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Chris Jericho, Scott Ian, Zakk Wylde, Lzzy Hale + More Star in 2013 Revolver Golden Gods Spot

Revolver Lord knows that many of the musicians taking part in this year’s Revolver Golden Gods have done their fair share of interviews overs the years, but in the commercial for the 2013 ceremony, they get to experience life from the other side of the microphone in what amounts to the world’s most metal press conference. The awesome and hilarious commercial finds host Chris Jericho concluding a press conference and then taking questions from “the media.” However, the media for this event are some very well known faces, with everyone from Anthrax ‘s Scott Ian to Halestorm ‘s Lzzy Hale throwing questions at the host. The spot offers a who’s who of the hard rock and metal genres, with Ian, Five Finger Death Punch ‘s Jeremy Spencer, Zakk Wylde , John 5 , In This Moment ‘s Maria Brink, Hale and Sebastian Bach all having speaking parts while various other members of Five Finger Death Punch, Halestorm and other bands can be seen in the background. The commercial in general offers a humorous look at not only some of the talent playing this year’s ceremony, but also mentions some of the major names like Metallica and Rob Zombie that will be receiving honors. The fifth annual Revolver Golden Gods Awards show takes place at Los Angeles’ Club Nokia May 2 and will air on AXS TV, XBOX Live and Facebook . For ticket information, click here . Watch the 2013 Revolver Golden Gods Awards Commercial [button href=”” title=”Next: See Who is Performing at the 2013 Revolver Golden Gods Awards” align=”center”]

Top 20 Songs: Week of January 27-February 2, 2013

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire / Mary Ouellette, Danish rockers Volbeat are holding onto the top spot for a second week in a row on this week’s Loudwire Radio Top 20 Countdown. The band’s ‘Heaven Nor Hell’ single is doing rather well, but may face a challenge next week from All That Remains , whose song ‘Stand Up’ rises another spot from No. 3 to No. 2 and is knocking on the door to No. 1. Former No. 1 track ‘Carry On’ from  Avenged Sevenfold slips back another spot this week to No. 3, meanwhile Deftones and Chevelle traded places this week with Deftones’ ‘Tempest’ inching forward to No. 4, while Chevelle’s ‘Same Old Trip’ drops to No. 5. There could be some shakeup next week in the Top 5 as Alice in Chains made the biggest jump of the week, moving four big notches from No. 10 to No. 6 with ‘Hollow,’ suggesting a trajectory that could place it at or near the top of the chart fairly soon. This Loudwire Radio Top 20 Countdown’s biggest dropper is former No. 1 song ‘Enemies’ from Shinedown . The track takes a tumble from No. 9 to No. 12 this week. The countdown also features the arrival of one new song — Green Day ‘s ‘X-Kid’ which ended the run of Slash ‘s ‘Standing in the Sun’ in the Top 20. It slides in at No. 19. Check out the top 20 songs below and be sure to tune in and crank it up to rock out to Loudwire Radio this weekend. To find out where you can hear the countdown, click on the red button below. Loudwire Radio Top 20 Songs of the Week: 20. Stone Sour, ‘Absolute Zero’ 19. Green Day, ‘X-Kid’ 18. Otherwise, ‘I Don’t Apologize’ 17. Soundgarden, ‘Been Away Too Long’ 16. Hinder, ‘Save Me’ 15. P.O.D., ‘Higher’ 14. Three Days Grace, ‘The High Road’ 13. Halestorm, ‘Freak Like Me’ 12. Shinedown, ‘Enemies’ 11. Papa Roach, ‘Where Did the Angels Go’ 10. Five Finger Death Punch, ‘The Pride’ 9. 3 Doors Down, ‘One Light’ 8. Young Guns, ‘Bones’ 7. Adelitas Way, ‘Alive’ 6. Alice in Chains, ‘Hollow’ 5. Chevelle, ‘Same Old Trip’ 4. Deftones, ‘Tempest’ 3. Avenged Sevenfold, ‘Carry On’ 2. All That Remains, ‘Stand Up’ 1. Volbeat, ‘Heaven Nor Hell’ [button href=”” title=”See Which Stations Air Loudwire Radio” align=”center”]

Five Finger Death Punch Drummer Jeremy Spencer Penning Autobiography

Gareth Cattermole, Getty Images Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer has embraced the rock and roll lifestyle and all that comes with it over the years, and now that he’s sober he’s ready to tell his tales in the new autobiography, ‘Deathpunched: Cheers to My Sobriety.’ The book, which is expected next year, features Spencer on the cover with adult film legend Ron Jeremy. The drummer told Los Angeles’ ‘ Heidi & Frank Show ,’ “The story behind that is … obviously being in a rock band, you dabble in the party lifestyle from time to time. So after years of that catching up to me, I got sober. But we always used to have this saying about doing cocaine, like you would get so cranked on sexually in your brain when you do it — like everything is exciting — but then you get numbed out beneath the belt line area. So we always said, ‘Man, you feel like Ron Jeremy from the neck up and Christopher Reeve from the neck down.’ So the cover of the book is me in, like, a Superman kind of costume in a wheelchair cheersing a martini glass with Ron Jeremy and two hot chicks. So that’s the cover of my book.” Spencer, who just past a year of sobriety on Jan. 8, says he initially planned to self-release the book but now has a deal in place with a publisher and expects it out next year. As for the Five Finger Death Punch’s current status, he reveals that the band are “cocooned up” at the moment working on new music, but do have plans for some spring shows in Europe followed by a summer North American trek. Watch Five Finger Death Punch’s Jeremy Spencer Discuss His Upcoming Book on KLOS 95.5 FM [button href=”” title=”Next: Watch Five Finger Death Punch’s ‘The Pride’ Video” align=”center”] ?

Korn’s Jonathan Davis Receives U.S. Flag Flown in Afghanistan From Air Force Supervisor

Mary Ouellette, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis is an avid supporter of the U.S. military, as evidenced with his continued USO meet-and-greets and performances for U.S. servicemen and women and his participation in the recent ‘ Wounded Warriors ‘ short film. The singer’s support continued during a special meeting set up at the ShipRocked event in late November. United States Air Force Shift Supervisor Michael Bowser attended the cruise performance, where he was finally able to meet his hard rock hero and present him with a flag flown over an Afghanistan base on Sept. 11, 2012. Video footage of the presentation may be seen below. Bowser said he also collected flags for Five Finger Death Punch and Sevendust , who were also among his favorite bands, to present to them, as well. He told Davis, “Hopefully this can give back to you guys what you’ve given to me, because if it wasn’t for rock music I wouldn’t get through deployment.” A moved Davis responded, “I know lots of people and I know the s— you all are going through. This is amazing. This will definitely be displayed at our studio.” Just last fall, Davis was presented with the uniform of Marine Lance Cpl. William H. ‘Billy’ Crouse IV by his brother Ryan Rothman. Crouse was killed during a bombing in Afghanistan. It’s expected that Bowser’s flag will be displayed alongside Crouse’s uniform and other gifts that band has received from the military over the years. Watch Korn’s Jonathan Davis Receive a U.S. Flag from Air Force Supervisor Michael Bowser [button href=”” title=”Next: Jonathan Davis Visits With Wounded Troops + Takes Bomb Training” align=”center”]

Top 20 Songs: Week of January 20-26, 2013

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire We’ve got some changes atop the Loudwire Top 20 Countdown this week as Avenged Sevenfold ‘s stay in the top spot was brief. The band’s ‘Carry On’ slips back to No. 2 this week, making way for Volbeat ‘s ‘Heaven Nor Hell’ to take over the No. 1 position. Both All That Remains ‘ ‘Stand Up’ and Chevelle ‘s ‘Same Old Trip’ hold steady in the No. 3 and No. 4 positions, respectively, while Deftones inch a notch closer to the top with ‘Tempest’ rounding out the Top 5 on this week’s countdown. Two former Top 5 songs take the biggest tumble this week. Soundgarden ‘s ‘Been Away Too Long’ drops from No. 10 down to No. 15, while Slash ‘s ‘Standing in the Sun’ hangs on the countdown at No. 20 after spending last week at No. 15. Meanwhile, Halestorm had the most meteoric rise, as the band climbed five big notches from No. 19 to No. 14 this week. The countdown also provided one new entry as Three Days Grace spent one week away before returning to the chart with the new track, ‘The High Road,’ which arrived at No. 17. Check out the top 20 songs of the week below and be sure to tune in and crank it up to rock out to Loudwire Radio this weekend. Loudwire Radio Top 20 Songs of the Week: 20. Slash, ‘Standing in the Sun’ 19. Otherwise, ‘I Don’t Apologize’ 18. Stone Sour, ‘Absolute Zero’ 17. Three Days Grace, ‘The High Road’ 16. Hinder, ‘Save Me’ 15. Soundgarden, ‘Been Away Too Long’ 14. Halestorm, ‘Freak Like Me’ 13. P.O.D., ‘Higher’ 12. Papa Roach, ‘Where Did the Angels Go’ 11. Five Finger Death Punch, ‘The Pride’ 10. Alice in Chains, ‘Hollow’ 9. Shinedown, ‘Enemies’ 8. Young Guns, ‘Bones’ 7. 3 Doors Down, ‘One Light’ 6. Adelitas Way, ‘Alive’ 5. Deftones, ‘Tempest’ 4. Chevelle, ‘Same Old Trip’ 3. All That Remains, ‘Stand Up’ 2. Avenged Sevenfold, ‘Carry On’ 1. Volbeat, ‘Heaven Nor Hell’ [button href=”” title=”See Which Stations Air Loudwire Radio” align=”center”]

Rob Zombie vs. Five Finger Death Punch – 2013 Loudwire Rock Bowl, Round 1

Photos by Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Hope you’ve got your pads on for this one! The 2013 Loudwire Rock Bowl continues its quest to uncover the best hard rock football theme by matching up Rob Zombie ‘s ‘Superbeast’ against Five Finger Death Punch ‘s ‘Back for More.’ On one hand, you’ve got Rob Zombie’s ‘Superbeast,’ a highly-aggressive, hard-driving track certain to amp up just about any listener. And when you think of a super beast, a few of the NFL’s elite, most pumped up offensive and defensive linemen definitely come to mind. And where else but in the trenches would you expect to find a super beast? On the other hand, there’s Five Finger Death Punch, who’ve been cranking out aggressive hit after hit over the last half-decade. The band’s hot streak included the song ‘Back for More,’ which delivers the messages, “ Let’s get it on / It’s time to get in the game / You gotta fight til it hurts and then you do it again .” This dog-eat-dog track is about emerging victorious and not sparing the weak. So does it stand a fighting chance against the likes of Rob Zombie? You tell us. Vote between Rob Zombie and Five Finger Death Punch in this 2013 Loudwire Rock Bowl matchup in the poll below. You can listen to both tracks and judge for yourself which one should advance. Vote once per hour in this first round until Sunday, Jan. 27, at 11:59PM ET. To vote in the next 2013 Loudwire Rock Bowl matchup, click the red button at the bottom of the page. Hear Rob Zombie’s ‘Superbeast’ Hear Five Finger Death Punch’s ‘Back for More’ Sorry, you need to have javascript running to see this poll. [button href=”” title=”Next Rock Bowl Matchup: Metallica vs. Volbeat” align=”center”] ?

Slipknot vs. P.O.D. – 2013 Loudwire Rock Bowl, Round 1

It’s time to get amped up for some football and in our 2013 Loudwire Rock Bowl, we’re attempting to find out which track gets you most in the mood for gridiron aggression. This first round matchup pits the masked rockers of Slipknot against the “Southtown” favorites, P.O.D. While Slipknot offer plenty of unrelenting tracks, ‘Wait and Bleed’ is arguably the best fit the most for football. As Corey Taylor sings about the hate raising up inside of him, the listener can definitely apply that to the competition at hand. And given the violent nature of football, there will definitely be some bleeding coming soon. P.O.D.’s hit song ‘Boom’ has long been a sports anthem, with singer Sonny Sandoval seemingly calling out the competition after a particularly hard hit. As the song says, “ Boom! / Here comes the boom! / How you like me now? ” There’s no mistaking that sentiment when it comes to football. Which one of these rock warriors will be left standing when Round 1 is complete? That’s up to you to decide. Listen to both tracks below, then vote in the poll provided. You can also vote in the next 2013 Loudwire Rock Bowl matchup by clicking on the red button at the bottom of this post. Voting in Round 1 concludes Sunday, Jan. 27, at 11:59PM ET. Hear Slipknot’s ‘Wait and Bleed’ Hear P.O.D.’s ‘Boom Sorry, you need to have javascript running to see this poll. [button href=”” title=”Next Rock Bowl Matchup: Rob Zombie vs. Five Finger Death Punch” align=”center”]