Deftones’ Chino Moreno Offers Update on His Many Side Projects

Mark Metcalfe, Getty Images Chino Moreno is a busy man with a thirst for great music, and the Deftones vocalist says that while his band and the ‘ Koi No Yokan ‘ album are his main priorities, he’s also keeping himself occupied with various side projects in his spare time. Of Palms , the band that also features a number of Isis members, Moreno told Consequence of Sound’s Rock It Out Blog , “They recorded this music a long time ago, almost a year ago, so musically it’s been its own thing and I only got asked to do vocals on it not too long ago by my buddy Aaron [Harris], he’s the drummer. It’s not really a thing I rush on. Any of the projects I do, I don’t have to do them. I do them strictly because it’s fun to make music with friends and to do that.” Moreno says he tentatively envisions a spring release. The vocalist also revealed that there will be a third EP coming from ††† (pronounced “Crosses”) before a full-length is released, but because of his schedule, it likely won’t arrive until the band has some time when they can all do something. Moreno also suggested that Team Sleep has quietly been working on new music. He revealed, “Me and Todd [Wilkinson], our guitar player, we’ve been recording stuff back and forth, and [DJ] Crook too actually, he just gave me some beats last week when I was in San Francisco and so there’s stuff being put together.” The singer added that there’s plenty of material that had never been released, but like the other side projects, it was something that was fun and music would eventually come when the time is right. One project you likely won’t see Moreno part of again was his collaboration with Bassnectar. When asked if he was open for more, the vocalist revealed, “Not at all … Why did I do it? Because he asked me to do it. He’s a fan of ours and a friend of ours and I got paid a lot of money to do it for a soundtrack. It’s as simple as that, you know?” Watch Chino Moreno Discuss Deftones + His Side Projects [button href=”” title=”Next: 10 Best Deftones Songs” align=”center”]

Deftones’ Chino Moreno Offers Update on His Many Side Projects

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