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Most Devoted Fans – 2012 Loudwire Music Awards

Music is all about connectivity, and those who establish that connection in the deepest of ways will surely create a fan base of rabid devotees. The love projected from the fans, to the band and back again is most notable with the following nominees, and if you’re reading this, you will likely pledge your allegiance to one of these 10 acts. From veteran acts to new addictions, these are your choices for Most Devoted Fans. Check it out and be sure to vote in the poll below: ? Avenged Sevenfold It’s no secret that Avenged Sevenfold have some of the most dedicated fans on the planet. Regardless of universal acclaim, mainstream success or negative criticism, A7X fans will be in it for life through thick and thin. ? ? Black Veil Brides Black Veil Brides possessed a massive fan base long before their debut studio album, ‘We Stitch These Wounds.’ The band are experiencing massive success driven by fans reminiscent of the emo and post-hardcore scenes in the mid-2000s. ? ? Dir En Grey When it comes to pure dedication, Japanese metal band Dir En Grey could easily build a legitimate cult with their listeners. Although underdogs from the beginning, the fans of Dir En Grey united with unmatched force for our Extreme Metal Olympics feature, leading the band to a gold medal. ? ? Falling in Reverse Although controversy seems to follow vocalist Ronnie Radke wherever he finds himself, his new band Falling in Reverse have exploded as one of the present day’s most popular ‘scene’ bands. Since the release of ‘The Drug in Me is You’ last year, the band has seen rare success due to their rabid fans. ? Iron Maiden As one of metal’s undisputed greatest bands in history, Iron Maiden fans are a breed of their own. Spanning all generations, Maiden are one of the few New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands who are still releasing brilliant material. Their American fans came in droves during this year’s ‘Maiden England’ tour, boasting the band’s grandest stage show to date. Up the Irons! ? Metallica When you’re the most commercially successful metal band in history, you can do anything and everything you want. For Metallica , this came in the form of their own Orion Music + More festival, where they performed both ‘Ride the Lightning’ and the ‘Black Album’ in full. You don’t need to know much about metal to recognize the ridiculously large following Metallica have gained. ? Suicide Silence Suicide Silence have been one of deathcore’s premiere acts for a number of years, but with the sudden death of vocalist Mitch Lucker on Nov. 1, fans of the band came together by the thousands in unity to memorialize the late singer. ? ? Slipknot Slipknot ‘s fan base of ‘Maggots’ have an animalistic dedication to their masked heroes. Even when headlining over legendary acts such as Slayer, Motorhead and Anthrax, the crowd was noticeably more massive for Slipknot throughout the 2012 Mayhem Fest. Maggots also rushed to the band’s very own two-city Knotfest events in 2012. ? Tool Maynard James Keenan is the Charles Manson of music. He could easily lead his legions of fans into a coup d’etat of the entire world, but luckily, he seems to be content with making wine instead. Each member of Tool is a genuine master of their instrument, while acting as true visionaries through their songwriting, and this has created one of the most notable and naturally-acquired fan bases in history. ? X Japan We witnessed the rabid nature of X Japan fans during a run of Loudwire Cage Matches earlier this year. The band’s followers allowed X Japan to defeat Black Veil Brides, In Flames, the Used, Bush and Jane’s Addiction in consecutive wins, proving how deeply-rooted and powerful their fan base truly is. ? Voting for the 2012 Loudwire Music Awards closes on Jan. 15 at 11:59 PM EST. Fans can vote once per hour, so keep coming back to make sure your favorite band wins! Sorry, you need to have javascript running to see this poll. [button href=”” title=”Next Category: Rock Song of the Year” align=”center”] Get Notified When Winners Are Announced Enter your email address below to receive the daily Loudwire newsletter, which will include notification of our full list of winners in the 2012 Loudwire Music Awards, as well as the top stories in rock and metal. Email

Death, ‘Leprosy’ (Live at Streets: March 17, 1990) – Exclusive Song Premiere

Relapse For those unfamiliar with the metal band Death , you’re missing a crucial piece of music history. Widely known as the first death metal band, Death accumulated one of music’s greatest discographies before the passing of frontman Chuck Schuldiner, with the record ‘Spiritual Healing’ being one of his crown jewels. The upcoming reissue of the classic album includes a new live disc, and we’re proud to exclusively premiere a never-before-released live performance of the track ‘Leprosy.’ The official reissue of ‘Spiritual Healing’ will see a release date of Nov. 20 through Relapse Records. The three-disc deluxe edition contains a completely new remaster of the ‘Spiritual Healing’ album, a CD of 16 previously unreleased rehearsal outtakes and studio instrumentals, along with an extra disc that showcases a full live performance from 1990 in New Rochelle, N.Y., along with “unearthed” versions of various tracks and pre-’Human’ rehearsals of ‘Suicide Machine,’ ‘Together as One’ and ‘See Through Dreams.’ This exclusive premiere of ‘Leprosy’ was recorded on March 17, 1990, at Streets in New Rochelle. ‘Leprosy’ was the final track played that night, with Death delivering an absolutely punishing performance showcasing the masterful musicianship of each member of the band, but like other Death works, Chuck Schuldiner shines through with blistering guitar work and cement-churning vocals. To pre-order the reissue of ‘Spiritual Healing,’ check out the album’s official Relapse page or purchase the album through iTunes . Also, be sure to check out Death’s official Facebook page for more info. And finally, listen to the exclusive premiere of ‘Leprosy’ live in the player below. Listen to Death, ‘Leprosy’ (Live @ Streets – March 17, 1990) ? [button href=”” title=”Next: Death Win Silver Medal in Extreme Metal Olympics” align=”center”]

Death Win Silver Medal in Extreme Metal Olympics

The memory of Chuck Schuldiner and the music of Death live on through those who have embraced the music of the death metal pioneers. Despite being the only inactive band featured in the Extreme Metal Olympics, the legendary group walked away with a silver medal. When it comes to death metal, there is no band that deserve the highest order of respect more than Death. The death metal pioneers began the

Dir En Grey Capture Gold Medal in Extreme Metal Olympics

Thanks so much to everyone who helped make our very first Extreme Metal Olympics so successful. After nearly three weeks and hundreds of thousands of votes being cast throughout, Japanese experimental metal band Dir En Grey defeated the legendary Death to capture the gold medal. Beginning the competition in Group 4, Dir En Grey were the only band representing Japan in the Extreme Metal Olympics, and were definite underdogs since

Extreme Metal Olympics: Bronze Medal Match

As the Extreme Medal Olympics come to an end, only two bands have gone undefeated in four straight battles, bringing them to the Gold Medal Round. However, another two acts have proven to be fierce competitors, and although they are no longer in contention for a gold medal, one act will walk away with a bronze one. Cannibal Corpse fought hard to beat out Napalm Death in the first round,

Extreme Metal Olympics: Groups 1 & 2, Semi Finals

The Extreme Metal Olympics is soon coming to an end, with a total of 32 bands from around the world diminishing into only four in our Semi Finals. The winning bands from Group 1 and Group 2 will now go head-to-head in order to determine which band will advance to the Gold Medal Round. After a grueling saga of international sonic battles, Death and Lamb of God were the two

SepticFlesh, Krisiun + More to Pulverize North America on ‘Conquerors of the World’ 2012 Tour

Greek symphonic metal masters SepticFlesh are set to hit North America in October for one of the most diverse tours of the year. The Greek heavyweights will be busting skulls with Brazilian death metallers Krisiun, Israeli metal band Melechesh, Canadian death metal outfit Ex Deo and Columbian black metal act Inquisition. As we’ve showcased in our Extreme Metal Olympics feature, there are many truly incredible metal bands to be found

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