Video Footage of Lamb of God Concert Death

As the metal world continues to deal with the shocking news of Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe being jailed earlier this week on suspicion of manslaughter involving a fan death in Prague, there’s now slow motion video footage that’s surfaced of the alleged 2010 incident. It had previously been stated that the fan had tried unsuccessfully twice before to make his way to the stage but on his third attempt finally eluded security, at which point Blythe allegedly had to fend for himself in getting the audience member back into the crowd. The video that’s surfaced online appears to show the singer and a security guard attempting to get the audience member back into the crowd. Reports have alleged that the fan hit his head after being ejected from the stage and then died 14 days later of bleeding in the brain.

Lamb of God was on tour last week when they were met by the authorities in Prague, who then took Blythe into custody over the 2010 incident. On Saturday, the singer was granted bail in the amount of four million Czech Koruna (the equivalent of $200,000 in U.S. currency). As the banks were closed over the weekend, Blythe will be allowed to pay his bail on Monday. Meanwhile, the rest of the band canceled their performance in Prague and finally returned home to Virginia on Saturday night (June 30). Guitarist Mark Morton tweeted, “Finally HOME! 4/5 of us anyway. I can’t wait to give Randy a big bear hug and kiss his pointy, stubbly face! Thanx for all the support y’all! Flooded with questions about Randy. I truly understand and appreciate [your] concern. But it would be irresponsible for me to comment on any of it. Again….thank y’all SOOOO much for your love and support during these difficult times. It means the world to us.”

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