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Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan Stars in Wrestling-Themed Ad for Furniture Store

YouTube Here’s a video that will scramble your brains … Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has just filmed a commercial for furniture and design company Walter E. Smithe. Set in a wrestling ring, chaos unfolds as a game of musical chairs goes awry. Of course, chairs are a staple of any legit wrestling organization, which leads to a strange dilemma in the mind of Corgan, who is a rabid wrestling fan and promoter. Billy Corgan launched Resistance Pro wrestling with brothers Jacques and Gabe Baron in November 2011. Since its inception, wrestling legends such as The Sheik, Raven, Colt Cabana and Teddy Hart have graced the threshold of Resistance Pro, and although the promotion acts as the main focus for Corgan’s new commercial, the ad eventually reveals itself to be for Walter E. Smithe furniture. We’ve all played musical chairs in our youth, and both casual and seasoned musical chairs competitors understand the intensity which exists within the game. Thus, when Billy Corgan bested another musical chairs challenger, an all-out brawl took place in the middle of the squared circle. Though Corgan stood outside the ropes maniacally enjoying the impromptu fight, he was forced to quench the in-ring fire as an ill-faded wrestler was about to smash a lovely Walter E. Smithe chair over an enemy. “Wait!,” Corgan warned. “That’s a Walter E. Smithe chair.” “I am proud of Resistance Pro’s growing popularity,” says Corgan. “Tim Smithe and his brothers presented us with the opportunity to share our brand. I’m grateful to the Smithe brothers for their $50,000 donation to PAWS, a charity that is important to me.”  PAWS (Pets Are Worth Saving) is a Chicago-based no-kill shelter for homeless pets, which Billy Corgan has raised over $140,000 for in 2013 alone. Billy Corgan’s Resistance Pro wrestling organization is set to host their fourth event, ‘Obsession,’ on March 23. To see the frontman’s new commercial, check out the video player below! Billy Corgan Appears in Walter E. Smithe Commercial [button href=”” title=”James Iha on Smashing Pumpkins Reunion: ‘Never Say Never'” align=”center”]

David Draiman Discusses Device’s Fan Support + Disturbed’s Future

Adam Bettcher, Getty Images David Draiman is making the most of his break from Disturbed with his industrial-leaning project Device and the band’s self-titled effort is one of the most anticipated discs of 2013 . In advance of the new album, Draiman has posted a new message online thanking fans for their support. Device’s first single is expected this next week and Draiman is prepared to see what the reaction to his new band is. In addition, the vocalist took the opportunity to address Disturbed and the group’s ongoing hiatus and give longtime fans of his band some assurance that they will return at some point. The vocalist, in his usual ALL CAPS typing, posted: MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS, MY BLOOD;?? I JUST WANTED TO TAKE A MOMENT TO THANK ALL OF YOU FOR COMING WITH ME ON THIS NEW JOURNEY THAT IS “DEVICE.” ??I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL FOR THE LOVE THAT YOU ALL HAVE FOR DISTURBED, AND I ALSO UNDERSTAND THE DEFENSIVENESS THAT CAN COME WITH ANY THING THAT COULD POTENTIALLY BE PERCIEVED AS A CATALYST TO SOME SORT OF “BREAK UP THEORY,” THAT I ASSURE YOU, HAS NO BASE IN THE FIRST PLACE. ??IF YOU READ THE DEVICE BIO THAT WAS POSTED ON THE DEVICE FACEBOOK PAGE FACEBOOK/DEVICETHEBAND, YOU WILL LEARN THAT THE WHOLE PROJECT CAME TOGETHER QUITE ACCIDENTALLY, AND I’M VERY GLAD IT DID. I THINK YOU WILL BE TOO. ??DISTURBED IS STILL ON HIATUS. A HIATUS IS AN EXTENDED BREAK, NOT “BREAK-UP”. WE HAVE FOUGHT LONG AND HARD TOGETHER, ALL OF US, TO MAKE DISTURBED WHAT IT HAS BECOME, AND ARE NOT JUST WALKING AWAY FROM IT. WE ALL NEEDED TO JUST GIVE OURSELVES SOME TIME AWAY FROM IT.??THE EXISTENCE OF DEVICE, DOES NOT IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM, MEAN THE END OF DISTURBED. THEY ARE TWO COMPLETELY SEPARATE ENTITIES, AND I HOLD THEM BOTH IN THE HIGHEST REGARD. ??YOU ARE ABOUT TO GET YOUR FIRST TASTE THIS COMING WEEK. ??YOU HAVE ALL OF MY LOVE AND RESPECT,??-DAVID On the heels of the new music, fans can look for Device playing a number of hard rock festivals this spring. The group has been confirmed for Rock on the Range , Welcome to Rockville , Carolina Rebellion , Rocklahoma and the inaugural Fort Rock festival. Device’s self-titled album arrives April 9. [button href=”” title=”Next: Device Offer Album Teaser Video” align=”center”]

Mark Tremonti and His Band Visit U.S. Troops Stationed in Germany

American Forces Network – Photo Courtesy of Russell Toof Over the years as a member of Creed and Alter Bridge , guitarist Mark Tremonti has taken the opportunity to play for and meet members of the military, and now that he’s out on the road with his own self-titled band, that tradition continues. Tremonti and his bandmates Wolfgang Van Halen, Eric Friedman and Garrett Whitlock made a detour to the Warrior Zone in Heidelberg, Germany on Feb. 5, where they took the time to sign some autographs, talk to members of the military and take a few photos. Tremonti himself also spoke with American Forces Network’s Russell Toof about his experiences visiting the military. In a video interview (posted below), the Tremonti frontman says there was never any hesitation once a visit was requested. “Who’s going to say no to that,” asks the guitarist-singer. “We definitely wanted to come out here to see everybody.” He added, “Anytime you can make someone happy that’s away from home and bring any kind of joy to any rock and roll fans that are out here, away from their home, away from their country, it’s great to help out in any way we can.” Tremonti says he’s made it a point over the years to invite military personnel to their shows to meet and visit with them. He concluded, “I know they’re doing everything they can for us. I know they’re away from their families and friends, so it’s gotta be tough. So we respect the hell out of ‘em.” Watch Mark Tremonti’s Interview With American Forces Network [button href=”” title=”Next: Watch Tremonti’s ‘Wish You Well’ Video” align=”center”]

Bad Religion Perform New Song ‘Past Is Dead’ on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’

Epitaph Punk rock legends Bad Religion made an awesome appearance on ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ last night (Jan. 30) to perform the new song ‘Past is Dead’ from their sixteenth studio album, ‘True North.’ Bad Religion have been putting out solid records for over 30 years, and with hardcore fans still cemented into the band’s foundation, ‘True North’ gave the group their highest Billboard 200 debut in their history. In the first week of release, ‘True North’ hit No. 18 on the chart, selling 18,295 copies of the album. Before taking the ‘Jimmy Fallon’ stage last night, bassist Jay Bentley thanked fans via Bad Religion’s Facebook page: Sitting backstage at the jimmy fallon show getting ready to play “the past is dead” tonight and we’re talking about how amazing the response to “True North” has been. it’s so humbling to be given this opportunity after 33 years, and how none of this would be possible without all of you… so it is with the utmost humility that we would like to say Thank YOU. -jay & the rest We recently sat down with Bad Religion bassist Jay Bentley, drummer Brooks Wackerman and guitarist Brian Baker, so look out for our exclusive interview soon! Check out Bad Religion’s performance of ‘Past is Dead’ in the player below: Bad Religion, ‘Past is Dead’ Live on ‘Jimmy Fallon’ [button href=”” title=”Bad Religion, ‘True North’ – Album Review” align=”center”]

Corey Taylor Talks New Stone Sour Albums, Favorite Childhood Swear Words + More

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Corey Taylor was nearly expelled in Kindergarden for yelling his favorite string of swear words. The Stone Sour / Slipknot vocalist chose to share this gem during Part 1 of our exclusive interview with the modern icon, along with discussing many other topics. Right before Stone Sour’s New York City show with Papa Roach and Otherwise, we had the opportunity to speak with Taylor about his favorite swear words, the upcoming Stone Sour album, ‘House of Gold & Bones – Part 2,’ his own series of comic books and an elaborate set of performances featuring both parts of the ‘House of Gold & Bones series, along with clearing up the rumors about Slipknot’s infamous Houdini mansion. The second half of our chat, which focuses on Slipknot, is coming soon, but for now, enjoy Part 1 our exclusive video interview with Corey Taylor: Corey Taylor of Slipknot + Stone Sour Talks to Loudwire (Part 1) [Contains Explicit Language]

Metallica Obsessed Couple Announce Birth of Baby Orion

Facebook: Metallica Metallica fans Dennis Ortiz and his wife Annette Ortiz-Diaz created quite an Internet buzz when they got hitched in 2010. After making their entrance as a married couple, the two joined the wedding band to jam Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ at their own wedding reception and the video, seen below, went viral. Both Dennis and Annette are seasoned musicians both with many bands under their belt. According to , Dennis even had a Metallica tribute band called Trapped Under Rice, showing his allegiance to the band. When Metallica played their week of intimate fan club shows at the Fillmore in San Francisco, Calif., last year, Dennis and Annette even had the opportunity to join the band that inspired them so much. During the Dec. 10, 2011, show, drummer Lars Ulrich played their video and invited them up onstage. Annette took over the drum kit while Ulrich recorded the video for the excited couple and then joined in on a second kit. The two were performed ‘Blackened’ from ‘…And Justice for All’ live with the band. Now, the metal inspired Mr. and Mrs. are back with a very special new video, announcing the birth of their son, aptly named Dax Orion Diaz. The birth announcement starts off with video clips of Annette behind the drum kit with her baby bump, playing the classic Metallica tune ‘Orion.’ It ends on a happy note, with “The birth of a Metal God” showing baby Dax Orion Diaz in the hospital shortly after his arrival. Congrats to the faithful Metallica fans on the new addition to the family; check out the videos below. Watch Metallica Couple Videos [button href=”” title=”10 Best Metallica Drum Tracks” align=”center”]

Behemoth Frontman Nergal Meets Bone Marrow Donor Who Saved His Life

Photo by KOBARU Behemoth frontman Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski is one of metal’s most inspirational figures. After the black metal mastermind was diagnosed with leukemia in 2010, Nergal beat down an early mortality in heroic fashion. Now, with ever-improving health, Nergal was finally given the opportunity to meet the bone marrow donor who saved his life. “Thank you for life,” Nergal expressed to 25-year-old Gregory Kite upon meeting him for the first time. The black metal musician originally had no idea who his bone marrow donor was, but after two years of publicly stating that he wanted to meet his savior, it finally happened earlier today (Dec. 17). “The bottom line is that we won life, there are people, doctors who are struggling and want to win this life,” says Nergal, according to Polish news source . “This is the core of everything.” Kite also spoke of the donor process that saved Nergal. “I had a series of tests,” begins Kite. “I passed it successfully.It turned out that I could give stem cells. The cell transfer procedure lasted several hours. It was painless.” Behemoth currently have only two tour dates scheduled for 2013, a slot at Impactfest in Warsaw, Poland and the See-Rock Festival in Graz, Austria, headlined by Iron Maiden , Slayer , Motorhead and more. [button href=”,42/dziekuje-ci-za-zycie-nergal-poznal-dawce-szpiku,294950.html” title=”Click here to watch Nergal meeting Gregory Kite on Polish TV” align=”center”]