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Best Suicide Silence Songs

Century Media The music world is in mourning the death of 28-year-old Suicide Silence singer Mitch Lucker, who was killed in a motorcycle accident in the early morning of Nov. 1 near Huntington Beach, Calif. His bandmates and his label, as well as fellow metal musicians, have offered up their statements and condolences on Lucker’s passing. The vocalist founded the extreme metal band in 2002 in Riverside, Calif., and Suicide Silence began to generate a buzz in 2007 with their debut disc, ‘The Cleansing.’ The band would go on to release five singles from that album, leaving a mark that they were around to stay. The group’s sophomore album, ‘No Time to Bleed,’ arrived in 2009, with ‘The Black Crown’ keeping the two-year cycle in 2011. In honor of Mitch Lucker and his band, we bring you a sampling of the Best Suicide Silence Songs: ‘Unanswered’ ‘Wake Up’ ‘Disengage’ ‘Bludgeoned’ ‘You Only Live Once’ [button href=”” title=”Suicide Silence Frontman Mitch Lucker Killed in Motorcycle Accident” align=”center”]

Death Win Silver Medal in Extreme Metal Olympics

The memory of Chuck Schuldiner and the music of Death live on through those who have embraced the music of the death metal pioneers. Despite being the only inactive band featured in the Extreme Metal Olympics, the legendary group walked away with a silver medal. When it comes to death metal, there is no band that deserve the highest order of respect more than Death. The death metal pioneers began the

Dir En Grey Capture Gold Medal in Extreme Metal Olympics

Thanks so much to everyone who helped make our very first Extreme Metal Olympics so successful. After nearly three weeks and hundreds of thousands of votes being cast throughout, Japanese experimental metal band Dir En Grey defeated the legendary Death to capture the gold medal. Beginning the competition in Group 4, Dir En Grey were the only band representing Japan in the Extreme Metal Olympics, and were definite underdogs since

Extreme Metal Olympics: Bronze Medal Match

As the Extreme Medal Olympics come to an end, only two bands have gone undefeated in four straight battles, bringing them to the Gold Medal Round. However, another two acts have proven to be fierce competitors, and although they are no longer in contention for a gold medal, one act will walk away with a bronze one. Cannibal Corpse fought hard to beat out Napalm Death in the first round,

Napalm Death to Embark on 2012 North American Tour With Municipal Waste + Exhumed

Holy hell! The next incredible metal tour to hit North America has just been revealed. During our recent interview with Exhumed frontman Matt Harvey, the extreme metal legend revealed that Exhumed will soon be embarking on a 2012 tour with thrash party masters Municipal Waste and iconic grindcore innovators Napalm Death. Rumors of the tour have been circulating for a little while now, so Harvey decided to officially spill the

Extreme Metal Olympics: Groups 1 & 2, Semi Finals

The Extreme Metal Olympics is soon coming to an end, with a total of 32 bands from around the world diminishing into only four in our Semi Finals. The winning bands from Group 1 and Group 2 will now go head-to-head in order to determine which band will advance to the Gold Medal Round. After a grueling saga of international sonic battles, Death and Lamb of God were the two

Extreme Metal Olympics: Groups 3 & 4, Semi Finals

Welcome to the Semi Finals of the Extreme Metal Olympics. Beginning with 32 bands competing for glory, we’re now down to four bands after a grueling cycle of eliminations. Your votes will now determine which bands will advance to the Gold Medal Round. In Group 3 of our competition, we showcased acts from Sweden, Poland, Australia, Canada and France, but the band who swept Group 3 come from the beautiful