Green Day Reveal ‘Troublemaker’ Video, ‘¡Dos!’ Track Listing + ‘Twilight’ Contribution

Reprise The good thing about having an album trilogy is that there’s a lot of music to pick from, and Green Day have new info regarding all three records – ‘¡Uno!,’ ‘¡Dos!,’ and ‘¡Tre!’ First up, the group is digging deeper into the ‘ ¡Uno! ‘ disc by premiering another video for the song ‘Troublemaker.’ The video once again focuses on the performance aspect of the band, taking the viewer both inside the studio as the track was being recorded and up onstage for the audience reaction to the song. The clip can be seen below. Secondly, with the ‘¡Uno!’ album out, the group has started turning their attention to the ‘¡Dos!’ disc. The 13-track collection, due Nov. 13, has primarily been kept under wraps until now even though the group has played the song ‘F— Time’ at shows. Fans can start speculating about the next disc as the full ‘¡Dos!’ track listing has been revealed. It can be seen below. ‘¡Dos!’ can be pre-ordered here . And finally, Green Day has landed a song on the upcoming ‘ Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 ‘ soundtrack. The group is easily the biggest act on the primarily alternative and indie-leaning collection. ‘The Forgotten’ is the name of their contribution, and it will also be featured on the ‘¡Tre!’ album. Green Day are currently taking some time off the road while singer Billie Joe Armstrong completes his substance abuse treatment . Watch Green Day’s ‘Troublemaker’ Video Green Day’s ‘¡Dos!’ Track Listing: 1. ‘See You Tonight’ 2. ‘F— Time’ 3. ‘Stop When the Red Lights Flash’ 4. ‘Lazy Bones’ 5. ‘Wild One’ 6. ‘Makeout Party’ 7. ‘Stray Heart’ 8. ‘Ashley’ 9. ‘Baby Eyes’ 10. ‘Lady Cobra’ 11. ‘Nightlife’ 12. ‘Wow! That’s Loud’ 13. ‘Amy’ [button href=”” title=”Next: Green Day – Rock Star Cameos on ‘The Simpsons'” align=”center”]

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Green Day Reveal ‘Troublemaker’ Video, ‘¡Dos!’ Track Listing + ‘Twilight’ Contribution

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