Footage of Alleged Randy Blythe Incident Shows Revealing Angles

Randy Blythe of Lamb of God


Lamb of God‘s Randy Blythe remains behind bars for alleged manslaughter relating to a 2010 concert incident in Prague, but there’s now additional video footage that’s surfaced online which at the very least appears to offer more insight into the story.

We have obtained alleged video footage of the night in question. In past statements, it was revealed that the fan who died did so after three times attempting to jump onstage, and on the final attempt finally making it. It was alleged that Blythe kicked him off the stage and when he did so, the fan fell backwards and hit his head, thus causing the brain bleed that led to his death two weeks later.

While slow motion video of the incident surfaced in recent days, there’s now new footage that was taken at the show of the fan, named Daniel, which appears to show his attempts to get to the stage.

In the first scene, it appears that Daniel attempted to climb onstage, then suddenly thrust backward and hit his head. In this instance, Blythe does not appear to touch the fan, but there is a security guard that seems to pull him off the stage and slam him to the ground.

A second shot seems to show Daniel getting on stage and Blythe and others in the band left him alone. He then did a stage dive into the crowd with no help from anyone, and it appears as though no one in the audience caught him.

Then there’s the third shot, which has already surfaced in which Blythe and a security guard are apparently pushing Daniel towards the audience. In the clip, the security guard seemingly has more of a handle on Daniel as he’s thrust offstage.

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