John Corabi Rants on Broken Relationships With Former Motley Crue Bandmates

Ethan Miller, Getty Images One-time  Motley Crue singer John Corabi served the band from 1992-1996, but there are apparently still some hard feelings regarding the way Corabi was treated during his stint with the band. Additionally, Corabi expressed his disappointment with the lack of communication he’s had with the members of Crue since his departure, claiming that he “hasn’t seen them more than five times in the last 15 years.” In a recent interview with The Great Southern Brainfart (best website name ever?), Corabi offered a reaction to the way that original and current Crue vocalist Vince Neil portrayed Corabi’s departure from the act. “Vince Neil said in his book that it was my idea to leave Motley Crue,” begins Corabi. “Just to set the record straight, Vince is only partially right about that. I just told the guys that I was so tired hearing about ‘Vince would do it this way…’ I just told them, ‘I’m so f—ing sick and tired of hearing about what Vince would do from you and your management.’ I was just sick of the guys comparing me to the guy that you told me for the last five years to not be.” Corabi continues, “If you get hired for a job and your boss keeps talking about what great job the other guy did or compares you to the other guy, at some point, you just say, ‘F— you. Go back to that person then.’ I told them that if they wanted Vince and Vince was the f—ing answer, maybe they should call him back and work shit out. If not, we should all just shut the f— up and try and make this work.” Corabi went on to describe his relationship, or lack of, with Crue since he left in 1996. “I hung out with those guys every day for five years and I haven’t seen them more than five times in the last 15 years,” Corabi says. “That bothered me more than anything. I thought those guys were my friends and that’s what I miss more than anything. I was more bummed out over the loss of our brotherhood than anything. Those guys are just the kind of people that will embrace you when you’re in their circle. They’ve had some many buzzards and vultures picking at their bones for the last 25 years that when they look down and they see me calling them, I bet they immediately think, ‘What does he want?’” What do you think? Is Corabi just bitter that he’s no longer in the band, or does he have a valid gripe? Check out the full interview with John Corabi at The Great Southern Brainfart . [button href=”” title=”Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx Remembers Drug Overdose 25 Years Later” align=”center”]

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John Corabi Rants on Broken Relationships With Former Motley Crue Bandmates

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