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Bullet for My Valentine Reveal ‘Temper Temper’ Album Artwork

RCA Bullet for My Valentine recently revealed that their latest studio album, ‘ Temper Temper ,’ would be arriving on Feb. 11 and now we know what the album cover art looks like. The band has unveiled the artwork (see the image on the left) for their forthcoming release and it shows a darker side to the album’s title. Given that the title ‘Temper Temper’ suggests some hot-headedness, the imagery of a pair of bloody hands, palms up, is a striking one. The pose is almost mindful of a person who is looking down upon their hands contemplating the dastardly deed they’ve done, though we never actually see the person’s face. So far, the group has served up the album’s title track and a second single ‘ Riot ‘ to check out in advance of the disc’s release, but it is not known how those songs compare to the rest of the record. In addition, the band has also unleashed a music video for ‘Temper Temper,’ giving at least some visual representation of the song. Bullet for My Valentine fans have had to wait a little while for a new disc, as singer Matt Tuck spent much of 2012 balancing his time between Bullet and his other hard-edged band, AxeWound , who toured and released their debut disc last year. Tuck says having the other group did affect Bullet for My Valentine’s latest effort, explaining , “We approached the record a lot differently this time around. It was more inspired by the way I did the AxeWound record and that was basically: get in the studio and write and record as you went along.” Look for ‘Temper Temper’ in stores Feb. 11; you can also pre-order the disc here . [button href=”” title=”Next: Watch Behind the Scenes Video from ‘Temper Temper'” align=”center”]

Deuce Delivers Naughty Holiday Cards

Five Seven Music Happy holidays! It’s a sentiment expressed by many this season, but not quite in the way that Deuce is doing it. The former Hollywood Undead member-turned-solo artist is serving up several digital holiday cards branded with his own sense of humor to them. As seen in the first card above, Deuce and his lovely lady pose for a “family photo” on the couch, with the caption “Yo, I don’t know what Yuletide means, but happy it!” Other digital holiday cards currently available (as seen below) include a Godzilla-like Deuce terrorizing a picturesque town decorated for the holidays by stepping on it and exclaiming in the caption, “Take that, you tiny little Xmas bitches!” The third card features a scantily clad lady with her arms around Deuce as he holds a strategically placed gift-wrapped box with the caption, “Guess what I got you …” It’s clear from the cards that Deuce definitely falls on Santa’s “naughty” list, but still, he’s in the giving spirit by sharing these digital cards and letting fans use them as they wish. The thoughtful rocker did something similar earlier this year by providing his own branded Valentine’s Day cards. You can check them out here . For more on Deuce, visit his Facebook page here . Five Seven Music Five Seven Music [button href=”” title=”Watch Deuce’s ‘I Came to Party’ Behind the Scenes Video” align=”center”] ?

Adelitas Way Take Viewers Behind the Scenes of ‘Alive’ Video Shoot Adelitas Way dig further into their ‘Home School Valedictorian’ album with the disc’s fourth single, ‘Alive,’ and they’ve shot an uplifting new video for the song. To give fans a little more detail about what went into the shoot, the group has offered up a new “behind the scenes” feature. In the clip itself, the band is relegated to performance duties, but couldn’t have picked a better location for their shots. “We’re up on a rooftop and we’ve got beautiful Los Angeles behind us, man. It’s a great day. It’s a great day,” says singer Rick DeJesus. The vocalist realizes that they can just kick back and enjoy the day, as the true draw is the storyline for the clip. “The concept’s gonna crush,” says DeJesus. “It’s going to show the love that some of us have not experienced yet and some of us have, so I can’t wait to shoot it. It’ll be great.” Director Justin Baldoni offered a little more insight on where the idea came from, adding, “I loved the song and when I heard the song one of the lines that stuck out was ‘You’re the reason I fight.’ Instantly I thought of cancer and how beautiful I thought it would be to see a guy who is in love with his girlfriend, literally fighting to stay alive.” The official video can be seen here , while the “behind the scenes” feature can be viewed below. ‘Alive’ recently entered the Loudwire Cage Match Hall of Fame . Watch Adelitas Way’s ‘Behind the Scenes’ Featurette for ‘Alive’

Metallica Share Live + Behind the Scenes Footage from Edmonton, Alberta Show

In a new lengthy video clip posted by Metallica, the metal band takes you behind the scenes at their meet and greet at one of their Canadian tour stops Edmonton, Alberta. Additionally, the video invites fans into Metallica’s intimate tuning room on tour and shares live footage of one of their biggest hits from the show that night (Aug 17) – the first of two shows there. The clip starts

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