Limp Bizkit Subject of Twitter Rant by Former Member DJ Lethal

Ryan Pierse, Getty Images They say time heals all wounds, but not enough time has passed for DJ Lethal to let his ousting from Limp Bizkit go. While tweeting back and forth with some of his followers, Lethal let loose with a number of barbs against his former mates. reports that the conversation started with the Lethal digging in on the news that his old band’s new single was going to be ‘ Pain .’ He stated, “Don’t get me started. ‘Pain’??? Really. Come on. LP is making better songs. R&Bizkit?!??!??? FaCEPALM.” He would add, “I like Linkin Park better than Limp Bizkit. Haaa. At least they still make music, not sell out. I used to rock!?!’ From there he added, “I used to do it for the nookie. I’m lucky I didn’t get an STD. But if I went the Paris/Kim way, you would know. Bad luck. Rockstar with a LIL PP.” In another tweet, he added, “Basically Fred [Durst] is 43 years old. How long can that dude do it for the NOOKIE? Don’t get me wrong there was a time when he wrote his own lyrics.” Lethal also cited his love for Korn and Deftones , and added, “Because the lead singer of those bands can SING. Lb now = gangban.” He would follow stating, “Honestly, Limp Bizkit stole they’re qhol # style from Deftones. Vocally!!!” When a Twitter follower attempted to back Limp Bizkit, Lethal added, “I hate a–holes that judge me for leaving a ‘band’ I was in for 15 years. Your like a f-n moose that got lucky!! F— Fred Durst. I was talented and was an artist own before u even knew who Fred was. If tout gonna be a #wigger, than do your homework. #houseofpain bitch!” He also defended his right to speak his mind, adding, “Don’t like it, f— off. U like Wes [Borland] new moustache? F— you! You think Fred is a better rapper than MGK? FU.” Before signing out, the DJ concluded, “Ok, yeah I’m drunk talking s—. No I know who my REAL friends are. If you’re not one of them, unfollow and f— off.” Editors Note: By Saturday morning, a majority of the tweets had been removed. [button href=”” title=”Next: DJ Lethal Previews ‘Scream the Metal'” align=”center”]

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Limp Bizkit Subject of Twitter Rant by Former Member DJ Lethal

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