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Rob Zombie Unveils New Single ‘Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Super Town’

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Rob Zombie is ready to rock the airwaves, finally revealing the full audio behind his latest single ‘Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Super Town.’ The track is featured on Zombie’s forthcoming album, ‘ Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor ,’ due April 23. Zombie fans recently got a snippet of the new song as part of a puzzle featuring the album’s artwork on his website. Once all of the pieces were aligned perfectly to reveal the artwork, the beginning of the track played for listeners. The song itself is just the type of rocker you would want from Zombie. It’s got that adrenaline fueled drive like a man with his pedal to the metal. In the track, Zombie both sings and also comes off as a quick-slinging DJ. The track can be viewed as both a salute to where radio has been and a perhaps a bit of an indictment of where things are going. The track opens with the repetitive line, ‘ Radio has changed our lives and practically saved our lives ,” but later serves up the contradictory thought “ We listen to the radio / Dead radio ” in the chorus. To check out Rob Zombie’s ‘Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Super Town,’ listen to the track streaming at his website here . [button href=”” title=”Next: Rob Zombie Showcases Second ‘The Lords of Salem’ Film Trailer” align=”center”]

Rob Zombie Reveals Track List for New Album ‘Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor’

T-Boy / UMe Little by little, Rob Zombie has been leaking out details about his forthcoming album, ‘ Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor .’ We’ve already got the April 23 release date and the album art , which was delivered via an online puzzle. Now, the full track listing for the disc has been revealed, and the song titles are quite intriguing, to say the least. Zombie had previously announced that ‘Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Super Town’ would be the lead single from the album and that it stood alongside such tracks as ‘Gong Gang Gong De Do Gong De Laga Raga,’ ‘Lucifer Rising,’ his band’s cover of Grand Funk Railroad’s ‘We’re an American Band’ and ‘Behold! The Pretty Filthy Creatures.’ Now, the entire track list is out and posted below. The rock icon stated of the new album, “I think for the first time this new album perfectly merges the old days of White Zombie with the future of what I am doing now. I think fans of both will agree this is the perfect combo of both worlds.” Zombie’s tour itinerary is currently empty. However, he is expected to appear at the 2013 Revolver Golden Gods ceremony in May in Los Angeles where he’ll receive the Golden God Award for embodying the spirit of hard rock and metal. Rob Zombie’s ‘Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor’ Track Listing: ‘Teenage Nosferatu P–sy’ ‘Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown’ ‘Revelation Revolution’ ‘Theme for the Rat Vendor’ ‘Gong Gang Gong De Do Gong De Laga Raga’ ‘Rock and Roll (In a Black Hole)’ ‘Behold! the Pretty Filthy Creatures’ ‘White Trash Freaks’ ‘We’re an American Band’ ‘Lucifer Rising’ ‘The Girl Who Loved The Monsters’ ‘Trade in Your Guns for a Coffin’ [button href=”” title=”Next: Watch Rob Zombie’s second ‘The Lords of Salem’ Trailer” align=”center”]

Top 20 Songs: Week of February 17-23, 2013

Photo by Dave Ma There’s a big shakeup at the top of the Loudwire Radio Top 20 Countdown this week. Just when it seemed like Deftones were knocking on the door to No. 1 last week, the band’s single ‘Tempest’ just got leapfrogged by Alice in Chains ‘ ‘Hollow,’ which makes a major move from No. 4 to No. 1. ‘Tempest’ holds strong at No. 2 for a second week, but their chances of taking that final step to reach the top of the charts just got a little more difficult. Meanwhile, All That Remains , who held the No. 1 spot for two weeks with ‘Stand Up,’ slide back to No. 3 this week. Elsewhere in the Top 5, Young Guns inch up a spot to No. 4 with ‘Bones,’ while Volbeat ‘s former No. 1 song, ‘Heaven Nor Hell,’ falls back two more spots to No. 5. While Alice in Chains moved three big notches to the top spot, they weren’t the biggest mover of the week. That title goes to Soundgarden ‘s ‘By Crooked Steps,’ which jumped up from No. 19 to No. 13 this week. The track actually traded spots with Five Finger Death Punch ‘s ‘The Pride,’ which took the biggest tumble, falling six notches to No. 19. And yes, there is one new track on the Loudwire Top 20 Countdown. Sevendust ‘s ‘Decay’ slips in at No. 18, pushing out Shinedown ‘s former chart-topper, ‘Enemies,’ from this week’s chart. Check out the full list of top 20 songs of this week’s countdown below and be sure to tune in and crank it up to rock out to Loudwire Radio this weekend. To find out where you can hear the countdown, click on the red button below. Loudwire Radio Top 20 Songs of the Week: 20. Green Day, ‘X-Kid’ 19. Five Finger Death Punch, ‘The Pride’ 18. Sevendust, ‘Decay’ 17. Hollywood Undead, ‘We Are’ 16. Otherwise, ‘I Don’t Apologize’ 15. Dave Grohl + Corey Taylor, ‘From Can to Can’t’ 14. P.O.D., ‘Higher’ 13. Soundgarden, ‘By Crooked Steps’ 12. Chevelle, ‘Same Old Trip’ 11. Avenged Sevenfold, ‘Carry On’ 10. 3 Doors Down, ‘One Light’ 9. Three Days Grace, ‘The High Road’ 8. Papa Roach, ‘Where Did the Angels Go’ 7. Halestorm, ‘Freak Like Me’ 6. Adelitas Way, ‘Alive’ 5. Volbeat, ‘Heaven Nor Hell’ 4. Young Guns, ‘Bones’ 3. All That Remains, ‘Stand Up’ 2. Deftones, ‘Tempest’ 1. Alice in Chains, ‘Hollow’ [button href=”” title=”See Which Stations Air Loudwire Radio” align=”center”]

Mark Tremonti Talks Alter Bridge, Future Solo Project Plans + More With Loudwire Radio

Mary Ouellette, The man of many bands, guitarist Mark Tremonti , will be the special guest on this weekend’s Loudwire Radio show with host Mike ‘Sandman’ Sanders. The rocker took the time to discuss his solo band, Creed and Alter Bridge . Tremonti, the band, are currently winding down their North American dates, with the final show scheduled for March 5 in West Hollywood. Meanwhile, Alter Bridge recently announced that they’d be releasing a new album and touring in 2013. Find out the latest on all of Tremonti’s project, including some big news about bassist Wolfgang Van Halen, in the Q&A with Sandman below: Can you share the backstory on the new Tremonti single ‘Wish You Well’ with us? Well, that song is probably the oldest song that I’ve ever put on a record. I started writing it back in 7th or 8th grade and had demos made of it, then I made another demo for the first Alter Bridge record but it never made the record. So, I’ve been waiting for this song a long time to finally get it out there. Obviously people know you from being the guitarist in Creed and Alter Bridge, but your solo album has done really well. How long was the album in the planning in your thoughts, as far as going out and putting your own record out? For years, I knew I had a lot of song ideas that would never see the light of day unless I did something about it. And then when I saw my schedule open up when Myles left on the Slash tour for about three months, I just kind of decided that was when I was going to get busy and record those ideas. We should mention that the album is titled ‘All I Was’ and, although he’s not on the album, he is on tour with you: Wolfgang Van Halen . Are you going to return him to his father someday or are you going to adopt him and keep him? He’s going to be an official member of the band. He’ll be on our next album and doing all the tours, it’s just … we’re going to have to … just like we work around the Alter Bridge schedule, this year we’ll have to work around the Van Halen schedule, as well. Fantastic. Now, I know you’re on tour for a little bit longer. What is the time table, as far as, heading back into the studio to work on your next Tremonti album? I’m not sure right now. I’m really focused on getting this Alter Bridge record written and finalized and getting to the studio and then once things die down a little bit from that I’ll see if I’ve got any breaks — again, probably when Myles is out with Slash — to get going on writing another Tremonti record. I know there was a report at that had you and Myles in the studio together for at least a brief time in between his U.S. tour with Slash and then him going overseas. So, you guys have gotten a little bit of work done I’m assuming? Yeah, we’ve got about five songs that I think are album worthy and ready to go to pre-production at this point. And I guess my next question would be about your other band — the first band that brought you to prominence is Creed. Is there a future for that band? Do you see putting out another record with those guys? Well, we just toured extensively last year with Creed and did about all the touring we could do in the States and we went to South America and Indonesia and I think I’m going to take a rest from Creed and get back with some Alter Bridge music and see what happens from there. Also, I noted that you recently visited some U.S. troops over in Germany, and I’m sure that meant a lot to them. What does that mean to you, to be able to go out and support our Armed Forces? Any time you can make [members of the military] happy by just showing up and shaking some hands and talking to folks, it’s a great thing. It’s just part of one of the bonuses of what we do. People like meeting their favorite musicians and when you can go and visit somebody that’s away from their family and risking their lives for you … to make them happy, I’m all about it. Editor’s note: Tremonti just revealed to that Alter Bridge are currently planning to start production on their forthcoming disc in April, with tentative plans to tour this fall. To read Tremonti’s comments on the timeline, click here . To catch Mark Tremonti on the airwaves this weekend, click below to see which stations air Loudwire Radio. [button href=”” title=”See Which Stations Carry Loudwire Radio” align=”center”]

Report: Maynard James Keenan Says Tool Will Not Release New Album in 2013

Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images Fans who have been patiently waiting for Tool ‘s next album will unfortunately have to hang in there a bit longer according to vocalist Maynard James Keenan . In a recent interview with Chile’s Radio Futuro, Keenan apparently stated that Tool will not be releasing a new album in 2013. Tom Petty famously sang, “ The waiting is the hardest part ,” on his single ‘The Waiting’ in 1981, and Tool fans worldwide are currently blasting that classic track on repeat while cradling themselves in the fetal position. There are few groups that harness cult followings like Tool, which is why fans of the band have been rabid for new material since 2006; the year Tool released their most recent album, ’10,000 Days.’ With Tool’s album drought having lasted seven years, a new Tool disc was expected to drop in 2013, according to various sources. The other members of of the band have recently been working hard  to write the album, although a reported Vespa accident recently brought the jam sessions to a brief halt. However, according to Maynard Keenan, there will be no new Tool album this year. When asked by Radio Futuro if a new Tool album will be released soon, Keenan simply replied, “No new disc. Not this year … I have not written any songs. So no, there is nothing.” Keenan has become infamous for screwing with the media. The singer played an April Fools prank in 2005, having revealed that he “found Jesus” and claiming that Tool were abandoning what would later become ’10,000 Days.’ Keenan has also peddled a book that doesn’t exist and once reported that the members of Tool were in critical condition after a bus accident, so whether or not you believe Keenan is up to your own judgement. In the same Chilean interview, Keenan also batted down the possibility of a new A Perfect Circle album, citing his focus on Puscifer and APC guitarist Billy Howerdel’s dedication to Ashes Divide as to why an album is currently off the table. Puscifer’s upcoming EP ‘Donkey Punch the Night’ is set for a Feb. 19 release. [button href=”” title=”Tool Guitarist Adam Jones Proposes to Girlfriend Live at WWE ‘Royal Rumble'” align=”center”]

Rob Zombie’s Upcoming Album to Feature Cover of Grand Funk Railroad’s ‘We’re an American Band’

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire He’s coming to your town, his band will help you party down! That’s right, Rob Zombie is covering the Grand Funk Railroad classic, ‘We’re an American Band’ on his upcoming album, ‘ Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor ,’ which is due in stores April 23. More details have been announced regarding the upcoming disc, including the revelation that Zombie is covering the ’70s-era favorite. The song would seemingly be a solid fit for Zombie given how much praise his heaped upon the current lineup of his band. The vocalist has been gung-ho about how he feels concerning the new record, and he adds about the latest effort, “I think for the first time this new album perfectly merges the old days of White Zombie with the future of what I am doing now. I think fans of both will agree this is the perfect combo of both worlds.” In addition to ‘We’re an American Band,’ Zombie revealed that the lead single from the upcoming disc will be the song ‘Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Super Town.’ It will be joined on the album by tracks with such awesome titles as ‘Ging Gang Gong De Do Gong De Laga Raga,’ ‘Lucifer Rising’ and ‘Behold! The Pretty Filthy Creatures.’ The album will be the first release on Zombie’s new label Zodiac Swan. At present, no tour dates have been revealed in support of the new disc, though Zombie did spend quite a bit of time on the road last fall as part of the ‘ Twins of Evil ‘ tour with Marilyn Manson . He will, however, be one of the honorees at the upcoming Revolver Golden Gods Awards in Los Angeles on May 2. [button href=”” title=”Next: Rob Zombie Says He’ll Stop Making Music When It’s No Longer Fun” align=”center”]

Brazil Nightclub Fire Kills More Than 230 People

Germano Roratto/AFP/Getty Images Nearly 10 years after the tragic 2003 fire in which 100 people died at The Station nightclub in Rhode Island during a show by the rock band  Great White , an eerily similar nightclub blaze Sunday morning (Jan. 28) in Santa Maria, Brazil, has claimed the lives of more than 230 people. According to an Associated Press report, witnesses stated that a flare or firework lit by a band member during country pop group Gurizada Fandangueira’s performance started the fire, though officials are still investigating the exact cause. After the blaze broke out, partygoers began to panic while rushing toward the Kiss nightclub’s solitary entrance. The exit was reportedly partially blocked by people who had already perished attempting to escape. Many of the deceased were found in a bathroom after it was apparently mistaken for an exit. One of the survivors, Luana Santos Silva, told the Globo TV network, “There was so much smoke and fire, it was complete panic, and it took a long time for people to get out, there were so many dead.” Another survivor, Michele Pereira, told the Fohla de S. Paulo newspaper, “The band that was onstage began to use flares and, suddenly, they stopped the show and pointed them upward. At that point, the ceiling caught fire. It was really weak, but in a matter of seconds it spread.” The band’s guitarist, Rodrigo Martins, told Radio Gaucha that he thought that Sputnik, a machine they used to create a luminous effect with sparks, might have caused the fire. He stated, “It’s harmless. We never had any trouble with it. When the fire started, a guard passed us a fire extinguisher. The singer tried to use it but it wasn’t working.” Martins confirmed that the band’s 28-year-old accordion player Danilo Jacques died in the incident, while the five other members escaped unharmed. At last count, 233 people had been counted among the dead and 117 had been treated at hospitals for smoke inhalation and burns. Sunday’s incident was the worst nightclub fire since December 2000, when an accident led to 309 people dying in a venue in Luoyang, China. In the United States, the Great White club fire at The Station in Rhode Island is the most notorious incident. One hundred people were killed after a combination of pyrotechnics and cheap foam soundproofing led to the February 2003 blaze. Loudwire offers its condolences to all the family and friends of those who lost their lives as well as thoughts for those injured in Sunday’s Brazil nightclub fire. CNN Report on Brazil Nightclub Fire [button href=”” title=”Next: Stage Collapse Kills One and Injures Three” align=”center”]