Anthrax Unleash Thrash Cover of Rush’s ‘Anthem’

Megaforce Anthrax have just unleashed the first track from their upcoming EP, ‘Anthems.’ The thrash legends have compiled six cover songs along with two versions of the band’s ‘Worship Music’ track ‘Crawl,’ but this cover of Rush ‘s ‘Anthem’ is perfectly fitting as the first to be released by the group, as it is the EP’s namesake. Along with Anthrax’s new version of ‘Anthem,’ the soon-to-be-released EP will include covers of Thin Lizzy’s ‘Jailbreak,’ AC/DC’s ‘TNT,’ Cheap Trick’s ‘Big Eyes,’ Boston’s ‘Smokin” and Journey’s ‘Keep on Runnin’.’ The upcoming 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees of Rush are one of Anthrax’s biggest influences, as drummer Charlie Benante tells Rolling Stone . “When I was first learning to play drums, I would strap on my headphones, play along with [Rush’s live album All the World’s a Stage] and be transformed,” Benante describes. “I remember talking with Cliff [Burton] and Kirk [Hammett of Metallica] back when we first met, and we all agreed how much of an influence Rush was on all of us. I don’t [know] if you would hear anything that sounds like Rush in Anthrax’s music, but the passion, the drive, the musicianship and the appreciation is all there.” Both Anthrax and Rush fans have something unique to hear with this ‘Anthem’ cover, as Anthrax throw their trademark thrash spin on the prog classic. To hear Anthrax’s version of ‘Anthem,’ check out the track via the link to Rolling Stone below. [button href=”″ title=”Listen to Anthrax’s Cover of ‘Anthem’ at” align=”center”]

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Anthrax Unleash Thrash Cover of Rush’s ‘Anthem’

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