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Lamb of God Book First 2013 Show at Spain’s Resurrection Festival

Epic Lamb of God ‘s future remains murky while the remainder of Randy Blythe ‘s manslaughter trial looms, but the band is making sure to think positively, and that includes booking their first show of 2013 in hopes that their frontman will eventually be cleared of charges. The band revealed in a tweet their participation in the 2013 Resurrection Festival in Spain this August. The three-day music weekend runs Aug. 1-3 in Viviero, Spain. On top of the band’s tweet, the festival created a new teaser clip showing off the participants in this year’s event. Featured in the clip were mentions of Killswitch Engage , D.R.I., Comeback Kid, Millencolin and yes … Lamb of God. In addition, the bands from the first festival announcement were featured in a full bill at the end of the clip. Those acts include Slayer , Bad Religion , Black Flag and Trivium . Blythe returned to the Czech Republic earlier this month to answer to charges of his alleged involvement in the death of a fan at a show in 2010. The frontman was accused of pushing the audience member off the stage, with the fall causing a fatal head injury that presented itself well after the show took place. A delay in the trial was called so that additional witnesses could testify. Before returning home, Blythe visited the prison  where he was held last year. He’s expected back in court in Prague on March 4. Watch the Resurrection Festival Teaser Video [button href=”” title=”Next: Randy Blythe Addresses Incorrect News Reports About His Trial” align=”center”]

Bad Religion Perform New Song ‘Past Is Dead’ on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’

Epitaph Punk rock legends Bad Religion made an awesome appearance on ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ last night (Jan. 30) to perform the new song ‘Past is Dead’ from their sixteenth studio album, ‘True North.’ Bad Religion have been putting out solid records for over 30 years, and with hardcore fans still cemented into the band’s foundation, ‘True North’ gave the group their highest Billboard 200 debut in their history. In the first week of release, ‘True North’ hit No. 18 on the chart, selling 18,295 copies of the album. Before taking the ‘Jimmy Fallon’ stage last night, bassist Jay Bentley thanked fans via Bad Religion’s Facebook page: Sitting backstage at the jimmy fallon show getting ready to play “the past is dead” tonight and we’re talking about how amazing the response to “True North” has been. it’s so humbling to be given this opportunity after 33 years, and how none of this would be possible without all of you… so it is with the utmost humility that we would like to say Thank YOU. -jay & the rest We recently sat down with Bad Religion bassist Jay Bentley, drummer Brooks Wackerman and guitarist Brian Baker, so look out for our exclusive interview soon! Check out Bad Religion’s performance of ‘Past is Dead’ in the player below: Bad Religion, ‘Past is Dead’ Live on ‘Jimmy Fallon’ [button href=”” title=”Bad Religion, ‘True North’ – Album Review” align=”center”]

Daily Reload: Tool, Soundgarden + More

Tool Dissectional – Tool ‘s new album may be delayed a little longer as an undisclosed band member suffered serious injuries in a Vespa crash. [ Loudwire ] – Soundgarden have unleashed their ‘By Crooked Steps’ video, directed by Dave Grohl . [ Loudwire ] – Slipknot and Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor reveals in our exclusive interview that his love for expletives dates back to a Kindergarten incident. [ Loudwire ] – Rob Caggiano says the primary reason for his exit from Anthrax is that his heart “simply wasn’t in it anymore.” [ Loudwire ] – Brian “Head” Welch discusses his reunion with  Korn and if more U.S. dates and actual recording might follow. [ Loudwire ] – Def Leppard say their upcoming Las Vegas residency may signify the start of writing new material. [ Ultimate Classic Rock ] – With the Super Bowl coming this weekend, Ultimate Classic Rock chooses the Top 5 Super Bowl Halftime Performances. [ Ultimate Classic Rock ] – Devo , Bad Religion and Flag lead the 2013 Punk Rock Bowling lineup in Las Vegas. [ ] – What are the 10 Best College Rock Albums? counts ‘em down here: [ ]

All That Remains’ Phil Labonte Says Homophobic Slur Is ‘Just a Word’

Mary Ouellette, Late last year, All That Remains singer Phil Labonte raised a few eyebrows when using the word “f–got” while talking about a song competition between his band and Black Veil Brides. At the time, he was referencing a photo split that featured himself and the glammed out singer of Black Veil Brides , Andy Biersack. The vocalist later clarified his comments and with some distance now between the remarks, he’s commented further on the outrage over his usage of the term. In a recent issue of Revolver (excerpted by ), Labonte says, “I don’t worry what people think about me. I’ll call everyone in my band a f–got and some people who read that get really butt-hurt. I just don’t know why. What happened to ‘Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me’? I don’t advocate hurting someone’s feelings because of their sexual orientation, but at the same time, if it really offends you when someone says ‘f–got,’ you need to man up. It’s just a word.” At the time of the incident and pending backlash, Labonte criticized the metal media for latching onto one aspect and not telling the whole story, like his vocal support of gay rights. He adds in the new interview, “Passing laws against gay marriage is the most ridiculous thing that straight people do. That’s offensive to me, because they’re just people, and it certainly isn’t my right to go ahead and tell people how they can live or cannot live.” For all the hubbub over that incident last year, All That Remains have also done a lot of good. Just last month the band continued their support of the military by visiting a Marine Corps base around the Thanksgiving holiday. The group recently issued the video for ‘ Stand Up ‘ from their newly released ‘ A War You Cannot Win ‘ album. [button href=”” title=”Next: Phil Labonte Discusses the Military + Religion” align=”center”]

All That Remains Go Militaristic in ‘Stand Up’ Video

YouTube All That Remains offer a militaristic theme in their video for new single ‘Stand Up’ from their latest album, ‘A War You Cannot Win.’ Clearly, a battle theme is woven through multiple elements of the release as  whole, from the lyrics and the audio to the video and the visual. The video fuses performance footage of ATR playing their instruments in the middle of the woods  – they shot the vid on location in New Hampshire — and they are somewhat obscured by plumes of smoke. The action and scenery switches to a battlefield, with soldiers and armed military men in combat brandishing weapons and engaging in ground missions. But is it really a battlefield or is it those same woods? Food for thought… You might get a little dizzy when watching the video, since it often switches to the perspective of one of the combat men. You’ll feel like you are behind the rifle scope, as he seeks out his prey or enemy. It might make you a little bit queasy, since you move when he moves for many of those scenes. But there really is nothing cooler than a metal band ripping through a galloping guitar solo in the middle of the woods, while images of gas mask-wearing armed forces are spliced throughout. It leaves you wondering if it’s the band being hunted and, if so, by whom? We won’t give it away. Watch All That Remains ‘Stand Up’ Video [button href=”” title=”Next: ATR’s Phil Labonte Talks Military, Religion + More” align=”center”]

Sum 41 Celebrate 10th Anniversary of ‘Does This Look Infected?’ With Nostalgic NYC Show

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Sum 41 are the reason I chose to dedicate my life to music. That may seem like an odd statement coming from an extreme metal fanatic, but at age 15, I got my hands on Sum 41′s 2002 album, ‘Does This Look Infected?’ and subsequently discovered my life’s path. A decade later, Sum 41 have launched a tour to celebrate the album’s 10th anniversary, playing the entire record from front to back for rabid and nostalgic fans, and we were there to cover it all.  When Sum 41 released their breakthrough 2001 album, ‘All Killer, No Filler,’ the early 2000s pop-punk explosion began to hit its fever pitch. MTV was already airing videos from established bands such as Blink-182 on heavy rotation, but when Sum 41′s ‘Fat Lip’ hit in the summer of 2001, mainstream music began to notice a breed of younger pop-punk acts. By 2002, pop-punk was mainstream rock’s hottest genre, with albums such as New Found Glory’s ‘Sticks and Stones,’ Finch’s ‘What it is to Burn,’ and the Starting Line’s ‘Say It Like You Mean It,’ all achieving massive success, and much like Sum 41, all three bands are touring to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their respective records. Simple Plan, Good Charlotte and Bowling for Soup also rose up as popular mainstream acts, but Sum 41 offered a more aggressive form of the genre. They focused on their heavy metal roots and the more ‘punk’ side of pop-punk, with tracks such as the politically infused ‘Still Waiting’ and the thrash-meets-old-school-Offspring track ‘Mr. Amsterdam.’ Along with the gravely yell of Deryck Whibley , Sum 41 drifted from their contemporaries while remaining a radio-friendly act. Although Sum 41 have fizzled slightly in the modern day, the New York City crowd for the band’s Nov. 14 show spoke volumes about the group’s legacy. Stepping past the doors and into the threshold of New York City’s Irving Plaza, I was expecting to see an older fan base, as the show was focusing specifically on an album released 10 years ago, but surprisingly, the venue was absolutely packed with an impressive mix of young and older fans. As Sum 41′s crew prepared the stage for the show, a myriad of thunderous chants, which could rival music’s most beloved bands, filled the venue from front to back, and once Sum 41 hit the stage, the crowd absolutely exploded. As Sum 41 performed ‘Does This Look Infected?’ from front to back (sans ‘Thanks For Nothing’), the energy level never diminished, even as the band busted out the deepest cuts of their 2002 album. The second half of the set was filled with both old and new fan favorites including ‘Fat Lip,’ ‘We’re All to Blame’ and ‘Underclass Hero.’ Having personally seen Sum 41 in 2003 while witnessing the rise of the pop-punk heroes in real time, an absolutely befuddled realization hit me like a crowd surfer kick to the back of the head — nothing had changed. I was suddenly the 15-year-old kid in the black Chucks, Dickies shorts and multi-colored wristbands again, surrounded by the same personified energy conjured by Sum 41 in their most definitive of times; only I wasn’t the youngest kid in the pit anymore. Despite the departure of guitarist Dave Baksh in 2006, the band was the same Sum 41 they’ve always been, with the same magic radiating throughout the crowd that I first identified nearly a decade ago. Drummer Stevo32 even maintained the tradition of swapping places with Whibley for the band’s classic concert finisher, ‘Pain for Pleasure.’ We’ve all grown up listening to the sounds of the present mixed in with the milestones of the past. Sum 41 may never make another ‘All Killer, No Filler’ or ‘Does This Look Infected?’, but on this cold November’s night in New York City, the crowd’s visceral reaction along with its noticeably diverse age group points to something incredibly important: a legacy. Ten years before ‘Does This Look Infected?’ was released, Rage Against the Machine unleashed their self-titled record, Alice in Chains unveiled ‘Dirt,’ Bad Religion gave the world ‘Generator’ and Green Day unleashed ‘Kerplunk!’ These landmark albums were celebrated the year they were released, praised 10 years later in 2002, and remain incredibly important to rock fans of all ages even after hitting the 20-year mark in 2012. In my eyes, Sum 41 have hit two out of those three milestones, and if future generations remain hungry to delve into the gems of the past, we may very well find ourselves reporting on the 20th anniversary tour of ‘Does This Look Infected?’. “ This is who we are, and nothing’s gonna change .” Check Out Photos of Sum 41 at Irving Plaza in New York City Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire

System of a Down’s Daron Malakian Recording New Scars on Broadway Album by Himself

Frank Micelotta, Getty Images With uncertainty surrounding  System of a Down ‘s future recording plans, fans of the band are anxiously awaiting the next offering from Scars on Broadway . Fronted by System singer-guitarist Daron Malakian , Scars on Broadway released one solitary self-titled album in 2008, but according to Malakian, a new Scars effort will likely drop in early 2013. System of a Down drummer John Dolmayan was once a part of Scars on Broadway, having announced his exit from the band in August of this year. Along with his statement of departure, Dolmayan encouraged fans by hyping the upcoming album from the project, “You will definitely hear some Scars on Broadway within the next four or five months … And it’s a good album, by the way.” Although Scars on Broadway consists of a full lineup, Malakian has just revealed that he’s recording the new album completely by himself, playing all instruments, including drums. “It was just this secret, personal thing I wanted to do for myself,” says Malakian. “I didn’t want there to be any hype behind it.” “I could have just recorded music and put it out under my own name,” Malakian tells Revolver magazine. “But I actually want to tour these songs and get behind them. And I was ready to do another Scars On Broadway record. I’ve just been going with the flow, and the flow’s taken me here.” The frontman also discusses how he differentiates possible System material from possible Scars material. “It’s a little tough. Because there are some things that would work for either band. But right now System is just playing live. To get that band back together in the studio means getting four different guys back together, and I don’t know when that will happen. But, let’s just say I do have some ‘rainy day’ songs just in case.” Scars on Broadway are currently in the midst of a North American tour with  Deftones . [button href=”” title=”Next: Daron Malakian on Politics + Religion” align=”center”]

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