Bullet for My Valentine, ‘Temper Temper’ – Album Review

RCA Bullet for My Valentine are clicking on all cylinders on their new album, though the band readily admits the title ‘Temper Temper’ comes from some of the internal friction within the group. But rather than letting things fester, they turned lemons into lemonade by allowing it fuel the creative process. Fans of the group may already be familiar with the title track and ‘ Riot ,’ the first two songs released off the record. ‘Temper Temper’ was a solid introductory choice from the band, showing off their speedy guitar work and Michael “Moose” Thomas’ cymbal-heavy drumbeats, with the pacing of the song mirroring what it feels like when you’re just about to explode. ‘Riot,’ meanwhile, is arguably the album’s best song and a natural choice for a single. With guitar work that comes off like a warning alarm and Matt Tuck vocals that beg you to sing along to the “whoa-oh-ohs,” Bullet for My Valentine have an anthem on their hands. The disc as a whole is at its best in the mid-section, with the songs running from ‘Temper Temper’ through ‘Riot’ providing an increasingly diverse and strong stretch of music. ‘Pow’ starts off dialing things back a bit, but by the end of the song Tuck is confidently declaring, “ I will breathe once more .” ‘Dirty Little Secret’ has single potential and may have more style shifts than any song on the record. Keeping in the theme of dealing with aggression, Tuck belts, “ Straight for the throat / Like you’re an animal / In for the kill / Just like you’re an animal .” ‘Leech’ is a solid rocker that tells the story of a delusional person who’s always crashing the party. It’s followed by ‘Dead to the World,’ the album’s moodiest song, which comes at precisely the right time to give the listener a break from the hard-hitting assault that had been the record up to this point. In the introspective track, Tuck digs deep for the lyrics, “ I’ve tried a thousand times before to leave my demons behind me for good / I’m trapped with no escape to find / Lost without hope, hope is not lost as I hang on for one more tomorrow / Heart turns to black, but I’m not coming back cause I feel like I’m dead to the world .” However, by the end of the track, the melancholy gives way to full-on angst-ridden aggression fueled by Tuck and Michael “Padge” Paget’s guitar work. The album also concludes on a high note as ‘Livin’ Life (On the Edge of a Knife)’ is one of the more energetic tracks on the disc. The good news for Bullet for My Valentine fans is that not only will this album truly rock you, it also feels tailor-made for the stage. So get familiar with ‘Temper Temper’ and expect to hear plenty of it over the next couple of years. To catch BFMV on their upcoming tour with Halestorm, click here  for dates. [button href=”http://loudwire.com/bullet-for-my-valentine-new-album-temper-temper-exclusive-video-interview/” title=”Watch Our Exclusive Interview With Bullet for My Valentine” align=”center”]

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Bullet for My Valentine, ‘Temper Temper’ – Album Review

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