Manager Explains Why Kid Rock Finally Ended iTunes Boycott

Rick Diamond / Getty Images It’s interesting, but Kid Rock , one of the few remaining mavericks not to bow to the growing behemoth of downloading that is iTunes, has finally given in for the release of his upcoming album, ‘ Rebel Soul .’ So what changed the rocker’s mind? His manager suggests that these are different times and different rules apply in the current musical climate. Lee Trink, who oversees Rock’s career, tells Rolling Stone , “Times are different than they were on the last release. There are fewer record stores available, and there are fans who don’t necessarily want to get in the car and drive to the store. They’ve been accustomed to buying it digitally. He’s proven the point that he was able to have an incredibly successful record without iTunes, [but] that doesn’t mean you can’t reassess the landscape and take a look at people’s buying behaviors.” Rock has adamantly resisted adapting for iTunes over the years, maintaining the artistic ideal of selling a record as a whole piece of work rather than opting for the single track approach of iTunes. With the musician’s decision to finally allow his music to be sold via the digital download site, only big name acts like AC/DC , Tool , and Garth Brooks remain as holdouts. “Now is the right time,” says Trink of Rock’s decision. “Digital will only be a greater and greater proportion in the way recorded music is purchased. At a certain point, there will be a very tiny, tiny proportion of physical goods. You’re going to have to make that decision.” ‘Rebel Soul’ arrives in stores and online Nov. 19 and is currently available for pre-order on iTunes here . The lead single, ‘ Let’s Ride ,’ is already available on the iTunes platform. [button href=”” title=”Next: Kid Rock – Stage Name Origins” align=”center”]

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Manager Explains Why Kid Rock Finally Ended iTunes Boycott

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