Baroness Members Deliver Surprise Performances at Converge and Neurosis Shows in Philadelphia Decibel Magazine recently celebrated their 100th issue with an insane concert in Philadelphia, a show we dedicated ourselves not to miss. The show’s lineup itself was incredible, presenting Converge , Pig Destroyer , Repulsion, Municipal Waste , Tombs + Evoken live, but the most incredible parts of the evening came from Baroness frontman John Baizley , who offered not only a surprise speech, but shared the stage with Converge for the song ‘Coral Blue.’ After Pig Destroyer grinded the Philly crowd into a brutal dust, John Baizley took a microphone right before Converge started their set to share his passion for the band and their newest album, ‘All We Love We Leave Behind.’ Having suffered through serious injuries after Baroness’ tour bus crashed in England last year, Baizley revealed how crucial ‘All We Love We Leave Behind’ was to both his physical and metal rehabilitation. Baizley addressed the crowd: About five months ago, I was in a f—ing bad wreck. I was laid up in the hospital for while; too long. I was going through what I would describe as the worst thing, mentally and physically, that one could go through, at least in my opinion. There came a point where I needed something to get past the hump that I was in, you know, just this state of depression or pain or whatever it was, and so I thought, ‘Well, music is this thing that’s meant to soothe the savage beast,’ and I had my wife bring me an iPod collection of mellow songs; Emmylou Harris, just old country stuff mostly. I put the headphones in and listened to it, and what was happening was not soothing at all in any way, shape or form. It was harsh and it was grating, and in that first moment when I was trying to listen to something relaxing and trying to get myself through a very difficult time, I became scared s–tless and I thought that I had lost the ability to enjoy music and I had lost the magic that music had over me. I think it was about three-and-a-half weeks after the crash, I had the new Converge record [‘All We Love We Leave Behind’] and I was like, ‘Well, Emmylou is not doing it for me, let’s try the opposite.’ And that record brought me back into the fold. Thank you for writing music that truly inspires, and I mean this when I say this, that truly rehabilitates, not just offers me a release from aggressions or from bulls–t, but something that helps me look forward to tomorrow when today is as tough as it gets. Near the end of Converge’s set, the band invited Baizley onstage to sing and play guitar for ‘Coral Blue,’ easily the most Baroness-like track from Converge’s 2012 album. As extra proof of Baroness’ massive desire to return in full-force, Baizley and fellow Baroness guitarist Pete Adams opened for the legendary Neurosis the night in Philly. Watch the footage from that show here . Check out both Baizley’s speech and his performance with Converge in the videos below. Keep feeling better, John! We can’t wait to see Baroness take the stage once again. John Baizley Addresses Crowd at Decibel’a 100th Issue Concert John Baizley Joins Converge Onstage for ‘Coral Blue’ [button href=”” title=”Baroness’ John Baizley Gives Update on Recovery” align=”center”]

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Baroness Members Deliver Surprise Performances at Converge and Neurosis Shows in Philadelphia

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