Deftones Unleash ‘Tempest’ as First Official Single Off ‘Koi No Yokan’

Reprise Deftones got fans excited for one of 2012′s most anticipated albums, ‘Koi No Yokan,’ by recently unleashing the awesome track ‘ Leathers .’ Today happens to represent another monument for ‘Koi No Yokan,’ as Deftones have released ‘Tempest’ as the first official single from the album. ‘Tempest’ is purely and undoubtedly Deftones, as singer Chino Moreno begins the track with a drifting vocal line. Deftones constantly balance beauty and aggression in ‘Tempest,’ lending a slightly schizophrenic feel to the song, as the development of ‘Tempest’ takes many spikes and dips. This first single from ‘Koi No Yokan’ maintains the fact that no band on the planet sounds like Deftones. The little nuances that have existed during the band’s career are still firmly in tact with ‘Tempest,’ which heightens our excitement for the Nov. 13 release date for ‘Koi No Yokan.’ Deftones are currently on a North American tour with Scars on Broadway, which features Daron Malakian from System of a Down. The band is giving fans a taste of ‘Koi No Yokan’ by playing both ‘Leathers’ and ‘Rosemary’ live, and have also performed ‘ Roller Derby ‘ recently, which was reportedly the working title for ‘Poltergeist,’ the opening track on ‘Koi No Yokan.’ Check out the new Deftones track ‘Tempest’ in the player below. Listen to Deftones, ‘Tempest’ [button href=”” title=”Next: Listen to Deftones’ ‘Leathers'” align=”center”]

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Deftones Unleash ‘Tempest’ as First Official Single Off ‘Koi No Yokan’

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