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Brian ‘Head’ Welch + Ray Luzier Enjoy Korn Collaboration at NAMM Convention

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire / Ethan Miller, Getty Images There are a lot of happy people out there rejoicing that Korn ‘s former guitarist Brian “Head” Welch is playing some shows with the band again. But before all the festivals and summer touring kicks off, there was a Korn preview of sorts at the NAMM Convention in Anaheim. Korn’s drummer Ray Luzier was performing as part of a Sabian-backed jam session with bass and guitar greats Billy Sheehan and George Lynch. During a break in the action, Luzier grabbed the microphone to reveal the performance’s special guest. He told the audience, “I’m really, really extremely happy to announce that Brian ‘Head’ Welch, the original guitar player of Korn, will be touring in Korn this summer, for the tour, European, States and all.” And with that, he introduced Welch who was in attendance at the event. The guitarist took the stage for a brief performance of Korn’s breakthrough hit ‘Blind,’ while visibly enjoying his surroundings. During the lead-in on the song, Welch turned to George Lynch and told the crowd, “I wouldn’t even be playing guitar if it wasn’t for that dude,” which got a chuckle from the longtime Dokken and Lynch Mob axeman. Korn recently revealed that Welch would be joining them for their European trek and it was announced this week that he was also pulling double duty at this year’s Rock on the Range festival, playing with Korn as well as his current band Love and Death . The summer dates mark the first extended touring for Welch with Korn since 2004. Watch Brian ‘Head’ Welch With Ray Luzier, George Lynch and Billy Sheehan Performing Korn’s ‘Blind’ [button href=”” title=”Next: Brian ‘Head’ Welch Shares Excitement Over Korn Return” align=”center”]

Members of Iron Maiden, Slayer + More Honor John Bonham at 2013 Bonzo Bash

Evening Standard – Hulton Archive, Getty Images Led Zeppelin great John Bonham has long been one of the most revered drummers in rock and roll and for the last couple of years a number of top skinbeaters have gathered for the “Bonzo Bash” to celebrate his musical legacy. The event, which has been held in Los Angeles on the anniversary of Bonham’s birthday in the past, shifted venues this year to take place as part of the NAMM Convention weekend in Anaheim, allowing for more participants to join in. The 2013 Bonzo Bash was held at the Observatory in Anaheim Thursday night (Jan. 24) with a star-studded lineup rocking out for those in attendance. For instance, Adrenaline Mob ‘s Mike Portnoy came out to rock the crowd with the assistance of former Megadeth bassist James Lomenzo on Zeppelin’s ‘How Many More Times.’ Iron Maiden ‘s Nicko McBrain pounded away on a cover of ‘Immigrant Song’ and Slayer ‘s Dave Lombardo provided a more swinging drum sound on Zeppelin’s ‘Down by the Seaside.’ Fan-shot video of all three ‘Bonzo Bash’ performances can be seen below. The evening also featured such top drummers as Steven Adler , Anthrax ‘s Charlie Benante , Testament ‘s Gene Hoglan, Korn ‘s Ray Luzier, Buckcherry ‘s Xavier Muriel, Jane’s Addiction ‘s Stephen Perkins, Poison ‘s Rikki Rockett and more. In addition, fellow musicians like the previously mentioned Lomenzo, Tesla’s Frank Hannon, Great White ‘s Jack Russell , Black Country Communion’s Derek Sherinian, Mr. Big’s Billy Sheehan, Warrant ‘s Robert Mason, Whitesnake’s Doug Aldrich and S.U.N.’s Sass Jordan also joined in the jam. Watch Mike Portnoy and James Lomenzo at the 2013 Bonzo Bash Watch NIcko McBrain Perform at the 2013 Bonzo Bash Watch Dave Lombardo Perform at the 2013 Bonzo Bash [button href=”” title=”Next: Check Out 2013’s Must-See Rock Concerts” align=”center”]

The Darkness Making Plans for 2014 Album

Jo Hale, Getty Images The Darkness ‘ reunion will continue beyond their ‘Hot Cakes’ album and guitarist Dan Hawkins says that fans shouldn’t expect too long of a turnaround before a new record arrives. The guitarist tells Billboard , “I think it’s important the next album comes out quickly. ‘ Hot Cakes ‘ has been a great introduction to let people know we’re back. Now we need to keep the output up, really.” To that end, Hawkins says the band members have already started looking head to the next release. He explains, “Every day we set up our little [portable] studio and start jotting down ideas. It’ll be out in 2014. This year we’ll be touring and writing, then early 2014 we’ll hopefully be recording it or continuing to write it and get it out later that year.” As for what he’s expecting, Hawkins says, “I think we want to get even more old school. We want to make it even more of a performance record. We just want to be really brave and try to do something as live as humanly possible, warts and all. We’ve lost a bit of that in music today. It’s time to get a bit of character in there, so we’ll be going for something as f—ing Route 1 as possible.” Hawkins says he doesn’t envision any of their past problems resurfacing, adding that the band members are “settling into a nice groove.” He adds, “The music is on 11, the gigs are on 11, but the drug intake is on, like, zero to one. That’s how it should be.” The group is currently on tour and will remain on the road in the U.S. through early February. [button href=”” title=”Next: The Darkness’ Dan Hawkins on Owning a Custom Made Jimmy Page Guitar” align=”center”]

Anthrax’s Scott Ian Envisions Late 2013 Start for Next Studio Album

Kevin Winter, Getty Images Anthrax are still going strong on their ‘Worship Music’ album and will soon offer a new collection called ‘ Anthems ‘ that’s full of cover songs, but the thoughts of a new album have begun to enter the minds of the band’s members as well. Guitarist Scott Ian told Australia’s Loud magazine that while they haven’t officially started on anything yet, he does have an idea as to when they’ll begin. The guitarist explained, “There certainly are ideas. There’s stuff that we never finished from ‘Worship Music’ and some new stuff that we’ve been coming up with, but we haven’t actually gotten in a room yet to start arranging stuff. That’ll probably really start over the next few months and then certainly after August, cause that’s when we finish touring this year. After that we’ll be really focused on writing and getting back in the studio.” Ian says that with the group being a veteran band, there’s not too much worry when it comes to launching the creative process over again for a new record. He adds, “Everybody’s involved in arranging, coming up with melody ideas. Everybody is involved and everybody has a say. It’s a very democratic process. I guess that would be the best way to put it.” As for the band’s guitarist situation after the exit of Rob Caggiano , Ian says, “We’re not really thinking about it at all right now. [ Shadows Fall ‘s] Jon [Donais] is filling in for Rob and that’s about as much as we’re thinking about. We’ve known Jon for a long time. We’ve hung out with him a bunch over the years. I’ve actually worked with him before so, yeah, it kinda was a pretty easy decision to have him come and play with us.” Donais will be on board for the band’s Soundwave shows in Australia as well as their ‘ Metal Alliance ‘ North American trek. [button href=”” title=”Next: Anthrax’s Scott Ian Details Rob Caggiano’s Departure” align=”center”]

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider Roasted by Zakk Wylde, Scott Ian, Lita Ford + More

Rogers & Cowan Twisted Sister ‘s Dee Snider was subject to a little skewering Thursday night (Jan. 24), but it was all for a good cause as the Revolver / Guitar World Rock & Roll Roast raised funds for the MusiCares organization. Snider sat upon his throne throughout the evening as a dais of rockers, comedians and actors each took their shots at the singer. Snider’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ pal Penn Jillette hosted the evening, which featured last year’s roastee Zakk Wylde , as well as Anthrax ‘s Scott Ian , Lita Ford , ‘That Metal Show’ co-hosts Eddie Trunk and Jim Florentine, Snider’s son Shane, and comedians Jim Norton and Craig Gass. Plus, actor Mark Metcalf was on hand to provide his salute, delivering his “Whaddya want to do with your life?” speech before introducing Snider and the panel. In addition, Alice Cooper , Lorenzo Lamas, Sebastian Bach , Donald Trump, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Steel Panther , Brande Roderick, Chris Jericho and Gene Simmons all sent in video tributes. Jillette opened the night citing the “motley crew” that made up the dais, before apologizing to Snider for mentioning “a real rock and roll band.” Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian had perhaps the line of the night, telling the audience, “Twisted Sister tribute bands don’t exist because no one wants to play the same two songs over and over.” Gass also provided a zinger, stating, “Somewhere in America, there’s a county fair with an empty stage.” Alice Cooper, appearing via a video tribute, took his own jab at Snider, congratulating him on his “regionally successful music career,” while Lita Ford showed her concern for Snider telling him she hoped that menopause hadn’t affected his singing voice. The Twisted Sister frontman wasn’t the only target however, as Zakk Wylde told the singer’s son Shane he was worried about his future, adding, “Those are some big gay shoes to fill.” Florentine singled out another rocker, explaining “I thought Scott Ian came to my house, but it was a garden gnome.” And Norton offered up a dig at Ford, stating, “You can tell Lita is a Ford because no one has wanted to get inside her since the early ’80s.” Snider, however, had some revenge at the end of the night, targeting Jim Norton with one of his best barbs. The rocker joked, “Jim Norton’s career is going so poorly, he’s opening for my son, Shane.” [button href=”” title=”Next: Dee Snider to Return for ‘Celebrity Apprentice'” align=”center”]

Sebastian Bach Unveils ‘ABachalypse Now’ Track Listing + Release Plans

Frontiers Records Sebastian Bach has been putting together a new live document from his recent touring, showing off his prowess on the concert stage. ‘ABachalypse Now’ is a CD/DVD package that’s expected to arrive March 22 in Europe and four days later (March 26) in North America. The ‘ABachalypse Now’ package comes in two configurations — a standalone DVD and the Ultimate CD/DVD Edition. The latter platform offers two CDs full of live music, plus a DVD featuring never-before-seen footage from this past year’s Graspop Festival in Belgium, the entire performance of Bach’s Hellfest set in France and a fully-remixed and remastered show from Los Angeles’ Club Nokia. In addition, the DVD also comes with three bonus music videos. The singer says of the effort , “I am so excited for all of you to witness and experience ‘ABachalypse Now.’ We have included three recent concerts and the footage is totally kickass! It’s remixed and remastered for full audio and video quality. The performances and energy of the crowds are killer throughout the DVD and you really feel like you are at the shows. Prepare yourselves for the coming ABachalypse – now!” All of the footage comes from Bach’s promotion of his latest solo album, ‘Kicking & Screaming.’ Sebastian Bach’s ‘ABachalypse Now’ Track Listing: DVD: 1. Live at Hellfest, France 2. Live at Nokia, Los Angeles 3. Live at Graspop, Belgium 4. Bonus Music Videos: ‘Kicking & Screaming,’ ‘TunnelVision,’ ‘I’m Alive’ CD1: ‘Live at Hellfest, France — June 16, 2012 1. ‘Slave to the Grind’ 2. ‘Kicking & Screaming’ 3. ‘Here I Am’ 4. ‘Big Guns’ 5. ‘Piece of Me’ 6. ’18 & Life’ 7. ‘American Metalhead’ 8. ‘Monkey Business’ 9. ‘I Remember You’ 10. ‘Youth Gone Wild’ CD2: ‘Live at Nokia, Los Angeles — Aug. 2, 2012 1. ‘Big Guns’ 2. ‘(Love Is) A Bitchslap’ 3. ‘Piece of Me’ 4. ’18 & Life’ 5. ‘American Metalhead’ 6. ‘Monkey Business’ 7. I Remember You’ 8. ‘TunnelVision’ 9. ‘Youth Gone Wild’ Live at Graspop, Belgium — June 24, 2012 1. ‘Kicking & Screaming’ 2. ‘Dirty Power’ 3. ‘Here I Am’ 4. ‘Big Guns’ 5. ’18 & Life’ 6. ‘American Metalhead’ 7. ‘Monkey Business’ 8. ‘I Remember You’ 9. ‘TunnelVision’ [button href=”” title=”Next: Sebastian Bach Selects New Guitarist Jeff George” align=”center”]

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