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Megadeth Bassist David Ellefson Donates Bass Strings for Charitable Bracelets

Mary Ouellette, Megadeth ‘s David Ellefson makes the most out of his bass strings on a nightly basis, but now he’s found yet another use for them. The rocker is donating his used bass strings the Wear Your Music Organization so that they may turn them into bracelets. The bassist stated that all proceeds from sales of the bracelets will go to the MusiCares organization. The bracelets will be hand crafted according to orders, with the buyer having the chance to personalize their bracelets based on size, if you add a clasp and whether or not they would like to make it precious by adding a sapphire, ruby or emerald. For further details and to place your order, click here . Ellefson has been busy of late, working with Megadeth on finishing their forthcoming album, ‘ Super Collider .’ The disc is expected to arrive this June. The bassist will take part in a chat this afternoon (Feb. 24) for fans that are part of the Megadeth Cyber Army fan club. The chat will take place at 6PM ET / 3PM PT at this location . [button href=”” title=”Next: Dave Mustaine Asks Fans for Megadeth Guest Vocalist Suggestions” align=”center”]