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Godsmack’s Sully Erna Revisits Poker Passion

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Godsmack ‘s planned year-long break in the schedule is not only giving frontman Sully Erna a chance to pursue his solo career, but he’s also taking the time to revive one of his other passions — poker. The musician tells ESPN that after stepping away from the card game for a few years, he’s gotten the itch to compete in poker tournaments again. In 2006 and 2007, Erna took part in the World Series of Poker competitions, winning $17,730 his first year and banking another $45,422 the following year. Then he took home $307,325 in the 2007 Five-Diamond World Poker Classic. But Erna says that his mindset wasn’t right to keep it up. He explains, “I was finding that I was very impatient and playing crappy hands. I was losing patience every time I was playing. I had to take a break. [But] I’m making a comeback! I’ve studied the game. I’m getting the itch to play poker again. In fact, I’m in Los Angeles today and I’ll be playing tonight. I need to shake the rust off. I’m ready to go deep and win a lot of money!” Erna says he felt the timing was right to pick up poker again. “I’ve been bouncing around testing out my game,” says the vocalist. “That’s why many of my venues for the solo shows are in casinos. I love that environment. It works to my advantage, also it’s a transient audience. I can’t wait.” Sully has booked a solo tour later this spring, promoting both his ‘Avalon’ solo disc and the works of Godsmack. Check out the tour dates here . [button href=”” title=”Next: Favorite Godsmack Song – Readers Poll” align=”center”]

Favorite Motley Crue Album – Readers Poll

Tenth Street Entertainment Motley Crue are one of the most celebrated bands in rock and they’ve certainly enjoyed a fruitful career with plenty of standout records, but which album do you consider their best? We’re asking you to let us know what was your favorite Motley Crue album in this Loudwire Readers Poll. Was it their 1981 debut album, ‘Too Fast for Love’? The disc did feature the title track as well as their longtime favorite ‘Live Wire.’ Or perhaps it was their 1983 breakout ‘Shout at the Devil,’ which began to take hold on a national level. That disc spawned the title cut, plus ‘Looks That Kill,’ ‘Too Young to Fall in Love,’ and a cover of the Beatles classic ‘Helter Skelter.’ There’s also the 1985 album, ‘Theatre of Pain,’ which featured their Brownsville Station cover of ‘Smokin’ in the Boys Room’ as well as the longtime fan favorite ‘Home Sweet Home.’ In 1987, Motley Crue gave us the raucous classic, ‘Girls, Girls, Girls,’ which featured the title track, ‘Wild Side,’ ‘You’re All I Need’ and a live version of the Elvis Presley favorite ‘Jailhouse Rock.’ There’s also the band’s stellar fifth album, ‘Dr. Feelgood,’ which gave us the title cut, plus ‘Kickstart My Heart,,’ ‘Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away),’ ‘Same ‘Ol Situation (S.O.S.)’ and the rock ballad ‘Without You.’ In the ’90s, we got two albums. The first, the self-titled ‘Motley Crue,’ is actually the only Crue disc that didn’t feature Vince Neil on vocals. John Corabi sang on ‘Hooligan’s Holiday,’ ‘Misunderstood’ and more. Neil returned for 1997′s ‘Generation Swine,’ which featured an updated version of ‘Shout at the Devil,’ plus the songs ‘Beauty’ and ‘Afraid.’ And in the 2000s, the Crue has kept things going with 2000′s ‘New Tattoo,’ a disc that spawned the single ‘Hell on High Heels,’ and 2008′s ‘Saints of Los Angeles,’ which gave us the title cut and such other favorites as ‘Mutherf—er of the Year’ and ‘White Trash Circus.’ So, with three decades worth of albums, which is your favorite Motley Crue disc? Let us know by placing your vote in the Readers Poll below: Sorry, you need to have javascript running to see this poll. [button href=”” title=”Previous Readers Poll: Favorite Godsmack Song” align=”center”]

Favorite Godsmack Song – Readers Poll

Mary Ouellette, Godsmack have been one of the most consistent hard rock bands over the past 15 years, cranking out hit after hit after hit for fans to digest. But the big question is what is your favorite Godsmack? That’s what we want to find out from you — the Loudwire readers — in today’s Readers Poll. Did Godsmack do their best work early? It’s hard to argue against the breakout tracks from their self-titled debut album. You’ve got the solid rocker and live favorite ‘Whatever,’ the infectious ‘Keep Away,’ the moody and bewitching ‘Voodoo’ and a fourth rocking single, ‘Bad Religion’ all vying for your attention. The band’s ‘Awake’ album featured the powerful and commercially successful title track and the hard-hitting ‘Greed.’ That was followed by the ‘Faceless’ album which spawned the ‘Scorpion King’ soundtrack single ‘I Stand Alone,’ the defiant rocker ‘Straight Out of Line,’ the moody curveball ‘Serenity’ and another rocker ‘Re-Align.’ Feeling the momentum of the ‘Faceless’ album’s stripped back moments, ‘The Other Side’ EP delivered the more acoustic-based ‘Running Blind’ and ‘Touche.’ Godsmack returned to rocking with their next two discs. The ‘IV’ album featured such upbeat tracks as ‘Speak’ and ‘The Enemy,’ alongside their mid-tempo favorite ‘Shine Down. And 2009′s ‘The Oracle’ unleashed tracks that provided just a little more bite like ‘Whiskey Hangover,’ ‘Cryin’ Like a Bitch’ and ‘Love-Hate-Sex-Pain.’ We don’t envy you as this will definitely be a tough decision, but vote in our Readers Poll below and tell us which track is your favorite Godsmack song: Sorry, you need to have javascript running to see this poll. [button href=”” title=”Previous Readers Poll: Best 2013 Hard Rock-Metal Grammy Performance” align=”center”]

Hard Rock / Metal Performance Grammy Award – Readers Poll

Ethan Miller, Getty Images / Mary Ouellette, (4) / Liz Ramanand, Loudwire The 55th Annual Grammy Awards will take place this Sunday (Feb. 10) in Los Angeles and we’ll soon have a new winner in the Best Hard Rock / Metal Performance category. It’s safe to say that over the years there have been a few head-scratchers when the nominees were announced, but since combining the two categories in 2012, the selection committee has done a pretty solid job in choosing the nominees. This year may just be the strongest group of competitors yet. So, before “music’s biggest night,” we ask you — the Loudwire readers — to tell us who you think should win the Best Hard Rock / Metal Performance category Sunday night. There are six nominees, beginning alphabetically with Anthrax and their single ‘I’m Alive.’ The band has three prior Best Metal Performance Grammy nominations — the last coming in 1995 for a live version of ‘Bring the Noise’ with special guests Public Enemy — but they’ve yet to win a Grammy. Next up is Halestorm , a first-time nominee that may have enjoyed the most commercial success of any of the nominated tracks with ‘Love Bites (So Do I).’ And there’s also Iron Maiden , the 2011 Best Metal Performance Grammy winner for ‘El Dorado’ and a three-time nominee. This year they’ve been nominated for the live version of ‘Blood Brothers.’ Lamb of God earned a nod for ‘Ghost Walking’ this year, which marks the fourth time they’ve been nominated. However, the band has yet to hear “And the Grammy goes to…” at any of the previous ceremonies. Marilyn Manson rebounded in 2012 and his ‘No Reflection’ singer earned a Grammy nomination, marking his third ever nod with no wins as of yet. And finally, there’s Megadeth , who might as well be the Susan Lucci of the Best Hard Rock / Metal Performance category. They earned their eleventh nod for the song ‘Whose Life (Is It Anyways?),’ but still have yet to win their first Grammy. So there you have it — six great Grammy nominees for Best Hard Rock / Metal Performance. While you may have an inkling which one will win, we’re asking you to vote for which of these six tracks should win the Grammy in our poll below: Sorry, you need to have javascript running to see this poll. [button href=”” title=”Previous Readers Poll: Best Korn Album” align=”center”]

Best Korn Album – Readers Poll

Epic It’s been a roller-coaster ride for Korn , but the band has been one of the most productive outfits since arriving on the scene with their 1994 debut disc. This Loudwire Readers Poll asks you to determine which of Korn’s albums is their best. Korn remained still somewhat of an underground band with a growing following with their first two albums. The band’s self-titled debut spawned the hit song ‘Blind’ and fan favorite, ‘Chutes and Ladders.’ Meanwhile, 1996′s ‘Life Is Peachy’ followed with the breakout song ‘A.D.I.D.A.S.’ But it wasn’t until their third album that they became a massive band. 1998′s ‘Follow the Leader’ provided the group with staple hits ‘Got the Life’ and ‘Freak on a Leash.’ The following year ‘Issues’ gave us a trio of singles — ‘Falling Away From Me,’ ‘Make Me Bad,’ and ‘Somebody Someone.’ The 21st century has brought us more solid efforts from Korn. The 2002 album ‘Untouchables’ kept the momentum going with ‘Here to Stay’ and ‘Thoughtless’ enjoying some success. In 2003, ‘Take a Look in the Mirror’ provided fans with ‘Did My Time’ and ‘Right Now,’ but ‘Y’all Want a Single’ was the band’s statement on the changes in the music industry. After breaking for a hits collection, 2005′s ‘See You on the Other Side’ gave us ‘Twisted Transistor’ and ‘Coming Undone,’ and they followed with their untitled album, which featured ‘Evolution’ and ‘Hold On.’ Their last two albums found Korn taking two very different directions. ‘Korn III: Remember Who You Are,’ had them trying to reclaim their early sound, with ‘Oildale’ being the main single. In 2011, the group went completely the opposite direction with ‘The Path of Totality,’ a dubstep-infused effort that spawned ‘Get Up’ and ‘Narcissistic Cannibal.’ That’s ten original albums in 19 years, not counting their greatest hits album or ‘Unplugged’ release. Now it’s your turn to tell us which disc is best. Vote for the best Korn album in the Readers Poll below. Sorry, you need to have javascript running to see this poll. [button href=”” title=”Previous Readers Poll: Best Kid Rock Song” align=”center”]

Three Days Grace Share Intimate Details of Singer Adam Gontier’s Departure

Ethan Miller, Getty Images The recent exit of Three Days Grace singer Adam Gontier from the group shocked many in the music industry, but probably no one more than the rest of his bandmates. After offering a very brief statement on Gontier’s exit and revealing that My Darkest Days frontman Matt Walst would be filling in on their upcoming tour with Shinedown, more and more details have begun to leak out. Initially it was stated that a “health issue” was part of the reason for Gontier’s sudden exit , but the vocalist later told fans that he had not suffered a relapse in his sobriety and that he had decided the time had come to “evolve on his own terms.” For their part, Three Days Grace issued another statement after the initial posting stating that they were shocked to hear the news, but were committed to their tour and still felt a passion for what they were doing. Not soon after his exit, it was revealed that Gontier was planning a solo show at a New York City benefit on Jan. 17, which raised a few more eyebrows. Having some time to deal with the aftermath of Gontier’s exit, the group has decided to let fans in on the timeline of the singer’s departure and today (Jan. 16)  offered a Facebook posting with more intimate details about the split. It reads as follows: It had been our desire to keep an internal band matter just that, internal. However, after public statements by Adam we feel the need to give our fans the facts. Here’s the exact timeline of events over the past few weeks. On December 21, 2012, Neil and Brad (via email), our manager and business manager (via federal express) received a letter from Adam’s lawyer stating, “Please be advised effective immediately Adam is terminating his involvement with the band Three Days Grace. Adam has been wrestling with a health issue, outlined in the attached letter (a doctor’s letter dated December 14), which would have precluded him from touring with the band in 2013 and he wants the group to continue moving forward as they see fit while not holding them back.” As you can imagine, this came as a complete shock to us. We had just played a series of shows in Hartford and Peterborough the preceding week with no mention from Adam of any health issues or that this resignation letter was coming. We had no idea then that the December 15th Hartford show (which we played one day after the date of the doctor’s note attached to Adam’s lawyer’s letter) would be our final show with Adam as lead singer. After receiving Adam’s lawyer’s letter, Brad sent Adam a text offering to get together to make sure that Adam’s decision was in fact the decision he wanted to make, a final decision, and to talk through any issues. As Brad said, “It would suck to end a twenty year relationship through a lawyer.” Brad’s invitation was declined by Adam via a text stating, “My decision is 100%. My relationship with Three Days Grace is over.” We were then surprised to learn that even though we were told on December 21st that Adam was not able to tour with the band due to health concerns, he apparently planned on participating in a show on January 17 in New York City, as a solo artist. How would you feel if you were in our shoes? Someone you had known for 20 years, whom you had grown up with, gone through ups and downs with, shared dreams with, ends that relationship as if you had known him for a single day with a letter from a lawyer. With a new album and new tour about to begin, and music that everyone in the band is proud to play and promote, we were quickly left to come up with a way to continue what we started. We had a tour for “Transit of Venus” scheduled to start in a month, and we felt we owed it to our fans and ourselves to go through with it. As we have said before, our fans are the best. You have stood with us through good times and bad times and you are the reason we do what we do. We appreciate more than we can say in words the support we have received during this time. This is not about choosing sides or deciding who’s right or who’s wrong. This is about being honest with you. Adam has made his choice and we wish him well. We care about our band, and we care about honouring our commitments to you, the fans. Three Days Grace has never been about one single band member and it never will be. After touring is complete, we will move forward. In what shape and form, that is yet to be determined. What we can tell you is that and are excited to rock live and we can’t wait to see you all on the road. Given the new information from the band, now how would you vote in our recent Readers Poll about the Three Days Grace singer situation? Voice your opinion by clicking on the red button below: [button href=”” title=”Vote in the Three Days Grace Singer Swap Readers Poll” align=”center”]

Best Rob Zombie Album – Readers Poll

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images Rob Zombie has been releasing music since 1987, providing us with memorable tracks as a solo artist and as the frontman for White Zombie . Today’s Readers Poll asks you — Rob Zombie fans — what is the best album the singer has released? We’ll start with the early Rob Zombie years, when he was fronting White Zombie. The band’s 1987 debut, ‘Soul-Crusher,’ was described as noise rock by many critics. With tracks like ‘Drowning the Colossus,’ ‘Die Zombie Die’ and ‘Future Shock’ leading the way, admiration for the disc has only grown since its release. That was followed by their 1989 effort, ‘Make Them Die Slowly.’ Their sophomore set found them dipping more into thrash metal but admittedly the band was not completely happy with the outcome. The group’s frustration with their sophomore set primed them for a breakout with their third album. White Zombie’s ‘La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1′ arrived in 1992 and found some radio and video love with ‘Thunder Kiss ’65′ and ‘Black Sunshine.’ White Zombie’s tenure came to an end with 1995′s ‘Astro-Creep: 2000,’ but not before spawning another hit single in ‘More Human Than Human’ and fan favorite tracks ‘Real Solution #9′ and ‘Super-Charger Heaven.’ On the solo front, Rob Zombie has been responsible for four records. ‘Hellbilly Deluxe’ arrived in 1998, featuring the immediate hits ‘Dragula’ and ‘Living Dead Girl,’ as well as fan favorite, ‘Superbeast.’ 2001 brought ‘The Sinister Urge,’ which spawned ‘Feels So Numb,’ the groovy ‘Never Gonna Stop (Red Red Kroovy)’ and ‘Demon Speeding.’ Zombie slid a little commercially with 2006′s ‘Educated Horses.’ However, the album did feature the singles ‘Foxy Foxy,’ ‘American Witch’ and ‘Let It All Bleed.’ Zombie went back to the well and rediscovered his energy with ‘Hellbilly Deluxe 2.’ The 2010 album featured the songs ‘What?’ and ‘Sick Bubblegum.’ So there you have it — eight albums from Rob Zombie’s career. Let us know which album you think was the best in the Readers Poll listed below. Sorry, you need to have javascript running to see this poll. [button href=”” title=”Previous Readers Poll: Shinedown’s Best Album” align=”center”] ?

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