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Piggy D of Rob Zombie: The Heavy Blog Is Heavy Interview

[Photos By Maclyn Bean] Mayhem Fest shaped up to be one of the strongest lineups the show has seen so far. With bands like Job For A Cowboy, Machine Head , and Mastodon , there are very few bands that would be better suited to headline than ROB ZOMBIE. It’s no secret that he is a busy guy, not only with music, but in other ventures such as movies ( Lords Of Salem is coming to video 9/3/2013) and comic books. His live shows are also an intense visual overload. Bassist Piggy D gives readers a sneak peek on what to expect with the new show, a little behind the scenes look at the recording for their new album Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor , working with ALICE COOPER, and of his other musical ventures that are all expected to be seeing new releases of some sort this year. It’s not known to many people, but you actually have a fair amount of song writing ability outside of Rob Zombie’s band, most notably with Alice Cooper. What songs did you write for the newest album Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor? I contributed to a track called ”Lucifer’s Rising.” Everybody writes a lot of songs, and everybody comes up front with a bunch of ideas. Usually, they end up becoming other things or they get changed around to fit whatever the vibe is that he [Rob] is going for. He ended up digging that song a lot, which is great. It’s nice and upbeat, makes you want to break shit [laughs], so I’m really happy with the way that one turned out. I do a lot of writing with other artists, I’ve written a lot of stuff with Alice [Cooper]. I wrote a song with him called “Last Man On Earth,” which was on his record Welcome 2 My Nightmare [In addition, John 5 plays guitar on the track “Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever” and Rob Zombie does backing vocals on “The Congregation” for this album as well]. We also recorded a Halloween song together called “Keeping Halloween Alive.” It’s kind of like a Christmas song, except for Halloween. Yeah, I just heard it last week for the first time and I thought it was really good. It was fun to do. I called him on a Tuesday and we were recording for it by that Friday. We were done in about two hours. Me, Alice, and one of my writing partners Dave, actually did a whole record together a couple of years ago before his last record. It’s really heavy with some pop elements, some really cool punk stuff on it, all in all it’s just a raw, dirty record. I’m excited to go back and revisit that one. It hasn’t been released or anything yet, we started mixing it, but Welcome 2 My Nightmare needed to happen when it needed to happen, which is how I brought into working on that record. We wrote a bunch of songs for that record and “Last Man On Earth” is the one that made the cut that also fit into the story. To be honest, we actually have closer to two whole albums worth of material that was written around that time frame. One of these days, hopefully, that will see the light of day. That would be sick! I would love to hear that, as I’m sure thousands of other people would as well. Going back to Rob Zombie’s new album, “Lucifer’s Rising” is one of the more faster tracks that relates more to the old school aggressive Zombie. Overall, there is a fair amount of experimentation on the new record that wouldn’t match, say, Hellbelly Deluxe or The Sinister Urge. What is the progression among the band that, while writing, steered towards differentiating from the previous albums? Well, Hellbelly Deluxe and The Sinister Urge , were pretty much just Rob and producer Scott Humphrey that were bringing in different musicians for different songs, like Tommy Lee played some songs and John Freese played on other songs, so it was kind of whatever they felt fit that particular song. The last two Zombie records [ VRRV and Hellbelly Deluxe 2] have been more of a band effort, where everyone is playing the parts and fleshing out the ideas. HD2 , for example, was all recorded live. That signified the beginning of the new process of recording for the band. This record was different from that in some ways as well. Everyone was playing on this record as well, but there were times when Rob was taking the pieces and rearranging them and building new song structures. There was a few tracks where I had to re-track the basses on that, when I heard them, was like “What song is this?” because the parts had been rearranged, but it flowed so much better and it sounded more unique and original. It was an interesting process and it came together really fast. The initial tracking of the record was done in less than a month and a half. What were some of the bigger differences between recording this album and HD2, other than the rearranging bit? Well, like the last album, a lot of this one was recorded live. One of the main differences was the editing because what happened with HD2 was that the overall structure of verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge or whatever pretty much stayed the same. With this new one, there was a lot of rearranging different parts and fitting them together to find out where the flow fit better, where song crescendos and putting it in the beginning and such. There was a much bigger emphasis onto the overall flow of the individual track. With HD2 , we would walk in the studio and say “Let’s write a fast song today,” “Let’s write a slow song today,” or “Let’s write an acoustic song.” There was much more thought into this album and Rob wanted it to crescendo at the end, which is why you will find some of the stronger songs at the end of the record. It is one of those records, especially the first few times when you listen to it, you don’t want to turn it off because you’re afraid you’re going to miss something. It really builds up. I felt that as well. When you listen to the first half of the album, it feels really different because it’s not Rob Zombie’s typical sound that people are used to hearing. But it picks up towards the latter half into that familiar territory. What you’re hearing was a very concise effort. What he [Rob] and everyone else said when we first started going into the record was that he wanted to do everything untypical. Typical song structures in this genre start to become really stale, so he wanted to specifically break the mold of how we did the last record. What sort of plans are you guys making for headlining Mayhem Fest this year? I’ve seen Rob Zombie before in 2007 when he toured with Ozzy Osbourne and I remember how much visual production went into that live set. This is a significantly bigger production than anything that has been done before. It’s worth seeing just for the costume changes alone. The whole spiel of the show has just gotten enormous. It’s over-stimulation on every part of the stage and if you blink, you’ll miss something. We’ve been slowly building the show bigger and bigger for the past seven years that I’ve been in the band. This is probably going to be the biggest production he’s ever done. People are going to be really, really excited about it. There will for sure be some correlations to his latest movie Lords Of Salem integrated into the show as well. Tell me a little bit about The Haxans. I’ve read that you’ve released two singles so far under that. That’s been a slow process because my partner Shannon Gallant lives in England, in a log cabin out in the middle of nowhere, and internet is not on her side. While slow, the process has been really good as well as it forces us to work on everything meticulously and get it exactly right. We’re working on an EP of some new stuff and a couple of cover songs. It’s a fun exercise because we’ve never been in the same room creating music, she’s in her world and I’m in my world. We kind of mush the two of them together to create this really unique sound. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done, I’m really hands on with the writing. I like working in a room with someone creating music, and something like someone’s mood can set how the writing session will go. Whereas this, I’m asleep when she’s up and recording her vocals or putting in some weird sounds. In the morning, I’ll go check my email (if she was able to send an email), and I’ll exclaim “What the hell- this is crazy!” We’re two people behind two black curtains, just creating music and sending it to each other via the interwebs. Do you and guitarist John 5 collaborate outside of Rob Zombie’s band? We haven’t in a while. I did three album covers for him and album designing with him, which is really fun to do. He always has some really good ideas and he lets me go nuts with it. My other passion outside of music is designing album art. I’m a purist when it comes to that. It’s a shame that it gets reduced to a .jpeg on iTunes. I love the experience of listening to an album while looking at all of the artwork, read the lyrics, and everything. What future album art will you be doing? A lot for The Haxans. It’s an art overload and it’s taken its own sort of life alongside the music. Whenever I release a song, I always have some sort of artwork with it. I’m working with a new band now, I’m just a co-writer and co-producer, and I was able to dig into my pop influences with this one. I always tell people it’s like a cross between Ke$ha and Cheap Trick. If they had a baby and it came from outer space, it would be this band. They’re called The Doom Party, and it’s very sci-fi, very concept based. It’s a band that is set in the future and the music is somehow very old school. Musically, it seems very radio friendly. My aim is to bring a rawness into the band and to help develop the story through the songs, but also making the songs stand on their own. There are some videos in the works and other really exciting stuff, so just like you, I’m curious as to how it all plays out. It’s unlike anything that’s ever existed before. It’s a new Kiss, in the sense that everybody sings and everybody has their own identity, but it’s a 2013 version- excuse me, 2050 version of Kiss. What other sort of solo stuff do you have in the works? I’m a huge fan of The Replacements and I love old Minneapolis rock, that’s another big comfort zone for me, so it’s fun making that kind of music. I’m also a fan of Nick Cave, so I paint with different brushes depending on how I’m feeling. Sometimes I pick up a guitar and I want to write a fun, summertime, noisy track, and sometimes I get dark and moody and I’ll write some murder ballads. I’m doing everything simultaneously, which is probably slowing down the whole process [laughs]. Any last words for the fans and what to expect from the live show that we haven’t already covered? I’m really excited to bring the new show. It will bring the new songs to life. People who think they’ve seen the band before don’t have idea. They need to come and see the new show. It’s the biggest show you will see this year, so don’t miss it! – RB

Machine Head’s Robb Flynn Reflects on the Death of Metallica’s Cliff Burton Metallica ‘s Cliff Burton is one of the most beloved figures in the history of hard rock and metal and his memory lives on with the legacy of the band’s early albums. One of the future rockers who was influenced by the work of Burton and his Metallica bandmates was Machine Head ‘s Robb Flynn , who posted a new journal entry reflecting on what Burton meant to him in honor of the celebration of the bassist’s birthday. “It’s amazing to think how the music world may (or may not) have been different had the tragic bus accident not taken his life,” says Flynn, who has been reflecting on the times he actually got to see Burton perform in his youth. He recalls hanging out with his friend Jim Pittman as a kid and the first time he heard ‘Kill ‘Em All.’ The frontman says, “We’d never heard anything like it. We gleefully stumbled around the running track behind American High School for hours and probably played ‘Whiplash’ fifty times in a row, headbanging wildly the whole time. What a great memory! Still blasting the bootleg, we stumbled back to my house where my parents were gone, we vowed to jam more and to get better at our own band … and to see Metallica the next time they played.” After catching a ride from his dad, Flynn says he had the time of his life. He recalls, “When Metallica took the stage, the world came alive … When it came time for Cliff’s ‘(Anesthesia) – Pulling Teeth’ bass solo, I just remember being mesmerized. I’d had so many metal debates with Jim and other friends that there’s no way that was a ‘bass’ solo. It was a ‘guitar’ solo. Fact. End-of-story. My mind was blown.” Flynn says Metallica’s works with Burton have resonated with him to this day. He explains, “The bass lines were hypnotizing me ever-so-subtly to the point where even now, I know every bass line on those albums like it’s part of my DNA. Go and listen to our song ‘Now I Lay Thee Down’; the triad bass line in the chorus? That’s just one of my tributes to Cliff. The three-part lead section in the middle … I wrote that with Cliff looking over me. Hell, I called it ‘the Cliff part.’” When Burton died in a tragic bus crash, Flynn said it was one of those occasions he’ll always remember exactly where he was when he heard the news. “I was at a kegger party in Cliff’s hometown, Castro Valley, wired and drunk when ‘the news’ came on. 10PM, someone I didn’t know came running into the backyard and yelled, ‘Cliff’s dead, Cliff from Metallica is dead!,’” Flynn recalls. “It was unreal. A stunned silence took over the party. They were ‘our’ band. This didn’t happen to ‘us.’” In the years since Burton’s death, Flynn says he’s read the Joel McIver biography on Burton and learned about how some diehard Metallica fans had made a memorial to the bassist at the site of the bus crash in Sweden. To pay homage, Flynn says he too made the pilgrimage during a tour of Sweden and stopped to leave a guitar pick with the mementos that many fans had left. He concludes, “As this Sunday (Feb. 10) comes to pass, I’m sure in our own way, some of us will pay tribute to a man whose attitude, demeanor, vibe, genuine love of music and unequaled talent affected us. I know I will. Happy birthday Cliff Burton, rest in peace.” To read Flynn’s full posting on Burton, click here . [button href=”” title=”Next: Favorite Cliff Burton-Era Metallica Album – Readers Poll” align=”center”]

Slayer’s Kerry King on Next Album: ‘I’m Very Comfortable Saying That It Will Be Out This Year’

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Although Slayer have a way to go in recording their next album and there is no set timetable for when it may come out, guitarist Kerry King has stated that he is “very comfortable saying” that the record will see a 2013 release date. ‘That Metal Show’ host Eddie Trunk spoke with King at the 2013 NAMM convention and nabbed a comment from the legendary thrash guitarist. “We have two songs that we completed last May and just need mixing,” reveals King. “We have another that just needs vocals and leads and me and [drummer]  Dave [Lombardo]  are working on a complete new one that we haven’t demoed. The whole hold-up now that seems to happen with every album we do is that Rick Rubin wants to change distributors. So we’re left in limbo until he lands somewhere. Realistically we are without a deal, but we plan on staying with Rick. When that gets settled we will start recording. I’m very comfortable saying that it will be out this year.” King also commented on the health of guitarist Jeff Hanneman , who is still recovering from necrotizing fasciitis after suffering a spider bite. “Not to sound weird, but when you get off tour, you scatter. And [it’s not] because I hate him, I don’t talk to him because I had enough of him! I don’t even talk to [singer] Tom [Araya]. The only reason I talk to Dave is that we rehearse all the time. When I go off tour I just want to go chill and be Kerry, not Kerry King. From what I know he’s still trying to get basic in the game.” Hanneman has unfortunately not been able to contribute to the next Slayer record as of yet. “I have enough material on my own if need be, but I’m open,” King says. “If Jeff comes to the party with some new material, hell ya! I will play all the guitars. I’ve been playing all the guitars for years anyway, except for Jeff’s leads.” Check out Eddie Trunk’s full interview with Kerry King below. Slayer’s Kerry King Talks With Eddie Trunk ? [button href=”” title=”10 Best Slayer Songs” align=”center”]

Five Finger Death Punch Drummer Jeremy Spencer Penning Autobiography

Gareth Cattermole, Getty Images Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer has embraced the rock and roll lifestyle and all that comes with it over the years, and now that he’s sober he’s ready to tell his tales in the new autobiography, ‘Deathpunched: Cheers to My Sobriety.’ The book, which is expected next year, features Spencer on the cover with adult film legend Ron Jeremy. The drummer told Los Angeles’ ‘ Heidi & Frank Show ,’ “The story behind that is … obviously being in a rock band, you dabble in the party lifestyle from time to time. So after years of that catching up to me, I got sober. But we always used to have this saying about doing cocaine, like you would get so cranked on sexually in your brain when you do it — like everything is exciting — but then you get numbed out beneath the belt line area. So we always said, ‘Man, you feel like Ron Jeremy from the neck up and Christopher Reeve from the neck down.’ So the cover of the book is me in, like, a Superman kind of costume in a wheelchair cheersing a martini glass with Ron Jeremy and two hot chicks. So that’s the cover of my book.” Spencer, who just past a year of sobriety on Jan. 8, says he initially planned to self-release the book but now has a deal in place with a publisher and expects it out next year. As for the Five Finger Death Punch’s current status, he reveals that the band are “cocooned up” at the moment working on new music, but do have plans for some spring shows in Europe followed by a summer North American trek. Watch Five Finger Death Punch’s Jeremy Spencer Discuss His Upcoming Book on KLOS 95.5 FM [button href=”” title=”Next: Watch Five Finger Death Punch’s ‘The Pride’ Video” align=”center”] ?

Deuce Delivers Naughty Holiday Cards

Five Seven Music Happy holidays! It’s a sentiment expressed by many this season, but not quite in the way that Deuce is doing it. The former Hollywood Undead member-turned-solo artist is serving up several digital holiday cards branded with his own sense of humor to them. As seen in the first card above, Deuce and his lovely lady pose for a “family photo” on the couch, with the caption “Yo, I don’t know what Yuletide means, but happy it!” Other digital holiday cards currently available (as seen below) include a Godzilla-like Deuce terrorizing a picturesque town decorated for the holidays by stepping on it and exclaiming in the caption, “Take that, you tiny little Xmas bitches!” The third card features a scantily clad lady with her arms around Deuce as he holds a strategically placed gift-wrapped box with the caption, “Guess what I got you …” It’s clear from the cards that Deuce definitely falls on Santa’s “naughty” list, but still, he’s in the giving spirit by sharing these digital cards and letting fans use them as they wish. The thoughtful rocker did something similar earlier this year by providing his own branded Valentine’s Day cards. You can check them out here . For more on Deuce, visit his Facebook page here . Five Seven Music Five Seven Music [button href=”” title=”Watch Deuce’s ‘I Came to Party’ Behind the Scenes Video” align=”center”] ?

Green Day, ‘¡Dos!’ – Album Review

Reprise Green Day  have got love on the brain, while their toes are firmly dipped in the influences of eras gone by on ‘ ¡Dos! , the second album of their new trilogy. The disc even has a old-school pacing, clocking in at just under 40 minutes, but taking 13 tracks to get there. The quick-hitting nature of the songs makes the album a more immediate listen that seems to fly by. ‘¡Dos!’ comes across as a more cohesive collection than its predecessor (‘¡Uno!’) both lyrically and musically. The first part of the album follows the story of a man pursuing the girl that seems out of reach and the eventual comedown that follows, while the latter portion allows for a few steps outside the lyrical storyline. Album opener ‘See You Tonight’ and closer ‘Amy’ perfectly bookend the album with a restrained Green Day dipping into what feels like ’60s era Everly Brothers territory. The disc digs in with the out and out pursuit of the young woman on ‘F— Time,’ a song that almost brings to mind teens dancing the twist and a Georgia Satellites guitar lick thrown in in for good measure while singer Billie Joe Armstrong begins the courting process. ‘Stop When the Red Lights Flash’ continues the process, with the boast, “ Out of sight, out of mind, just give me one more time, I’ll make you surrender. ” For those looking for radio singles, ‘Stop When the Red Lights Flash’ seems like an obvious choice. But the wheels begin to come off with ‘Ashley,’ a frenetic track about the young woman of the singer’s desires falling further out of reach both romantically and in his desired interest. Highlights on the album include Armstrong’s exhausted lament on ‘Lazy Bones,’ a track that stands out from the rest of the disc and could potentially be its biggest single. Another standout, ‘Makeout Party,’ provides a showcase for drummer Tre Cool, who gets to steer away from keeping the beat to offer drum fills with reckless abandon while bassist Mike Dirnt fuels the song’s breakdown midway through. Current single ‘ Stray Heart ‘ was an obvious choice for radio play as well, as the bouncy feel of the track reflects the sound of ’80s era The Jam or more recently Weezer’s poppy side. It’s straight-up ear candy that instantly connects and is the poppiest track of a very commercial sounding release. For those looking for the hard-edged snarl of some of Green Day’s mid-2000s music, this album is not likely the place for you, but ‘¡Dos!’ does work extremely well as an infectious pop record with touches of early rock influences. Green Day will put a bow on the trilogy with the release of ‘¡Tre!’ on Dec. 11.

Green Day Offer Free Stream of ‘¡Dos!’ Album

Reprise Green Day may be out of commission at the moment while singer Billie Joe Armstrong continues his substance abuse rehab, but you would never know it from how prominently they’ve kept fans enthralled with new music. That continues with the new stream of the ‘ ¡Dos! ‘ album on, a full week ahead of its Nov. 13 release. The high-energy, upbeat disc will be a solid one for the band once they finally do return to the road. ‘F— Time’ features some Georgia Satellites-like good time guitar licks; ‘Stop When the Red Lights Flash’ has that infectious vibe that could make it an eventual single; ‘Makeout Party’ has a great garage-rock feel; and ‘Stray Heart’ is just an immediate radio-friendly rocker that’s the perfect choice for the lead single. The full ‘¡Dos!’ disc drops next Tuesday (Nov. 13) and now competes with the ‘¡Uno!’ album released earlier this year for listeners’ full attention. The third disc in the trilogy, ‘ ¡Tre! ,’ was recently pushed forward to a Dec. 11 release after the band realized they would be unable to tour leading up to the album’s original Jan. 15 street date. Green Day fans can also check out the new ‘ Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2 ‘ soundtrack song ‘ The Forgotten ,’ which recently debuted and will also turn up on the ‘¡Tre!’ album. [button href=”″ title=”Listen to Green Day’s ‘¡Dos!’ Album Streaming at” align=”center”] [button href=”” title=”Next: Green Day Nominated for People’s Choice Award” align=”center”]

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