Adler Singer Jacob Bunton Offers Inside Look at Slash Collaboration ‘Just Don’t Ask’

Facebook: Jacob Bunton When former Guns N’ Roses  drummer  Steven Adler launched his new band Adler , it offered a fresh start for the musician. But the stickman still has one very significant tie to the past on his ‘Back From the Dead’ album — a guest appearance from his former bandmate  Slash on the track ‘Just Don’t Ask.’ Speaking exclusively with Loudwire, Adler singer Jacob Bunton tells us, “Steven and Slash have been close friends since they were kids, so the chemistry between the two is amazing.” Of the song ‘Just Don’t Ask,’ Bunton recalls, “When we started recording the album ‘Back From The Dead’, Steven asked Slash if he would play on record. We weren’t sure at first which song to have him play on. Halfway through recording the record, I wrote the song ‘Just Don’t Ask’ and we all looked at each other and said ‘this is the perfect one.’ Slash is one of the most soulful rock guitarist of all time and everything he does is so tasteful. I love his solos on the hard rockin’ songs, but we all agreed that the melodies he creates on ballads are some of the most memorable in music. He came to the studio, plugged in and just nailed it. He’s also one of the coolest mutherf—ers you’ll ever meet!” And speaking of meeting Slash, the vocalist says the guitarist knows how to make an entrance. He explains, “We recorded at Jeff Pilson’s studio in his house. Slash showed up a few minutes late for the session and said he had gone to the wrong house. Can you imagine getting a knock on the door at 10:00 at night and when you open the door, Slash is standing there?” Take a listen to Adler’s ‘Just Don’t Ask’ featuring Slash in the player below. The album, ‘Back From the Dead,’ which earned a stellar review from Loudwire when it dropped in November, is available at iTunes . Listen to Adler’s ‘Just Don’t Ask’ Featuring Slash ? [button href=”” title=”Next: Read Our Review of Adler’s ‘Back From the Dead'” align=”center”]

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Adler Singer Jacob Bunton Offers Inside Look at Slash Collaboration ‘Just Don’t Ask’

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