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Nexilva Discover ‘The Misdirection Of God‘

The release of  Nexilva ‘s new album  Eschatologies now finally has a release date, so you can brace your butts. Come April 7th you can get your grubby mitts on fourteen tracks of crushing deathcore, the likes of which wrecked my ears when they dropped a video for the title track mid-way through last year. However, not content to leave us with just that, the group have unveiled a new track by the name of ‘ The Misdirection Of God ‘ to tide us over. It’s a doozy. The track lies at the front end of the record and, upon first listen, you can definitely see why — it has a real immediacy to it, opening with an off-kilter groove, laced with grinding blastbeats, before winding through the synth-laden paths that they’re so good at stitching together. This bodes well — add this to your watch list if you like your music unrelenting, grooving and above all primally heavy. – DL

Devourment, ‘Parasitic Eruption’ – Exclusive Song Premiere

Relapse Texas death metal band Devourment are soon to release their fourth studio album, ‘Conceived in Sewage.’ Produced by death metal royalty Erik Rutan of Hate Eternal / ex- Morbid Angel , the record is set to drop on Feb. 19, but we’ve got one of the album’s brutal songs, ‘Parasitic Eruption,’ available for streaming exclusively on Loudwire. Devourment have been creating death metal on and off for nearly two decades after experiencing a carousel of member changes. The band’s lightheartedly titled debut album, ‘Molesting the Decapitated,’ was released in 1999, followed by ‘Butcher the Weak’ in 2005 and ‘Unleashing the Carnivore’ in 2009. ‘Parasitic Eruption’ is a purely brutal piece of American death metal with a backbreaking vocal performance from Mike Majewski and solid instrumental work from guitarist Ruben Rosas, bassist Chris ‘Captain Piss’ Andrews and drummer Eric Park. Devourment have even filmed a music video for ‘Parasitic Eruption,’ with the band informing their fans via Facebook on Feb. 6. We shot our first music video last night for the song ‘Parasitic Eruption’ with Malone Pictures, coming soon you filthy f—ing whores! Check out the exclusive premiere of Devourment’s ‘Parasitic Eruption’ in the audio player below! Pre-order Devourment’s ‘Conceived in Sewage’ at the band’s Relapse Records merch page  or on iTunes . Devourment, ‘Parasitic Eruption’

Suffocation vs. Cannibal Corpse – Death Match

Nuclear Blast / Metal Blade New York death metal icons Suffocation have been decimating every opponent daring enough to take them on in Loudwire’s series of Death Matches. Suffocation need only one more win for the track ‘As Grace Descends’ to be inducted into our Death Match Hall of Fame. The band has beaten out some of the world’s heaviest bands, but we’re giving them perhaps the most legendary, innovative and most importantly, brutal death metal band the world has to offer. Cannibal Corpse released their 12th studio album, ‘Torture,’ last year to much acclaim from the band’s devoted fanatics. In 2013, however, Cannibal Corpse are set to unleash the ‘Dead Human Collection: 25 Years of Death Metal’ box set, containing every record in Corpse’s discography. The all-inclusive box set ( available here for pre-order ) will be released on March 19, and to celebrate, we’re throwing the ‘Torture’ song ‘Demented Aggression’ into this week’s Death Match. Can Suffocation secure their spot as Death Match Hall of Famers? Or will Cannibal Corpse eat their way toward their own Hall of Fame trek? The decision is yours. Vote for your favorite song in the poll below! (This Death Match ends on Tuesday, Feb. 5, at 10AM ET. Fans can vote once per hour! So come back and vote often to make sure your favorite song wins!) Suffocation, ‘As Grace Descends’ Cannibal Corpse, ‘Demented Aggression’ Sorry, you need to have javascript running to see this poll. Email Me When Death Match Winners Are Announced Enter your email address below to receive the Loudwire newsletter, which will include notification of the weekly winner of the Death Match, as well as our top stories of each day. Email Rules of Death Match Two bands fight to the death each week. Fans can vote once per hour. The triumphant band goes on to compete in the next Death Match. If a band wins four straight Death Matches, its song will be honored as immortal in the Loudwire Death Match Hall of Fame.

Cannibal Corpse Announce 2012 ‘Torture Tour’ With Misery Index + Hour of Penance

The road warriors of Cannibal Corpse are set to beat you into an unrecognizable, eviscerated puddle of guts once again, as the brutal death metal forerunners have just announced a U.S. winter tour. With the array of destruction coming to the U.S. during the remainder of 2012, we keep insisting that the tours couldn’t get any heavier, but with Misery Index and Hour of Penance joining Corpse on the road,

Dethklok Hit Fans in the Face With Brand-New Track ‘I Ejaculate Fire’

Everyone’s favorite cartoon death metal band, Dethklok, are on the verge of releasing their third album, ‘Dethalbum III,’ but fans must wait in purgatory no more, as a piece of the upcoming record has been officially released. ‘Dethalbum III’ is scheduled for an Oct. 16 release, but the brilliantly titled ‘I Ejaculate Fire’ is now available for your listening pleasure. ‘I Ejaculate Fire’ is not a departure or progression for

Behemoth To Work on New Album, Singer Nergal Inks Energy Drink Deal To Help Fight Cancer

Blackened death metal masters Behemoth have hit their fans with two big announcements. Frontman Nergal has revealed that he is endorsing Demon Energy Drink, with a portion of the proceeds going to the cancer organization DKMS Americas, and that Behemoth will begin rehearsals for their next album in September. Nergal was diagnosed with leukemia in August of 2010, shocking the massive, worldwide Behemoth fan base. Luckily, Nergal’s health has been

Extreme Metal Olympics: Group 4, Round Two

Here’s Group 4 of the Extreme Metal Olympics, and four bands have managed to make it to Round Two of our feature. Keep voting for your favorite bands who continue to compete in the Extreme Metal Olympics. Swedish progressive legends Opeth defeated the Belgian death metal band Aborted, moving on to compete against Japanese eclectic metal act Dir En Grey. In an incredibly close battle, Dir En Grey just managed

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