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Favorite Godsmack Song – Readers Poll

Mary Ouellette, Godsmack have been one of the most consistent hard rock bands over the past 15 years, cranking out hit after hit after hit for fans to digest. But the big question is what is your favorite Godsmack? That’s what we want to find out from you — the Loudwire readers — in today’s Readers Poll. Did Godsmack do their best work early? It’s hard to argue against the breakout tracks from their self-titled debut album. You’ve got the solid rocker and live favorite ‘Whatever,’ the infectious ‘Keep Away,’ the moody and bewitching ‘Voodoo’ and a fourth rocking single, ‘Bad Religion’ all vying for your attention. The band’s ‘Awake’ album featured the powerful and commercially successful title track and the hard-hitting ‘Greed.’ That was followed by the ‘Faceless’ album which spawned the ‘Scorpion King’ soundtrack single ‘I Stand Alone,’ the defiant rocker ‘Straight Out of Line,’ the moody curveball ‘Serenity’ and another rocker ‘Re-Align.’ Feeling the momentum of the ‘Faceless’ album’s stripped back moments, ‘The Other Side’ EP delivered the more acoustic-based ‘Running Blind’ and ‘Touche.’ Godsmack returned to rocking with their next two discs. The ‘IV’ album featured such upbeat tracks as ‘Speak’ and ‘The Enemy,’ alongside their mid-tempo favorite ‘Shine Down. And 2009′s ‘The Oracle’ unleashed tracks that provided just a little more bite like ‘Whiskey Hangover,’ ‘Cryin’ Like a Bitch’ and ‘Love-Hate-Sex-Pain.’ We don’t envy you as this will definitely be a tough decision, but vote in our Readers Poll below and tell us which track is your favorite Godsmack song: Sorry, you need to have javascript running to see this poll. [button href=”” title=”Previous Readers Poll: Best 2013 Hard Rock-Metal Grammy Performance” align=”center”]

SLIPKNOT’s Clown and FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH’s Ivan Moody Star In Movie

I don't know if I should thank Axl Rosenberg of MetalSucks or be mad at him for exposing me to the trailer for The Devil’s Carnival, a new movie from the director of a bunch of Saw sequels. The movie finds metal luminaries like Clown from Slipknot and Five Finger Death Punch frontman Ivan Moody …