Funeral for a Friend, ‘The Distance’ Lyric Video – Exclusive Premiere

The End Records Funeral for a Friend are ramping up to the release of their sixth studio album, ‘ Conduit ,’ and Loudwire is proud to bring you the exclusive premiere of their new lyric video for the single, ‘The Distance.’ The ‘Conduit’ album finds the band working with producer Romesh Dodangoda and is their first official release with new drummer Pat Lundy. Singer Matthew Davies-Kreye says of the album’s title, “Five people on a stage, a conduit for the message and the music, delivering that to people who want to listen to it, be a part of whatever it is that we’re doing and being involved. It’s purely about delivering the message.” The vocalist says that he enjoys seeing how their music can affect people and how the songs transcend the band and become something more to a lot of people. He adds, “It sounds lofty I know, but that’s how it feels to us when we meet the folks who dig our band and who treat these songs with so much love and respect. It blows our minds constantly.” Will ‘The Distance’ soon be among the songs receiving that respect from fans? The track itself fits right in with the album’s theme. It’s a driving rocker that speaks to making a connection. As for the clip, the words for the song appear over a backdrop of muted colors. Meanwhile, at the top of the screen, a wave-like file is monitoring the intensity of the music. Funeral for a Friend’s ‘Conduit’ album arrives Feb. 5 and can currently be pre-ordered here . Check out the group’s lyric video for ‘The Distance’ below. Watch Funeral for a Friend’s ‘The Distance’ Lyric Video [Exclusive] [button href=”” title=”Next: Funeral for a Friend Part Ways With Drummer” align=”center”]

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Funeral for a Friend, ‘The Distance’ Lyric Video – Exclusive Premiere

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