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Chris Jericho, Scott Ian, Zakk Wylde, Lzzy Hale + More Star in 2013 Revolver Golden Gods Spot

Revolver Lord knows that many of the musicians taking part in this year’s Revolver Golden Gods have done their fair share of interviews overs the years, but in the commercial for the 2013 ceremony, they get to experience life from the other side of the microphone in what amounts to the world’s most metal press conference. The awesome and hilarious commercial finds host Chris Jericho concluding a press conference and then taking questions from “the media.” However, the media for this event are some very well known faces, with everyone from Anthrax ‘s Scott Ian to Halestorm ‘s Lzzy Hale throwing questions at the host. The spot offers a who’s who of the hard rock and metal genres, with Ian, Five Finger Death Punch ‘s Jeremy Spencer, Zakk Wylde , John 5 , In This Moment ‘s Maria Brink, Hale and Sebastian Bach all having speaking parts while various other members of Five Finger Death Punch, Halestorm and other bands can be seen in the background. The commercial in general offers a humorous look at not only some of the talent playing this year’s ceremony, but also mentions some of the major names like Metallica and Rob Zombie that will be receiving honors. The fifth annual Revolver Golden Gods Awards show takes place at Los Angeles’ Club Nokia May 2 and will air on AXS TV, XBOX Live and Facebook . For ticket information, click here . Watch the 2013 Revolver Golden Gods Awards Commercial [button href=”” title=”Next: See Who is Performing at the 2013 Revolver Golden Gods Awards” align=”center”]

Sebastian Bach + Billy Idol Guitarist Steve Stevens Writing for New Album

Facebook: Sebastian Bach Sebastian Bach may be building up to the release of his live concert CD / DVD release, ‘ ABachalypse Now ,’ but there’s also plenty of fresh ideas floating around for the rocker at the moment. In a new studio update, Bach reveals that he’s been spending some time writing with Billy Idol guitar great Steve Stevens for his next record. Bach worked closely with talented young guitarist Nick Sterling on the 2011 album, ‘Kicking & Screaming,’ but the pair had a falling out toward the end of support for the record. Bach quickly replaced Sterling with guitarist Jeff George and it looks like the relationship with George will continue as well. In his latest studio update that he posted on his Facebook page , Bach wrote: Ideas are just starting to take shape for the next studio record. The legendary guitarist / great friend Steve Stevens has come up with one track so far that will definitely be on my next record. It is a kick ass cool rock ‘n roll song that I guarantee will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Just how I like it. We are going to work on more songs together too. Also my guitar player Jeff George has come up with a couple of great ideas that we will also be demoing very soon. We are really going to get cracking on the new material right away and have a new studio album out sooner than you think! I am so happy to collaborate with Steve he has always been one of my favorite guitar players! We are going out rock this bitch down to the ground in 2013 mother truckers! Bach has shared the stage with Stevens on occasion as part of the all-star covers band Camp Freddy and the pair performed a three-night stand in New York just last year. A photo of the pair in the studio can be seen above. While we wait for the new studio album, be sure to mark March 26 on your calendar for the release of the ‘ABachalypse Now’ concert CD / DVD. [button href=”” title=”Next: Sebastian Bach Clarifies Potential Book Comments” align=”center”]

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider Roasted by Zakk Wylde, Scott Ian, Lita Ford + More

Rogers & Cowan Twisted Sister ‘s Dee Snider was subject to a little skewering Thursday night (Jan. 24), but it was all for a good cause as the Revolver / Guitar World Rock & Roll Roast raised funds for the MusiCares organization. Snider sat upon his throne throughout the evening as a dais of rockers, comedians and actors each took their shots at the singer. Snider’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ pal Penn Jillette hosted the evening, which featured last year’s roastee Zakk Wylde , as well as Anthrax ‘s Scott Ian , Lita Ford , ‘That Metal Show’ co-hosts Eddie Trunk and Jim Florentine, Snider’s son Shane, and comedians Jim Norton and Craig Gass. Plus, actor Mark Metcalf was on hand to provide his salute, delivering his “Whaddya want to do with your life?” speech before introducing Snider and the panel. In addition, Alice Cooper , Lorenzo Lamas, Sebastian Bach , Donald Trump, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Steel Panther , Brande Roderick, Chris Jericho and Gene Simmons all sent in video tributes. Jillette opened the night citing the “motley crew” that made up the dais, before apologizing to Snider for mentioning “a real rock and roll band.” Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian had perhaps the line of the night, telling the audience, “Twisted Sister tribute bands don’t exist because no one wants to play the same two songs over and over.” Gass also provided a zinger, stating, “Somewhere in America, there’s a county fair with an empty stage.” Alice Cooper, appearing via a video tribute, took his own jab at Snider, congratulating him on his “regionally successful music career,” while Lita Ford showed her concern for Snider telling him she hoped that menopause hadn’t affected his singing voice. The Twisted Sister frontman wasn’t the only target however, as Zakk Wylde told the singer’s son Shane he was worried about his future, adding, “Those are some big gay shoes to fill.” Florentine singled out another rocker, explaining “I thought Scott Ian came to my house, but it was a garden gnome.” And Norton offered up a dig at Ford, stating, “You can tell Lita is a Ford because no one has wanted to get inside her since the early ’80s.” Snider, however, had some revenge at the end of the night, targeting Jim Norton with one of his best barbs. The rocker joked, “Jim Norton’s career is going so poorly, he’s opening for my son, Shane.” [button href=”” title=”Next: Dee Snider to Return for ‘Celebrity Apprentice'” align=”center”]

Sebastian Bach Unveils ‘ABachalypse Now’ Track Listing + Release Plans

Frontiers Records Sebastian Bach has been putting together a new live document from his recent touring, showing off his prowess on the concert stage. ‘ABachalypse Now’ is a CD/DVD package that’s expected to arrive March 22 in Europe and four days later (March 26) in North America. The ‘ABachalypse Now’ package comes in two configurations — a standalone DVD and the Ultimate CD/DVD Edition. The latter platform offers two CDs full of live music, plus a DVD featuring never-before-seen footage from this past year’s Graspop Festival in Belgium, the entire performance of Bach’s Hellfest set in France and a fully-remixed and remastered show from Los Angeles’ Club Nokia. In addition, the DVD also comes with three bonus music videos. The singer says of the effort , “I am so excited for all of you to witness and experience ‘ABachalypse Now.’ We have included three recent concerts and the footage is totally kickass! It’s remixed and remastered for full audio and video quality. The performances and energy of the crowds are killer throughout the DVD and you really feel like you are at the shows. Prepare yourselves for the coming ABachalypse – now!” All of the footage comes from Bach’s promotion of his latest solo album, ‘Kicking & Screaming.’ Sebastian Bach’s ‘ABachalypse Now’ Track Listing: DVD: 1. Live at Hellfest, France 2. Live at Nokia, Los Angeles 3. Live at Graspop, Belgium 4. Bonus Music Videos: ‘Kicking & Screaming,’ ‘TunnelVision,’ ‘I’m Alive’ CD1: ‘Live at Hellfest, France — June 16, 2012 1. ‘Slave to the Grind’ 2. ‘Kicking & Screaming’ 3. ‘Here I Am’ 4. ‘Big Guns’ 5. ‘Piece of Me’ 6. ’18 & Life’ 7. ‘American Metalhead’ 8. ‘Monkey Business’ 9. ‘I Remember You’ 10. ‘Youth Gone Wild’ CD2: ‘Live at Nokia, Los Angeles — Aug. 2, 2012 1. ‘Big Guns’ 2. ‘(Love Is) A Bitchslap’ 3. ‘Piece of Me’ 4. ’18 & Life’ 5. ‘American Metalhead’ 6. ‘Monkey Business’ 7. I Remember You’ 8. ‘TunnelVision’ 9. ‘Youth Gone Wild’ Live at Graspop, Belgium — June 24, 2012 1. ‘Kicking & Screaming’ 2. ‘Dirty Power’ 3. ‘Here I Am’ 4. ‘Big Guns’ 5. ’18 & Life’ 6. ‘American Metalhead’ 7. ‘Monkey Business’ 8. ‘I Remember You’ 9. ‘TunnelVision’ [button href=”” title=”Next: Sebastian Bach Selects New Guitarist Jeff George” align=”center”]

Sebastian Bach To Release Live DVD/CD ‘Abachalypse Now’ in Spring 2013

Mary Ouellette, Move over zombies, there’s some new competition in the quest for world domination in the form of Sebastian Bach . The raucous frontman is brewing up a rock ‘n’ roll takeover of his own with an upcoming live DVD/CD set aptly titled ‘Abachalypse Now.’ The special release is jam-packed with never before seen footage that’s all been remixed and remastered for optimal quality. The footage includes Bach’s performances from 2012’s GrasPop Festival in Belgium, his full set from Hellfest in France and his show at Club Nokia in Los Angeles that originally aired on AXS TV. While the exact details are still being kept under wraps including the track listing and table of contents, Bach weighed in on the special release, saying: “I am so excited for all of you to witness and experience ‘ABachalypse Now.’ We have included three recent concerts and the footage is totally kickass!  It’s remixed and remastered for full audio and video quality. The performances and energy of the crowds are killer throughout the DVD and you really feel like you are at the shows. Prepare yourselves for the coming ABachalypse – now!” ‘Abachalypse Now’ is due out on Frontiers Records in the Spring of 2013. The former Skid Row frontman released his last solo disc ‘Kicking & Screaming’ back in September of 2011. The disc was produced by Bob Marlette and made the top 75 of the Billboard Top 200 Chart. [button href=”” title=”Sebastian Bach Picks Jeff George to Fill Vacant Guitarist Spot” align=”center”]

Dokken Vets Launch T&N Project with ‘Slave to the Empire’ Album

Rat Pak Records There’s just no denying musical chemistry, and the members of T&N found that out very quickly after several years of not playing together. Former Dokken guitarist George Lynch initially reached out to ex-Dokken bassist Jeff Pilson to contribute to his Lynch Mob record, but it didn’t take long before the pair realized that the music was meant for something else. At the insistence of drummer Brian Tichy, who is also part of the band, the group called up another former bandmate, Dokken’s drummer “Wild” Mick Brown,’ and the full T&N lineup was complete. With T&N set, the group started providing a mixture of new songs and re-recorded versions of older Dokken favorites with a variety of guest vocalists ( Sebastian Bach , King’s X’s Doug Pinnick, Tim “Ripper” Owens and Warrant ‘s Robert Mason) with the end result being their new ‘Slave to the Empire’ album, due Oct. 31. Pilson, who also sings on the album, spoke with Loudwire about what it was like reuniting with his onetime bandmates, how T&N took their music in a more humanistic direction, and about the band’s current relationship with Don Dokken. You have such a storied past working together, but in some ways this is essentially a new project. Can you talk about what it was like with the three of you back in the studio together for the first time and how it varied, if at all, from your process of working on past records? When George, Mick and I got in the studio together, it felt very much like what we’ve come to know and love about working together. I’d say the biggest difference now is that we play better, and really know how to get the sounds and performances we’re looking for. We’re quite confident in our abilities and that makes it a lot of fun. This was a little different in that the songs we did with Mick were written a long time ago, but we got to add little elements that made it feel fresh. It couldn’t have been more fun or productive. At what point was it decided to mix in some re-recorded Dokken material along with some original songs and how do they flow together on this disc? Once the music to the original songs was recorded and we had an idea that we’d finish them for, what became, T&N, Brian (Tichy) suggested we call Mick and redo some Dokken songs. We loved the idea cuz it really helps to tie the new music in with our legacy together. As for how it flows, so far the response has been amazing. The fans will be the ultimate judge of that. But it’s great because we were able to do the Dokken songs a little closer to how we had always pictured them, which was a little tougher, more raw. They still have many of the elements, harmonies, guitar production, etc., but not drowning in reverb like records were back then. It makes it all a little more in your face and the grooves really come alive that way. Plus the little additions we made to the Dokken songs help make them relate to the new music cuz they reflect where we are today. I’m so happy how it all came out and to see so many fans reacting positively is very rewarding. Did you have a list of who you wanted for guest vocalists and how close was that list to who actually appears on the songs? Which guest surprised you the most with what they brought to the table during recording? We just started calling friends who we knew were great and who we thought could really bring something special to Dokken material. We knew we didn’t want to get too far away from the original recordings, but wanted each guy to bring their unique gifts to the performances. So not every singer would work in that scenario. But they all impressed us so much. Doug [Pinnick]‘s take on ‘ Tooth and Nail ‘ is outstanding. His feel and delivery are unparalleled. We were always fans so it was a blast watching him record. Sebastian [Bach]‘s ‘Alone Again’ still brings a tear to my eye every time. In some ways his version stayed truer to the original melody than any of the other ones — but that was his call. He didn’t want to tamper with the melody too much, and that’s a sign of his maturity as an artist. But we did get some “Sebastianisms” out of him and the overall performance is soaking in emotion. He was a joy — and he’s a nut as well!!! That was fun. Robert [Mason] nailed ‘It’s Not Love’ with incredible power and vibe — what a voice! He’s a world-class singer and it really shows on his performance. Ripper [Owens] was truly crazy, which is great! His screams are so sick. I love it! All I can say is we have a lot to top on record 2!!!!!! ‘Slave to the Empire’ definitely gives you the platform to express yourself. Can you talk about the writing process and deciding what messages you wanted to address with the original songs? George and my writing process has changed very little over the years. Even in the early days we could always read each others’ minds, but it’s even more so now. As soon as we realized this record was not going to be a Lynch Mob record we decided we wanted the songs to have a social conscience. We don’t really want it to be perceived as political — but humanistic. We both see a very lopsided world out there, where those who “have” are getting a bigger and bigger slice of the pie, and it’s hard working folks who are paying the price. But we’re both optimistic that the power to change, grow and improve lies with the people, if they make their voices heard. So we’re just one voice out there, but we have big old amps so we can be a very loud voice!!!! With the album complete, what songs are most resonating with you after having a little bit of distance from recording and can you talk about why they stand out to you? That’s always a tough question, a little like which one of your children do you like most these days??!! But I will have to say that of the new material, the ones that resonate for me most are ‘ Slave to the Empire ,’ cuz the message is core to us and George’s solo is genius. ‘Sweet Unknown,’ just cuz I love the sound of it and when the chorus kicks in I get goose bumps. ‘When Eagles Die’ is very close to me. I love all the textures and changes in it and George’s solo is one of his finest ever. I felt very “purged” after we finished that one. We got to express a lot in that song. Then there’s ‘ Access Denied ,’ which turned out to be a very cool and interesting song. It probably changed the most, melodically and lyrically, during the writing. We got a bit stuck so we brought in Brian (Tichy), who had some great ideas for it. And I love how the song ends, but then again, I’m a bit eccentric! Coincidentally, Dokken released a new album this fall, as well. What’s your current relationship with Don Dokken? Have you spoken to him about the T & N project? My relationship with Don is great these days, although it’s mostly by email. We did put in a message to him, via Wild Mick, that we’d love to have him sing on T&N, but understandably he wasn’t into that. I mean the minute you add Don it becomes Dokken, so it gets complicated, and we all get that. T&N is really a chance for us to be creative together outside of Dokken. That doesn’t take anything away from Dokken’s legacy and this isn’t us versus them! It’s just the simple fact that even after nearly 30 years together, George Lynch and I love to make music with each other, we love to work with Brian and Mick and we’re in a position where we can and do. How cool is that? To pre-order the T&N album, ‘Slave to the Empire,’ check here .

Judas Priest, Sebastian Bach + Chris Jericho Highlight VH1 Classic’s 2012 ‘National Metal Day’

Theo Wargo / Ethan Miller / Frazer Harrison , Getty Images VH1 Classic is bringing back “National Metal Day” for its second year, as the network will deliver a daylong celebration of all things metal on Nov. 11 (aka 11-11, as in ‘Turn It Up to 11″). The lead-in to ‘National Metal Day’ actually begins on Nov. 1 at 8PM ET/PT on the network with a series of concerts and documentaries from some of metal’s finest, as well as ‘America’s Hard 100,’ hosted by Fozzy ‘s Chris Jericho . The viewer-voted countdown kicks off Nov. 1 and airs each night at 9PM, with the final 10 being revealed on Nov. 10, the night before “National Metal Day.” The entire 10-hour countdown will re-air on Nov. 11 beginning at 10AM. ‘National Metal Day’ wouldn’t be complete without ‘That Metal Show,’ and hosts Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson, and Jim Florentine will look back at the past 11 seasons of the show with ‘That Metal Special,’ which features special guests Sebastian Bach and Ace Frehley . Look for ‘That Metal Special’ at 8PM on Nov. 11. Rounding out the metal programming will be the premiere of the concert film, ‘ Judas Priest at the US Festival 1983,’ which revisits one of the band’s most memorable shows. The film starts at 9PM, followed by an encore of Iron Maiden ‘s documentary, ‘Iron Maiden: Flight 666,’ that concludes ‘National Metal Day.’ So get ready to turn it up to “11″ for VH1 Classic’s ‘National Metal Day’ programming on Nov. 11. [button href=”” title=”Next: Top 10 Judas Priest Songs” align=”center”]

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