd’s speedy delivery of the verses. In a press release, guitarist Keith Nelson states the following about the new album: “You get 100 percent of what we are and what we’re about. We don’t apologize for it.” The unrepentant anthem that is ‘Gluttony’ proves just that. The band recently wrapped up a string of UK dates and are set to headline a run of North American shows in late December and January. They will also be out on the road with Kid Rock beginning in February. For a full list of dates and cities, go here . [button href=”” title=”Click to Download Buckcherry’s ‘Gluttony’ for Free” align=”center”] Check out Buckcherry’s Lyric Video for ‘Gluttony’ Below

Hatebreed Unleash New Track ‘Put It to the Torch’

Razor & Tie Hatebreed have fired up a brand new track from their forthcoming sixth album ‘The Divinity of Purpose.’ The tune, ‘Put it to the Torch,’ is a compact, short and to the point song that we’ve come to expect from this Connecticut hardcore institution. The band released the song with an accompanying lyric video (watch below). The track is just two minutes and 12 seconds, so the ‘Breed get in and get out, making its point with chugga chugga, caveman riffs and Jamey Jasta’s fist-pumping, positive lyrical affirmations about putting all the BS to the torch and letting it burn, baby, burn! Jamey Jasta commented on the tune, saying, “I’m pumped for everyone to check out our new song. Thanks to all of our fans for the continuous support! We’re super excited to release new music and hit the road hard in 2013!” ‘The Divinity of Purpose’ drops on Jan. 29. But ‘Put it to the Torch’ is certainly a satisfying taste of what’s to come. It certainly heats up the cold winter months. Watch Hatebreed ‘Put it to the Torch’ Lyric Video [via Revolver] [button href=”” title=”Next: Read an Interview With Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta” align=”center”]

Hollywood Undead, ‘Notes From the Underground’ Webisode 1 – Exclusive Premiere

Octane Hollywood Undead have finished their third album, ‘Notes From the Underground,’ and have revealed that the disc will be arriving in January. In the lead-up to the new album, the group will be teasing the effort with a series of webisodes. Loudwire is proud to exclusively bring you the first webisode in the series. In the video (featured below), we see the typically masked rockers just hanging out, having a good time both in the studio and on the road, without their traditional facial garb. The webisode takes you behind the scenes during the making of the new record as the band shows they’re able to mix business with some good-time beer drinking and photo taking, as well. Hollywood Undead just revealed the new single ‘We Are,’ and also unleashed a lyric video for the song. The track can currently be downloaded from iTunes . ‘We Are’ followed the free download of the track ‘Dead Bite,’ plus a lyric video for that song as well. The download is available via the band’s website in exchange for an email address. Watch Hollywood Undead’s ‘Notes From the Underground’ Webisode 1 [button href=”” title=”Next: Watch Hollywood Undead’s ‘We Are’ Lyric Video” align=”center”]

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