Devourment, ‘Parasitic Eruption’ – Exclusive Song Premiere

Relapse Texas death metal band Devourment are soon to release their fourth studio album, ‘Conceived in Sewage.’ Produced by death metal royalty Erik Rutan of Hate Eternal / ex- Morbid Angel , the record is set to drop on Feb. 19, but we’ve got one of the album’s brutal songs, ‘Parasitic Eruption,’ available for streaming exclusively on Loudwire. Devourment have been creating death metal on and off for nearly two decades after experiencing a carousel of member changes. The band’s lightheartedly titled debut album, ‘Molesting the Decapitated,’ was released in 1999, followed by ‘Butcher the Weak’ in 2005 and ‘Unleashing the Carnivore’ in 2009. ‘Parasitic Eruption’ is a purely brutal piece of American death metal with a backbreaking vocal performance from Mike Majewski and solid instrumental work from guitarist Ruben Rosas, bassist Chris ‘Captain Piss’ Andrews and drummer Eric Park. Devourment have even filmed a music video for ‘Parasitic Eruption,’ with the band informing their fans via Facebook on Feb. 6. We shot our first music video last night for the song ‘Parasitic Eruption’ with Malone Pictures, coming soon you filthy f—ing whores! Check out the exclusive premiere of Devourment’s ‘Parasitic Eruption’ in the audio player below! Pre-order Devourment’s ‘Conceived in Sewage’ at the band’s Relapse Records merch page  or on iTunes . Devourment, ‘Parasitic Eruption’

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Devourment, ‘Parasitic Eruption’ – Exclusive Song Premiere

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