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Anthrax Cover AC/DC’s ‘T.N.T.’ – Exclusive Song Premiere

MegaForce Records Ever since Anthrax first hinted at a potential covers disc last year, there’s been plenty of anticipation of what the metal icons might take on. Now we know the classics tracks that the group have recorded for the upcoming ‘Anthems’ EP, and Loudwire is proud to premiere Anthrax’s ripping performance of AC/DC ‘s ‘T.N.T.’ in advance of the disc’s March 19 street date. Drummer Charlie Benante tells us, “Back in the day, when we would do encores we would play AC/DC’s ‘Whole Lotta Rosie.’ We never recorded it back then, but when we were in the studio making ‘Worship Music,’ we decided we wanted to. But [singer] Joey [Belladonna] really wanted to do ‘T.N.T.’ He felt it was more in his style, and he knew the song backwards and forwards, so we recorded that, and it’s great.” Benante goes on to add, “We recorded the track in Chicago and in Los Angeles [and] the sessions were really easy, felt really good. The thing about ‘T.N.T.’ for me is that there’s not a lot of drumming on it. So the challenge for me was to not go crazy with fills, but to pay tribute to the original recording, and keep it AC/DC.” Anthrax does exactly that, keeping it to the rocking core of the AC/DC classic, but even though Benante says there’s not much for him to do, at the end of the track there’s the all-out free-for-all for the entire group as the band raises the tempo for the song’s explosive finish. Anthrax’s ‘Anthems’ also features the band’s covers of Rush ‘s ‘Anthem,’ Thin Lizzy ‘s ‘Jailbreak,’ Boston ‘s ‘Smokin” and Journey ‘s ‘Keep on Runnin” among others. In addition to ‘Anthems” cover art, Benante and artist Stephen Thompson have subtly redesigned each track’s original album cover art to “Anthrax” it. The ‘Anthems’ EP will first be housed in one of the “re-imagined” digipak covers, and then inserted inside the main CD cover sleeve. The main cover sleeve has been designed in such a way so fans will be able to see which one of the six “re-imagined” covers is inside. Look for Anthrax’s ‘Anthems’ on March 19. You can currently pre-order the disc here . And check out Anthrax’s rendition of AC/DC’s ‘T.N.T.’ below: Listen to Anthrax Cover AC/DC’s ‘T.N.T.’ [button href=”” title=”Get All the Latest Anthrax News Here” align=”center”]

Anthrax’s Scott Ian Envisions Late 2013 Start for Next Studio Album

Kevin Winter, Getty Images Anthrax are still going strong on their ‘Worship Music’ album and will soon offer a new collection called ‘ Anthems ‘ that’s full of cover songs, but the thoughts of a new album have begun to enter the minds of the band’s members as well. Guitarist Scott Ian told Australia’s Loud magazine that while they haven’t officially started on anything yet, he does have an idea as to when they’ll begin. The guitarist explained, “There certainly are ideas. There’s stuff that we never finished from ‘Worship Music’ and some new stuff that we’ve been coming up with, but we haven’t actually gotten in a room yet to start arranging stuff. That’ll probably really start over the next few months and then certainly after August, cause that’s when we finish touring this year. After that we’ll be really focused on writing and getting back in the studio.” Ian says that with the group being a veteran band, there’s not too much worry when it comes to launching the creative process over again for a new record. He adds, “Everybody’s involved in arranging, coming up with melody ideas. Everybody is involved and everybody has a say. It’s a very democratic process. I guess that would be the best way to put it.” As for the band’s guitarist situation after the exit of Rob Caggiano , Ian says, “We’re not really thinking about it at all right now. [ Shadows Fall ‘s] Jon [Donais] is filling in for Rob and that’s about as much as we’re thinking about. We’ve known Jon for a long time. We’ve hung out with him a bunch over the years. I’ve actually worked with him before so, yeah, it kinda was a pretty easy decision to have him come and play with us.” Donais will be on board for the band’s Soundwave shows in Australia as well as their ‘ Metal Alliance ‘ North American trek. [button href=”” title=”Next: Anthrax’s Scott Ian Details Rob Caggiano’s Departure” align=”center”]

Anthrax Unleash Thrash Cover of Rush’s ‘Anthem’

Megaforce Anthrax have just unleashed the first track from their upcoming EP, ‘Anthems.’ The thrash legends have compiled six cover songs along with two versions of the band’s ‘Worship Music’ track ‘Crawl,’ but this cover of Rush ‘s ‘Anthem’ is perfectly fitting as the first to be released by the group, as it is the EP’s namesake. Along with Anthrax’s new version of ‘Anthem,’ the soon-to-be-released EP will include covers of Thin Lizzy’s ‘Jailbreak,’ AC/DC’s ‘TNT,’ Cheap Trick’s ‘Big Eyes,’ Boston’s ‘Smokin” and Journey’s ‘Keep on Runnin’.’ The upcoming 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees of Rush are one of Anthrax’s biggest influences, as drummer Charlie Benante tells Rolling Stone . “When I was first learning to play drums, I would strap on my headphones, play along with [Rush’s live album All the World’s a Stage] and be transformed,” Benante describes. “I remember talking with Cliff [Burton] and Kirk [Hammett of Metallica] back when we first met, and we all agreed how much of an influence Rush was on all of us. I don’t [know] if you would hear anything that sounds like Rush in Anthrax’s music, but the passion, the drive, the musicianship and the appreciation is all there.” Both Anthrax and Rush fans have something unique to hear with this ‘Anthem’ cover, as Anthrax throw their trademark thrash spin on the prog classic. To hear Anthrax’s version of ‘Anthem,’ check out the track via the link to Rolling Stone below. [button href=”″ title=”Listen to Anthrax’s Cover of ‘Anthem’ at” align=”center”]

Anthrax’s Career Resurgence Highlighted in New Video Montage

Photo by Matthew Rodgers Anthrax have just released a triumphant and in-depth video about their road from nearly calling it quits to gaining a Grammy nomination for ‘I’m Alive.’ The New York thrash masters have completed an incredible journey in the past few years, and according to the video, we all owe Lars Ulrich of Metallica a great debt. The introspective video begins with the story of how the very first ‘Big 4′ show was finally concocted. The video begins: “April 3, 2009: Challenges have brought Anthrax to the brink of an uncertain future… Charlie Benante , Scott Ian and Lars Ulrich are having a drink at a Cleveland bar just prior to Metallica’s being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Lars suggests the idea of The Big 4: Metallica, Slayer , Megadeth and Anthrax in concert. It’s just the kick in the ass that Charlie and Scott need…” From there onward, the video documents vocalist Joey Belladonna rejoining the band on May 10, 2010, the recording of ‘Worship Music,’ the various ‘Big 4′ shows that were performed, the declaration of ‘Anthrax Day’ in the Bronx and even the fact that Anthrax became the first metal band in history to have their music played on Mars. Anthrax are now enjoying one of the peaks of their career and are now awaiting the 55th Annual Grammy Awards, where they will face formidable competition in the Best Hard Rock / Metal Performance category . Check out the story of Anthrax’s resurgence in the video below. Anthrax ‘I’m Alive’ Grammy Nomination Video

Anthrax Drummer Charlie Benante Bows Out of Current European Tour

Kevin Winter, Getty Images / Facebook: Jon Dette It’s been somewhat of a roller-coaster year for Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante . The band has made a huge comeback with the critically acclaimed 2011 album ‘Worship Music,’ but the stickman has dealt with some tough issues along the way. The group has revealed that Benante is at home taking care of some “personal stuff” while they’re on their current European run. Anthrax have tapped Animetal USA and former Testament and Slayer drummer Jon Dette to fill in while they travel through Europe. Guitarist Scott Ian delivered the news to fans when it became noticeable that Benante was not behind the kit. In a tweet , he stated: Many of you asking who is playing drums… Our friend Jon Dette is kicking ass while @ skisum is home taking care of personal stuff. — Scott Ian (@Scott_Ian) November 6, 2012 In February, Benante mourned the death of his mother , missing some shows on Anthrax’s winter tour. At that time, Testament’s Gene Hoglan filled in for Benante. Then, a hand injury and the recovery time forced him out of the group’s Mayhem Festival dates. During that period, Shadows Fall drummer Jason Bittner stepped in to help out. While off the road, Benante was involved in an altercation with his wife at a baseball game in which both he and his wife were arrested for the bust-up that occurred in front of their daughter. According to a statement released at the time , Benante was treated at a local hospital for a gash to the back of the head that required staples when his wife allegedly assaulted him as he was walking away with her cell phone. Footage of Jon Dette behind the kit with Anthrax overseas can be seen below. Watch Drummer Jon Dette Performing With Anthrax [button href=”” title=”Frank Bello Talks Anthrax ‘Worship Music’ Reissue + Cover Songs” align=”center”]

Scott Ian: ‘This Will Be the Only Version of Anthrax Until There Is No Anthrax’

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Anthrax have been on a hot streak after reuniting with singer Joey Belladonna in 2010. The band has since toured around the world, with high-profile slots on the Big Four concerts and the 2012 Mayhem Festival, along with releasing the critically acclaimed 2011 album ‘Worship Music.’ With the current lineup remaining strong, guitarist Scott Ian has declared, “This will be the only version of Anthrax until there is no Anthrax.” Scott Ian recently spoke with the Georgia Straight about the return of Joey Belladonna and his strongest traits as a frontman. “There’s a certain maniacal energy that Joey has onstage,” says Ian, “and that’s his thing. I mean, if I just compare him to our contemporaries in the Big Four, between James [Hetfield] and Dave Mustaine and Tom Araya you’ve got three frontmen that are all attached to the microphone—but Joey’s all over the place onstage. He’s a maniac, and I always felt like that was one of the things that gave us the kick in the ass we needed way back when to be able to break through and make it, so to speak.” Ian also spoke about how if the current lineup ever changes, Anthrax will cease to exist. “I’ve gone on record saying this will be the only version of Anthrax until there is no Anthrax,” claims Ian. “That’s how I feel, absolutely, in my heart. I don’t see why we would do anything different. This band sounds so great; we made a great record. And I’m super-excited about the future of this band creatively.” Anthrax are currently on the latest leg of their  North American tour with fellow thrash legends Testament and Death Angel. [button href=”” title=”Scott Ian to Record Comedy Album with Brian Posehn” align=”center”]

Anthrax’s Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano Talk ‘Worship Music’ Success, Zombie Flicks + More

On the final day of the 2012 Mayhem Festival in Hartford, Conn., we had the opportunity to speak with both Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano of Anthrax. Shot from their lovely dressing room, we spoke to the duo about the success of their latest album, ‘Worship Music,’ a rumored covers EP that drummer Charlie Benante told us about during an exclusive interview and the future of Anthrax. We also challenged

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