Jason Newsted Debuts ‘Soldierhead’ Single, Offers Snippets of ‘Metal’ EP Tracks

NewstedHeavyMetal.com Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted is back rocking again and fans are getting the first taste of his new self-titled band with the just-released single ‘Soldierhead.’ The song comes from the four-track release, ‘ Metal ,’ due Jan. 8 via iTunes. Newsted shot a video for the song over the week that’s expected to debut shortly, but in the interim fans can check out ‘Soldierhead’ in the player below. The hard-driving track finds the bassist exploring his metal roots and delivering the type of head banging song that most fans would hope for. The bassist steps up to the mic on the ‘Metal’ EP and does an admirable job, but it’s the bass breakdown in ‘Soldierhead’ that stands out and makes it uniquely Newsted. In addition to ‘Soldierhead,’ fans can keep an ear out for ‘Godsnake,’ ‘King of the Underdogs’ and ‘Skyscraper,’ the three other songs that make up the ‘Metal’ EP. Though full versions of the tracks have yet to hit the Internet, song snippets can be heard at iTunes, where the disc is currently available for pre-order. ‘Godsnake’ is more a chugging track, while ‘King of the Underdogs’ finds the band rocking with reckless abandon and ‘Skyscraper’ is more of a straight-up, attitude-filled rocker. To hear the song snippets or to pre-order the ‘Metal’ EP, click here . Newsted has not announced any tour dates as of yet, but it is likely he’ll play some shows as some point. Listen to Newsted’s ‘Soliderhead’ [button href=”http://loudwire.com/ex-metallica-bassist-jason-newsted-details-plans-for-musical-comeback/” title=”Next: Jason Newsted Details Musical Comeback Plans” align=”center”]

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Jason Newsted Debuts ‘Soldierhead’ Single, Offers Snippets of ‘Metal’ EP Tracks

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