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Mark Tremonti Talks Alter Bridge, Future Solo Project Plans + More With Loudwire Radio

Mary Ouellette, The man of many bands, guitarist Mark Tremonti , will be the special guest on this weekend’s Loudwire Radio show with host Mike ‘Sandman’ Sanders. The rocker took the time to discuss his solo band, Creed and Alter Bridge . Tremonti, the band, are currently winding down their North American dates, with the final show scheduled for March 5 in West Hollywood. Meanwhile, Alter Bridge recently announced that they’d be releasing a new album and touring in 2013. Find out the latest on all of Tremonti’s project, including some big news about bassist Wolfgang Van Halen, in the Q&A with Sandman below: Can you share the backstory on the new Tremonti single ‘Wish You Well’ with us? Well, that song is probably the oldest song that I’ve ever put on a record. I started writing it back in 7th or 8th grade and had demos made of it, then I made another demo for the first Alter Bridge record but it never made the record. So, I’ve been waiting for this song a long time to finally get it out there. Obviously people know you from being the guitarist in Creed and Alter Bridge, but your solo album has done really well. How long was the album in the planning in your thoughts, as far as going out and putting your own record out? For years, I knew I had a lot of song ideas that would never see the light of day unless I did something about it. And then when I saw my schedule open up when Myles left on the Slash tour for about three months, I just kind of decided that was when I was going to get busy and record those ideas. We should mention that the album is titled ‘All I Was’ and, although he’s not on the album, he is on tour with you: Wolfgang Van Halen . Are you going to return him to his father someday or are you going to adopt him and keep him? He’s going to be an official member of the band. He’ll be on our next album and doing all the tours, it’s just … we’re going to have to … just like we work around the Alter Bridge schedule, this year we’ll have to work around the Van Halen schedule, as well. Fantastic. Now, I know you’re on tour for a little bit longer. What is the time table, as far as, heading back into the studio to work on your next Tremonti album? I’m not sure right now. I’m really focused on getting this Alter Bridge record written and finalized and getting to the studio and then once things die down a little bit from that I’ll see if I’ve got any breaks — again, probably when Myles is out with Slash — to get going on writing another Tremonti record. I know there was a report at that had you and Myles in the studio together for at least a brief time in between his U.S. tour with Slash and then him going overseas. So, you guys have gotten a little bit of work done I’m assuming? Yeah, we’ve got about five songs that I think are album worthy and ready to go to pre-production at this point. And I guess my next question would be about your other band — the first band that brought you to prominence is Creed. Is there a future for that band? Do you see putting out another record with those guys? Well, we just toured extensively last year with Creed and did about all the touring we could do in the States and we went to South America and Indonesia and I think I’m going to take a rest from Creed and get back with some Alter Bridge music and see what happens from there. Also, I noted that you recently visited some U.S. troops over in Germany, and I’m sure that meant a lot to them. What does that mean to you, to be able to go out and support our Armed Forces? Any time you can make [members of the military] happy by just showing up and shaking some hands and talking to folks, it’s a great thing. It’s just part of one of the bonuses of what we do. People like meeting their favorite musicians and when you can go and visit somebody that’s away from their family and risking their lives for you … to make them happy, I’m all about it. Editor’s note: Tremonti just revealed to that Alter Bridge are currently planning to start production on their forthcoming disc in April, with tentative plans to tour this fall. To read Tremonti’s comments on the timeline, click here . To catch Mark Tremonti on the airwaves this weekend, click below to see which stations air Loudwire Radio. [button href=”” title=”See Which Stations Carry Loudwire Radio” align=”center”]

Brazil Nightclub Fire Kills More Than 230 People

Germano Roratto/AFP/Getty Images Nearly 10 years after the tragic 2003 fire in which 100 people died at The Station nightclub in Rhode Island during a show by the rock band  Great White , an eerily similar nightclub blaze Sunday morning (Jan. 28) in Santa Maria, Brazil, has claimed the lives of more than 230 people. According to an Associated Press report, witnesses stated that a flare or firework lit by a band member during country pop group Gurizada Fandangueira’s performance started the fire, though officials are still investigating the exact cause. After the blaze broke out, partygoers began to panic while rushing toward the Kiss nightclub’s solitary entrance. The exit was reportedly partially blocked by people who had already perished attempting to escape. Many of the deceased were found in a bathroom after it was apparently mistaken for an exit. One of the survivors, Luana Santos Silva, told the Globo TV network, “There was so much smoke and fire, it was complete panic, and it took a long time for people to get out, there were so many dead.” Another survivor, Michele Pereira, told the Fohla de S. Paulo newspaper, “The band that was onstage began to use flares and, suddenly, they stopped the show and pointed them upward. At that point, the ceiling caught fire. It was really weak, but in a matter of seconds it spread.” The band’s guitarist, Rodrigo Martins, told Radio Gaucha that he thought that Sputnik, a machine they used to create a luminous effect with sparks, might have caused the fire. He stated, “It’s harmless. We never had any trouble with it. When the fire started, a guard passed us a fire extinguisher. The singer tried to use it but it wasn’t working.” Martins confirmed that the band’s 28-year-old accordion player Danilo Jacques died in the incident, while the five other members escaped unharmed. At last count, 233 people had been counted among the dead and 117 had been treated at hospitals for smoke inhalation and burns. Sunday’s incident was the worst nightclub fire since December 2000, when an accident led to 309 people dying in a venue in Luoyang, China. In the United States, the Great White club fire at The Station in Rhode Island is the most notorious incident. One hundred people were killed after a combination of pyrotechnics and cheap foam soundproofing led to the February 2003 blaze. Loudwire offers its condolences to all the family and friends of those who lost their lives as well as thoughts for those injured in Sunday’s Brazil nightclub fire. CNN Report on Brazil Nightclub Fire [button href=”” title=”Next: Stage Collapse Kills One and Injures Three” align=”center”]

Unite the United 2013 Auction to Benefit Late Suicide Silence Singer’s Daughter

Mary Ouellette, The Unite the United foundation is running a second online auction to benefit the future of late Suicide Silence singer Mitch Lucker ‘s daughter. The auction, which just began, will raise funds going toward young Kenadee Lucker’s future educational pursuits. Lucker died on Halloween night after a tragic motorcycle accident and many in the rock community have been lining up to pay homage to the singer and raise funds to help out his family. The Unite the United auction currently has a number of items that are on the block, with some of the end dates coming as soon as this Saturday (Jan. 26) and others with a longer bidding period of close to a month. The big item on the block is a trip for two including airfare and VIP privileges to the U.K. Warped Tour stop in London. Of all the items, that has the longest bidding period with fans being able to raise the price through Feb. 21. Other memorabilia on the block includes signed drumheads from The Used and Bring Me the Horizon , autographed posters from Asking Alexandria , Blaqk Audio , Hollywood Undead , Slayer ‘s Kerry King and Winds of Plague , signed promo cards from Chevelle and In This Moment , and autographed CDs from Arch Enemy and Arsonists Get All the Girls. Linkin Park have donated an autographed lithograph. On Mice and Men ‘s Austin Carlile and Hatebreed ‘s Jamey Jasta autographed t-shirts. Falling in Reverse have put up a Ron Ficarro smashed bass guitar on the block. Darkest Hour and Bring Me the Horizon autographed instruments. Plus, there are numerous signed items from Suicide Silence themselves. To check out the Unite the United auction, click here . [button href=”” title=”Next: Surprise Guests Highlight Mitch Lucker Memorial Show” align=”center”]

Fan Granted Wish to Spend a Day With Korn

YouTube Korn are one of the more fan-friendly acts going and the group was more than happy to hang out and meet one of their fans after receiving a request from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Korn supporter Tyler Sims suffers from Lupus, an auto-immune disease that leads to excruciating arthritic pain and other physical ailments. The youth says he always wanted to meet the group and was thrilled to finally do so. Last October, Sims and his family traveled to Phoenix where the band was scheduled to perform and he was finally able to meet his hard-rocking heroes. He says in a new video package showcasing his day that he was picked up in a limo and taken to the venue where he got to watch from the side of the stage as the band went through their soundcheck. After a break in the action, each of the band members met up with Sims and signed some merchandise, while singer Jonathan Davis sat down with the young man and they shared stories about their lives. The longtime Korn fan says, “He really connected with me kind of deep. It felt good that they actually cared.” Sims says that his struggles with Lupus have caused him some fairly painful times, but Korn’s music has always been there for him. He adds, “I’ve been a Korn fan since I was 10-years-old. As I got older, I really connected with all the lyrics and I mean every song means something to me. It says something to me and it really gets me through a lot of the rough times I go through.” Watch Tyler Sims’ Visit With Korn [button href=”” title=”Next: Watch Jonathan Davis’ ‘Wounded Warriors’ Short Film” align=”center”]

Shinedown’s Brent Smith on Kathie Lee Gifford’s ‘Meat Loaf’ Remark: ‘My Heart Fell to the Ground’

Mary Ouellette, You wouldn’t know it by looking at him today, but there was a period not too long ago that Shinedown singer Brent Smith was struggling with both drug and alcohol addiction, as well as weight issues. Part of the reason Smith is built as well as he is these days is due to his newfound commitment to his health, and he discussed his transformation with the Los Angeles Times . Smith says, “The weight came on about four years ago. I’ve toured for over 12 years and for the first two records I was doing tons of shows all the time. And for those two records I was addicted to cocaine, OxyContin and alcohol. The coke and Oxy kept my weight down, but for the third album I quit opiates and started to crave sugar. I was still drinking a lot of alcohol and started to pack on the pounds.” The singer says one of the big wake-up calls was when he made an appearance on the ‘Today’ show in 2009 and Kathie Lee Gifford stated that she mistook him for Meat Loaf . The vocalist says, “It really stung. I’m a fan of Meat Loaf, but she wasn’t talking about a musical comparison. It was national television and my heart kind of fell on the ground. I’m not trying to be disrespectful to Meat Loaf at all because I’m a fan, but here I am barely 30 years old and that’s the one thing that she says. It was like the performance didn’t even matter.” In the time since, Smith has found a trainer and made a commitment to live healthier for his family. He explained, “I have a four-year-old boy, and he was a huge motivation, and so were the fans. I had an epiphany working out with my trainer … and I haven’t had a drink since.” Since he began his workout regimen, the singer has dropped almost 70 pounds. To read more about Smith’s weight loss journey, check out his Los Angeles Times interview here . [button href=”” title=”Next: Vote for Shinedown’s Best Album” align=”center”]

Oblivion, ‘Called to Rise’ – Full Album Stream

Oblivion In December 2012, All Shall Perish founding member and guitarist Ben Orum left the group after a decade of service. The decision couldn’t have been an easy one for Orum, but the accomplished axe-man chose to leave in order to spend more time with his family. Luckily, Orum is far from finished when it comes to making music, having joined Californian metal act Oblivion . The band recently self-released their debut full-length, ‘Called to Rise,’ and you can hear the entire album right here on Loudwire. Last month we helped unleash Oblivion’s video for ‘Reclamation’ as an exclusive premiere , and now we’ve got the full album streaming for all you metalheads out there. Oblivion vocalist Nick Vasallo gave us an exclusive quote on what he and the other Oblivion musicians plan to accomplish with the project: As a band, OBLIVION doesn’t want to just fit into the typical death metal category. Sure, we come from primarily a death metal background and we fulfill all the stylistic criteria associated with it. But we want our music to have broad conceptions and extreme depth. I believe that musical eclecticism is the future of music and what is needed to prevent deadlock in our art. I get bored quite easily with a single style so on this album you’ll hear a lot of different types of extreme music: technical death metal, black metal, post-metal, progressive metal, doom, and even modern classical music. The trick is to balance all of these and unify them in a single voice. I urge any fan of extreme music to give this album a chance and listen to the whole thing. Uninterrupted and fully attentive…there’s a lot to pick out. Check out the music player below to hear Oblivion’s ‘Called to Rise’ in full. To purchase the digipak CD, which is limited to only 1000 physical copies, or a digital download of the album,  click here .

Machine Head’s Robb Flynn Joins Tony La Russa + Friends at Animal Rescue Foundation Benefit Machine Head have built their fan base over a steadily strong career, but singer Robb Flynn still gets surprised by who some of his fans are. The rocker reveals in his latest journal that former baseball manager Tony LaRussa and his family have shown their fandom for his work in recent years, which is something that still blows him away. Flynn says, “Life has a funny way of playing out, how seemingly innocuous encounters can take you to place you never thought you’d go. Flash back to about a year and a half ago … I’m walking through Whole Foods in Walnut Creek, talking on the phone to my friend Tom when a lady and her daughter approach me wide-eyed. ‘Are you f—ing Robb Flynn?!’ … ‘I could be …’ They scream and make a big ‘ol to-do, ‘Oh my God, we’re huge fans, I love ‘The Blackening,’ I’m Tony LaRussa’s wife!’” Then, just last year when the band returned to play the Warfield in San Francisco, the LaRussa family came to the show. Flynn recalls, “My baseball fanatic dad FREAKS OUT, and Tony L blows my mind when he tells me that I ‘have so much charisma, he wishes he could bottle it and make his players drink it.’ Wow!!?? I’m not worthy!” After speaking some more, Flynn says they bonded over the fact that he got his dog from the Animal Rescue Foundation that LaRussa founded. The vocalist says he and LaRussa exchanged information and the manager reached out to him about attending his annual benefit. LaRussa also asked if he would perform as an anniversary gift for his metal-loving wife. The singer admits he was nervous, but says LaRussa’s intro was great. He recalls, “Tony LaRussa’s intro blew me up!! Dude rules. After that intro I could have farted for 10 minutes and people would have at least politely clapped. Did ‘Die Young’ first, went down good. I sang the end a lot better than at the Mitch [Lucker] benefit, and then came time for the debut of the acoustic version of ‘Darkness [Within],’ just me and an acoustic, no sing-alongs, no band to kick in the heavy — a new version I had never played live. It worked, it totally worked. I nailed most of it, was a little flat in some parts at the very end, but overall it felt good and I was proud of myself for taking up the challenge.” Flynn returned for the finale, joining all the evening’s performers and headliner Tony Orlando in taking on ‘Hey Jude’ with a little bit of ‘Whole Lotta Love’ thrown in to rock out. The evening also gave the singer a chance to meet some of his comedy heroes like Robin Williams and Dana Carvey. For more about Flynn’s night, check out his latest journal entry here . Watch Robb Flynn Perform ‘Darkness Within’ Acoustically Robb Flynn With Dana Carvey Robb Flynn With Robin Williams Robb Flynn With Tony Orlando [button href=”” title=”Next: Robb Flynn Performs at Mitch Lucker Memorial” align=”center”]