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Green Day’s Mike Dirnt on Billie Joe Armstrong: ‘I Gotta Support My Boy’

Green Day are starting to get back on track after their fall of 2012 and early 2013 were derailed by frontman Billie Joe Armstrong ‘s stint in rehab. Armstrong’s troubles came to a head as their heavy promotional schedule took them to Las Vegas for a show last fall in which the frontman went on a guitar-smashing rant onstage. With the band preparing their return to touring , bassist Mike Dirnt addressed the past issues and their current state with Rolling Stone .

‘Louder Than Hell: The Definitive Oral History of Metal’ Book to Hit Shelves on May 14

It Books / HarperCollins The history of metal music is not an easy story to tell. With over 45 years of the world’s most brutal music genre having already passed, the realms of progression, brutality and experimentation are constantly expanding thanks to both metal legends and new school heroes. Despite the difficulty of the challenge, rock journalists Jon Wiederhorn and Katherine Turman have crafted the upcoming book ‘Louder Than Hell: The Definitive Oral History of Metal,’ which will see a May 14 release date. To create a truly definitive portrayal on metal music, ‘Louder Than Hell’ was assembled from more than 300 interviews with metal’s finest icons, including members of Metallica , Megadeth , Iron Maiden , Slayer , Death , Motley Crue , Pantera and many more. As if 300 interviews wasn’t legitimate enough, the comprehensive book will include an introduction by Scott Ian of Anthrax and an afterword by Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford . ‘Louder Than Hell’ promises to deliver all the info without censorship, delving into topics such as traumatic upbringings, drug addiction and bizarre sexual exploits, along with stories of the music business, songwriting, touring and a lot more. Metal musicians themselves have come out to praise ‘Louder than Hell,’ along with its authors. “Katherine Turman and Jon Wiederhorn know metal,” gushes Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello . “Louder than Hell is an amazing gathering of different breeds of heavy metal rockers telling the tales metal fans want to hear.” Heavy metal legend Alice Cooper also endorses the book. “This is the book every metal fan should own,” says Cooper. “A fascinating high-octane chronicle of metal mayhem that takes readers on a wild ride, from metal’s earliest days to the head-banging present. I’m not saying this just because I’m in the book, but . . . if you love metal, great stories, and music history told by the people who made it, then Louder than Hell is a must-read.” Jon Wiederhorn is a senior writer for Revolver magazine, a former editor of MTV2′s Headbangers Blog and has worked for publications such as Rolling Stone, Spin, Entertainment Weekly and Guitar World. Wiederhorn has also penned a biography on Ministry mastermind Al Jourgensen , ‘Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen,’ which will see a July 2013 release. Katherine Turman currently produces the syndicated radio show ‘Nights with Alice Cooper,’ and has written for publications such as Metal Hammer, Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone and RIP, the last of which she was the editor. Get ready for the release of ‘Louder Than Hell: The Definitive Oral History of Metal’ on May 14. To pre-order the book, click here . Check Out a Video of Alice Cooper Promoting ‘Louder Than Hell’ [button href=”” title=”10 Best Metal Albums of 2012″ align=”center”]

Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Collaborates With RDGLDGRN on New Song ‘I Love Lamp’

John Shearer, Getty Images Dave Grohl may be the hardest working man in the world of rock. Along with his highly decorated careers with Nirvana , Foo Fighters , Queens of the Stone Age , Probot, Them Crooked Vultures and many others, Grohl recently premiered his ‘Sound City’ documentary at the Sundance Film Festival, with the film now available to see in select theaters. Taking on yet another project, Grohl collaborated with Washington, D.C., group RDGLDGRN to record the song ‘I Love Lamp.’ RDGLDGRN (short for Red Gold Green) are a D.C.-based rock, hip-hop and punk hybrid who take influence from acts such as Bad Brains, Vampire Weekend, the Neptunes and many more. The trio entered Sound City Studios to record their music, and managed to catch the ear of Dave Grohl, who would end up playing drums for RDGLDGRN’s upcoming self-titled EP. The track’s title, ‘I Love Lamp,’ is a reference to a line from the Will Ferrell modern comedy classic ‘Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy,’ spoken by Steve Carell’s character Brick Tamland. Although there are no direct lyrical connections to the film, the song’s title will surely catch attention, as Carell’s line is among the most repeated and beloved comedic references of the last decade. As for the song itself, ‘I Love Lamp’ is a smooth and up-beat anthem which is both well-written and radio-friendly. If you’re looking for a sunny-day track to warm you up during bleak winter weather, you might find some solace from the elements within the track. Click below to hear RDGLDGRN and Dave Grohl’s recording of ‘I Love Lamp’ via Rolling Stone. [button href=”″ title=”Listen to RDGLDGRN’s ‘I Love Lamp’ Featuring Dave Grohl at” align=”center”]

Coheed and Cambria Offer Full Stream of New Disc ‘The Afterman: Descension’

Hundred Handed / Everything Evil Progressive rock quartet Coheed and Cambria will be releasing the second part of their ‘Afterman’ double album on Feb. 5, but fans won’t have to wait until tomorrow to hear the band’s seventh studio album. Coheed & Cambria’s ‘The Afterman: Descension’ is now available for streaming in full at (click below). The New York band released the first part of their ‘Afterman’ series, ‘Ascension,’ in October of last year, allowing fans to absorb part of the progressive space journey before hitting them with part two. Based on the ‘Amory Wars’ comic books written by Coheed & Cambria frontman Claudio Sanchez, ‘The Afterman: Descension’ will be the latest part of the story, completing the ‘Afterman’ sequence. ‘The Afterman: Ascension’ received positive reviews by critics after its release, and when listening to the journey’s second half, it’s fair to speculate that the critical praise Coheed & Cambria have captured will continue. Mixing their slow-churning prog with energetic post-hardcore and pop punk sensibilities, the epic nature of C&C’s music doesn’t diminish a bit with this latest release. Rolling Stone has unveiled ‘The Aftermath: Descension’ exclusively for online streaming, so click on the button below to check out the full album for yourself. Happy space travels! [button href=”h″ title=”Click to Listen to Coheed and Cambria’s ‘The Afterman: Descension’ in Full” align=”center”]

Dave Grohl’s Sound City Players Rock the Sundance Film Festival

Jason Merritt, Getty Images Dave Grohl ‘s ‘Sound City’ documentary has enjoyed its first film festival screening and the singer topped it off with a concert that Sundance Film Festival goers will be buzzing about for years to come. Rolling Stone reports that Grohl’s heavily hyped Sound City Players show clocked in at over three hours, with 17 musicians taking turns on the stage enjoying their time with the Park City, Utah crowd. Grohl broke down the evening into mini-sets, with his Foo Fighters bandmates serving as the de facto house band for a majority of the night. Grohl also had a chance to pay homage to some of his collaborators, discussing the first time he heard Fear’s Lee Ving and knowing that he wanted to be a musician or talking about jamming to Cheap Trick ‘s ‘Surrender’ as a drunk sixteen-year-old. The evening also featured extended sets with Rick Springfield, Stevie Nicks and John Fogerty , while Slipknot ‘s Corey Taylor joined Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen for some of the guitarist’s tracks. In addition, Rage Against the Machine drummer Brad Wilk, Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic , Queens of the Stone Age ‘s Alain Johannes and Masters of Reality’s Chris Goss shuffled in and out during the proceedings. Speaking at the film’s premiere about the ‘Sound City’ documentary, Grohl told the audience, “I consider this to be the most important thing I’ve ever done, artistically, of all the albums I’ve made, of all the bands I’ve had the pleasure of being in. I really feel like the ‘Sound City’ movie, its intention is to inspire the next generation of kids to fall in love with music as much as I did.” As to whether or not directing is an experience he would like to repeat, the musician coyly responded, “I started the Foo Fighters as a hobby, and that was 20 years ago.” [button href=”” title=”Next: Dave Grohl to Bring Sound City Players to Los Angeles Premiere” align=”center”]

Eddie Vedder Says Pearl Jam Are ‘Halfway’ Toward Finishing New Album

Gareth Cattermole, Getty Images Pearl Jam are taking their time finishing their next album, but singer Eddie Vedder is confident that it will come together in due time and will be as much of a “band” record as they’ve done. The frontman tells Rolling Stone , “[We’re] maybe halfway there. We’re taking our time. I was talking to Jeff [Ament] today. We were texting. He’s got his group up there. He’s heading to the West Coast. I’m heading east. And we’re out here like, you know, like Johnny Appleseed. He’s covering part of the country. I’m doing the other. And at some point, we’ll join forces again for sure, but the band is as healthy as ever and I’m sure it’s good to get a little break from each other … We’ll be ready to go when we’re ready to go.” Speaking about the band health, Vedder added that they’re perhaps more of a cohesive unit than ever when it comes to releasing their music as a whole functioning outfit. He explains, “We really work together as a unit these days. It’s really the compilation of all the parts. It’s not like one guy trying to tell everybody, ‘These are my songs. This is what it should sound like.’ We’ve figured out after all these years that if everybody just puts their stamp on it, then it sounds like how we want it to. Then it sounds new, cause everyone is growing, you know. Everyone is growing after all these years.” Until Pearl Jam regroup, Ament will continue promoting his other band, RNDM, which features singer/songwriter Joseph Arthur and drummer Richard Stuverud. Meanwhile, guitarist Stone Gossard has European shows booked with his other band Brad in February. Vedder’s solo song ‘Satellite’ can be heard on the ‘West of Memphis: Voices for Justice’ soundtrack. To read more about Vedder’s support of the West Memphis Three, check out Rolling Stone’s article here . [button href=”” title=”Next: Eddie Vedder to Honor Bruce Springsteen at 2013 MusiCares Tribute” align=”center”]

Rise Against Plan To Take Break Before Recording Next Album

Ethan Miller, Getty Images For a band like Rise Against , the creative process is always ongoing, but frontman Tim McIlrath says that it may actually be a little while before we hear from them again. The singer tells Rolling Stone that the group wants to “recharge” a bit before starting in on a new record. “We always have new ideas floating around, we always have new songs and new ideas,” says McIlrath. “[But] we’re kind of focusing on recharging our batteries right now. We’ve been a band for 12 years. We’ve been hitting it hard and looking at this band like a marathon, not a sprint. We realize we need to invest time in our music and our songs, as well as invest time into ourselves, our lives, so I think for the next few months, that’s what we’ll be doing.” McIlrath says getting away from the touring life for a while and getting back to normal surroundings will give them a better perspective when it comes time to write again. The vocalist also stated that while they are known for hard-hitting anthemic rock songs, he’s anxious to explore a softer side. That was partly inspired by their cover of Bob Dylan ‘s ‘The Ballad of Hollis Brown’ for the Amnesty International ‘Chimes of Freedom’ compilation. He explains, “It was something we hadn’t done before and I think we all walked away from the studio experience saying, ‘When we come back here, we need to tap into some of the things that we tapped into in this Bob Dylan cover. We took our foot off the gas a little bit, allowed the guitar tones to come out a little more, played things more deliberate instead of as fast as a speeding train, and we realized this could still be heavy.” For more from the interview with Tim McIlrath, visit . [button href=”” title=”Next: Rise Against – Top 21st Century Hard Rock Songs” align=”center”]

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