3 Doors Down’s Brad Arnold Shares Inspiration Behind New Song ‘One Light’

Mary Ouellette, SheWillShootYou.com 3 Doors Down are gearing up to release their ‘The Greatest Hits’ collection on Nov. 19. The ‘Best Of’ compilation features nine of their number one hits throughout their massively successful career. In addition to the hits, the band crafted three new bonus tracks for fans to feast on, including ‘One Light,’ one of their most inspirational songs to date. The track made its debut at the Republican National Convention when the band performed it live. With lyrics like: “ So come with me / Let’s take this world and make a change / And we’ll give this more than we can take away ,” the tune seems to lends itself perfectly to the upcoming election, but frontman Brad Arnold said the song is much bigger than that. First and foremost Arnold said that the song, at its core, is not politically motivated. He explained, “I’ve never been political at all and I never will be, but the song really does apply, and it applies to either side.” The message the song delivers is a lot larger than any one political party though. “It’s a message to people, essentially young people, a call to come with me, and take our world and make a change,” Arnold said. “It does relate to the election, but it’s so much more than that because the song is really about giving back to the world more than you take from it.” Arnold and 3 Doors Down hope the song will help spread their inspirational message. “If everybody had that attitude, we’d live in a perfect world,” states Arnold. “I really hope that that song does inspire somebody to take their school and make a change for the better, to just find a problem and be that one light to shine for other people.” Tune in next week for our full interview with 3 Doors Down frontman Brad Arnold. [button href=”http://loudwire.com/3-doors-down-free-download-new-single-one-light/” title=” 3 Doors Down Offer Free Download of New Single ‘One Light’” align=”center”]

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3 Doors Down’s Brad Arnold Shares Inspiration Behind New Song ‘One Light’

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