Adelitas Way Take Viewers Behind the Scenes of ‘Alive’ Video Shoot Adelitas Way dig further into their ‘Home School Valedictorian’ album with the disc’s fourth single, ‘Alive,’ and they’ve shot an uplifting new video for the song. To give fans a little more detail about what went into the shoot, the group has offered up a new “behind the scenes” feature. In the clip itself, the band is relegated to performance duties, but couldn’t have picked a better location for their shots. “We’re up on a rooftop and we’ve got beautiful Los Angeles behind us, man. It’s a great day. It’s a great day,” says singer Rick DeJesus. The vocalist realizes that they can just kick back and enjoy the day, as the true draw is the storyline for the clip. “The concept’s gonna crush,” says DeJesus. “It’s going to show the love that some of us have not experienced yet and some of us have, so I can’t wait to shoot it. It’ll be great.” Director Justin Baldoni offered a little more insight on where the idea came from, adding, “I loved the song and when I heard the song one of the lines that stuck out was ‘You’re the reason I fight.’ Instantly I thought of cancer and how beautiful I thought it would be to see a guy who is in love with his girlfriend, literally fighting to stay alive.” The official video can be seen here , while the “behind the scenes” feature can be viewed below. ‘Alive’ recently entered the Loudwire Cage Match Hall of Fame . Watch Adelitas Way’s ‘Behind the Scenes’ Featurette for ‘Alive’

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Adelitas Way Take Viewers Behind the Scenes of ‘Alive’ Video Shoot

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