Quiznos Goes Power Metal in Commercial for Free Toasted Cookies

Quiznos What planet are we living on? Not only has metal music successfully taken over the underground music world, but the world of TV commercials, as well. In one of creative culture’s strangest dichotomies, metal has inspired memorable commercials for Google, ESPN Sportscenter, FedEx, Norton Antivirus, Kentucky Fried Chicken and many, many more. The newest heavy metal commercial, however, features a power metal parody band flying on a magic cookie for sandwich chain Quiznos. Once again, we need to give credit where credit is due, and this commercial is hilarious. The creators of all these different metal-inspired ads have been hitting home runs, so it’s no wonder why the theme has been popping up all over television. In this new Quiznos commercial, the first band name that comes to mind is DragonForce . The British princes of power metal seem to have been the basis for the ad, as a falsetto-singing frontman, who looks an awful lot like DragonForce guitarist Herman Li, provides vocals for the cookie-riding act. In another strange twist, the lead guitarist of the fictional band is sort of reminiscent of  System of a Down / Scars on Broadway  singer-guitarist  Daron Malakian . The aforementioned in-flight pastry reaches its destination (a man’s mouth) with an explosive impact, leaving the befuddled gentleman’s palate vehemently satisfied through a melty chocolate cookie crunch. Although this commercial is a hilarious success, the title of greatest metal-inspired commercial ever remains with Suffocation and their History Channel ‘ Dark Ages ‘ ad. Watch the Quiznos Heavy Metal Commercial [button href=”http://loudwire.com/funniest-heavy-metal-commercials/” title=”Funniest Heavy Metal Commercials” align=”center”]

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Quiznos Goes Power Metal in Commercial for Free Toasted Cookies

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