Queens of the Stone Age Get Their Spinal Tap on in ‘Secrets of the Sound’ Mockumentary

YouTube Queens of the Stone Age are in the process of finishing up their next album, but took time out of their schedule to give fans a little insight (or perhaps none at all) on exactly how the disc is coming along in a new mockumentary short inspired, in part, by ‘This Is Spinal Tap.’ The band, taking a jab at how many “behind the scenes” features there are concerning acts and the music making process, filmed the humorous 9-minute clip with hosts Matt Berry and Steve Agee. Berry and Agee venture to the band’s studio to film their ‘Secrets of the Sound’ segment, but find the group a little less than cooperative. Bassist Mike Shuman can’t be bothered to remove his headphones to answer a question. Troy Van Leeuwen seems more concerned with preening in front of a bathroom mirror before giving a straight answer. And multi-instrumentalist Dean Fertita simply sprays Agee with lilac-scented spray before storming off after one question. The bulk of the info comes from frontman  Josh Homme , who admits that he’s not sure about all of the instruments in their studio, reveals that a fan sent in a human ear at their request so they could test out the way things sound, and he also reveals that he’s the Encino Chapter head of the Patrick Swayze fan club. So there you have it — everything you never thought you wanted to know about Queens of the Stone Age and their forthcoming album. Meanwhile, we can tell you that the band has Dave Grohl playing drums on the new disc, with contributions from Nine Inch Nails mastermind  Trent Reznor , former QOTSA member  Nick Oliveri and Scissor Sisters singer  Jake Shears . Watch Queens of the Stone Age’s ‘Secrets of the Sound’ Mockumentary [button href=”http://loudwire.com/queens-of-the-stone-age-new-album-manic-and-unpredictable/” title=”Next: Josh Homme Discusses ‘Manic + Unpredictable’ Album” align=”center”]

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Queens of the Stone Age Get Their Spinal Tap on in ‘Secrets of the Sound’ Mockumentary

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