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Death Win Silver Medal in Extreme Metal Olympics

The memory of Chuck Schuldiner and the music of Death live on through those who have embraced the music of the death metal pioneers. Despite being the only inactive band featured in the Extreme Metal Olympics, the legendary group walked away with a silver medal. When it comes to death metal, there is no band that deserve the highest order of respect more than Death. The death metal pioneers began the

Extreme Metal Olympics: Group 2, Quarter Finals

In Group 2 of the Extreme Metal Olympics, we’ve got a Quarter Finals match pitting Brazil against the good ol’ USA. Two metal pioneers are left to represent their respective countries and become the champions of Group 2. Brazilian thrash titans Sepultura defeated Norwegian black metal heavyweights Immortal. Sepultura now move on to face American death metal giants Cannibal Corpse, who put Italian technical death merchants Fleshgod Apocalypse in their

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