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Green Day’s Mike Dirnt on Billie Joe Armstrong: ‘I Gotta Support My Boy’

Green Day are starting to get back on track after their fall of 2012 and early 2013 were derailed by frontman Billie Joe Armstrong ‘s stint in rehab. Armstrong’s troubles came to a head as their heavy promotional schedule took them to Las Vegas for a show last fall in which the frontman went on a guitar-smashing rant onstage. With the band preparing their return to touring , bassist Mike Dirnt addressed the past issues and their current state with Rolling Stone .

The Darkness Frontman Justin Hawkins Falls Off Stage in Sweden

Ilya S. Savenok, Getty Images The Darkness are known for their boundless energy and bringing their all to their live shows, but frontman Justin Hawkins’ enthusiasm got the better of him at a recent show in Stockholm, Sweden when he took a tumble into the crowd. Hawkins can be seen in the video footage below galloping around the stage to the beat of the song, trying to amp up the crowd, but he appears not to have realized how close he was to the front of the stage and quickly disappears from view. However, the fall happened perfectly to where the backing vocals would be featured first. The singer was quite the trooper though, still delivering his parts while regaining his bearings and eventually crawling back onstage to continue the track without missing a beat. The Darkness are currently on a world tour in support of their ‘Hot Cakes’ album. However, guitarist Dan Hawkins recently revealed that the band intend on entering the studio early next year to make sure they have a quick turnaround between discs. Watch The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins Fall Offstage in Sweden [button href=”” title=”Next: The Darkness Cover Radiohead’s ‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)'” align=”center”]

Danzig Announce Dates for 25th Anniversary North American Tour

Scott Gries, Getty Images 2013 is a year that Danzig will always remember as the band is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Frontman Glenn Danzig and his cohorts have announced their first tour of the year and they plan on making it a real hard rocking celebration. As part of his lineup, Danzig will welcome his former Misfits bandmate Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein on a majority of the shows. In addition, the North American run will feature stellar support from Corrosion of Conformity and The Agonist . Extreme metallers The Agonist expressed their joy at being chosen to open shows during Danzig’s milestone year, especially after their proposed trek with Cradle of Filth  fell apart due to unexpected  immigration issues . The group stated, “When news of the cancellation came through, we were not only disappointed but heartbroken about losing the entire experience of touring with Cradle of Filth, The Faceless and Decapitated. All the members of The Agonist have been gearing up for this tour since the fall of last year and we were really looking forward to putting on amazing show for both old and new fans alike … But alas, The Agonist moves on and is proud to announce an upcoming tour with the almighty Danzig (!!!) as well as the legendary Corrosion of Conformity in the month of April 2013!” On the recording front, things have been quiet from Danzig of late. The group was reportedly working on a covers disc last year and their last original album was 2010′s ‘Death Red Saboath.’ The 25th anniversary trek launches April 17 in Las Vegas and continues through April 28 in Ventura, Calif. Danzig With Corrosion of Conformity + The Agonist 4/17 — Las Vegas, Nev. — House of Blues 4/19 — Denver, Colo. — Ogden Theater 4/20 — Albuquerque, N.M. — Sunshine Theater 4/22 — Austin, Texas — Stubbs BBQ 4/23 — Corpus Christi, Texas — Concrete Street 4/24 — Dallas, Texas — Palladium 4/26 — Phoenix, Ariz. — Marquee Theater 4/27 — Pomona, Calif. — Fox Theater 4/28 — Ventura, Calif. — Ventura Theater [button href=”” title=”Next: Glenn Danzig + Runaways Singer Cherie Currie Work on Duet” align=”center”]

Daily Reload: Alice in Chains, Phil Anselmo + More

Velvet Hammer – After sending fans on a word scramble yesterday, Alice in Chains have unveiled the title of their new album. [ Loudwire ] – Phil Anselmo has announced the details for the first annual Housecore Horror Film + Metal Festival for this fall. [ Loudwire ] – Get in the mood for love on Valentine’s Day by checking out our list of the Most Romantic Rock Music Videos. [ Loudwire ] – All That Remains are bulking up their tour schedule with new dates featuring Hellyeah and Nonpoint . [ Loudwire ] – Halestorm ‘s Arejay Hale admits his surprise at their Grammy win and doesn’t take the hater backlash to heart. [ Loudwire ] – Queen and Black Sabbath guitarists Brian May and Tony Iommi talk about collaborating on a record filled with Iommi’s guitar riffs. [ Ultimate Classic Rock ] – Steven Tyler and Mick Fleetwood are lobbying Hawaiian legislators for stricter privacy laws. [ Ultimate Classic Rock ] – Depeche Mode let the cameras roll for a performance clip of their latest single ‘Heaven.’ [ ] – Passion Pit have unveiled the new video for their single ‘Carried Away.’ [ ]

Randy Blythe Trial, Day 2: Deceased Concertgoer’s Friends Testify Against Lamb of God Frontman

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire As Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe ‘s Czech manslaughter trial remains in session, local media continues to cover the case’s developments from inside the courtroom. As we reported, Blythe began his trial yesterday (Feb. 4), claiming his innocence, and now there are new details to share from Day 2 of the trial. Czech news site  has just put up a rundown of what occurred on Day 2 of Randy Blythe’s trial, which was full of witnesses testifying about the 2010 concert incident. Blythe was supported in court by his wife, Cindy, his parents and Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler , who took the stand yesterday to testify on behalf of Blythe. Various friends of the deceased concertgoer, known as ‘Daniel. N,’ gave their testimonies as well, holding Blythe responsible for Daniel’s death, which they say was caused by head trauma suffered at a 2010 Lamb of God show after Blythe allegedly pushed Daniel offstage. Yesterday in court, Blythe blasted security at the venue, saying they made no effort from stopping fans from jumping onstage. While he acknowledged there was an incident or two with another fan who rushed the stage at the show, he said he never made contact with Daniel. In today’s testimonies, one friend of the deceased fan stated, “He [Randy Blythe] pushed him off the stage. Dan fell on the back of his head. After the concert was over, something wasn’t right about Daniel and we called an ambulance.” One witness also claimed that Blythe asked Daniel if he was okay after taking the fall, and when Daniel replied, “Yes,” Lamb of God continued with their performance. According to The Gauntlet , All three witnesses offered different versions as to what actually transpired, but they were all in agreement in claiming that Blythe was “very aggressive during the concert.” “One person was kicked, and another strangled on stage,” one witness claimed. All three witnesses also denied that any announcement was made by venue staff to not climb over barricades, get close to security or to make their way onto the stage. Stay tuned for our continued coverage of Randy Blythe’s Czech trial. [button href=”” title=”Next: Day 1 Recap of Randy Blythe Trial” align=”center”]

Within Temptation Announce 2013 Album Plans

Facebook: Within Temptation Great news for fans of Dutch symphonic rockers Within Temptation . The band has just announced that in addition to signing with a new label partner, BMG Rights, they are aiming to put out a new album in the fall. Having formed in 1996, Within Temptation have been treating fans to their signature brand of symphonic goth rock for over 15 years, with five full-length albums released within that time period. Fans of the band have shown a stunning devotion to their Scandinavian heroes, with the outfit taking home 2011 Loudwire Music Awards for Artist of the Year, Rock Album of the Year (‘The Unforgiving’) and Rock Goddess of the Year for vocalist Sharon den Adel . Within Temptation broke the good news to their fans via the band’s official website: Hi everyone, We have been, and we are still hiding in our studios since winter started. With every writing session new things are happening. We are experimenting a lot and are trying to hold on to this magical feeling. We are looking forward to the moment that we can share with you where this journey has taken us. We are excited to have found a new enthusiastic label partner, BMG Rights, with whom are aiming for a release in autumn, which perfectly fits the mood of the album. As soon as we can, we will share more information about the new album. In the mean time we will see you on the road this summer! Sharon, Ruud, Stefan, Martijn, Jeroen, Mike and Robert So far, Within Temptation have signed on to perform at three European summer festivals, but stay tuned for more dates to be announced. [button href=”” title=”Within Temptation Cover Songs by Bruno Mars, Gnarls Barkley, Gotye + More” align=”center”]

Kyng Frontman Eddie Veliz Talks Life on the Road, Writing New Music + More

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Rock trio Kyng  had a busy 2012 and if last year any indication of how this year will be then Kyng have a eventful road ahead of them. Loudwire recently checked in with the band’s frontman Eddie Veliz, who talked all about the ups and downs of life on the road, while also looking back at the release of their debut album, ‘Trampled Sun,’ and mentioning plans for a new album. Kyng have been on the road nonstop, what do you love most about touring? It’s awesome – you get to meet a bunch of people in the first couple rounds and then the next time you come around you consistently run into these people, like you – even though you didn’t recognize me. I was like “Hey! It’s you,” and you were like, “Who are you?” but now you’re cool – yeah it’s all that, we get to come back and they’re more excited. The sucky part, but also good part, is that everywhere we go we have friends and all they want to do is feed us and get drunk. It’s like, “Let’s go eat ribs” and barbeque galore and it’s nonstop and we’re just getting fatter and fatter. It’s good and bad. What do you not like about touring? Just being away, being away from home – we don’t have all the luxuries of your typical rockstar. We sleep in our four star or four wheel home which is the van and it’s just us out on the road – it’s a lot of work. We’re just kicking butt, selling out our merch, checking out gear, performing and driving and that could take a toll for sure. We just start getting beat up after every tour. You have toured with so many great bands, including your recent trek with Megadeth… Who? Who’s that, I don’t know about that – that’s so weird. Yeah the whole Megadeth thing was outrageous. We’ve been so lucky getting super cool tours with bands that we actually grew up listening to, like the whole Clutch thing, the whole Orion thing, the Megadeth thing – it’s crazy. How is it happening, I have no clue, but I’m glad it is. Luckily on the tour with Seether, who are awesome dudes, they gave us all the amenities we needed like, “Our techs will help you out, use our dressing rooms, whatever you need.” They welcomed us with open arms, that was the first time we met them and we’re like brothers. Kyng’s debut disc ‘Trampled Sun’ had its one year anniversary in the fall. Not as the band’s frontman, but as a pure music fan, what do you love most about the album? The thing I love most about this record is that every song on that album had its own identity – it’s like a bunch of super heroes, they’re all different and they all have they’re own little superhero powers. The song ‘Takes It Toll’ is much different from ‘Shoreline’ and ‘Bleed Easy’ is much different from ‘Pushing and Pulling.’ We’ve gotten word back from friends and family and fans who are like, “I just take that album in and listen to it in its entirety” and I think that’s attributed to the fact that all the songs are different – a lot of the songs aren’t going in one direction and it’s not just straightforward. One thing about this album is that my favorite song on the disc constantly changes, because there are so many different elements and moods on this record. I love that about certain albums, there’s Chris Cornell’s ‘Euphoria Morning’ does that to me. I listen to that all the time and every time I listen to it, different songs on that album become my favorite. I really wanted to accomplish something like that and it just so happens, thankfully, somewhere along the lines our first album is kind of like that for some people. What are some 2013 plans for Kyng? We’ve been writing like crazy, Tony [Castaneda] and I – getting some new music for the new album. We really want to get something out – I don’t know when it’ll be out but I want to be in the studio and finished a ton of music to just start touring away. We got about four or five songs in the can, we’ve recorded about three and they’re sounding really good, we’re just picking up where ‘Trampled Sun’ left off. When would you have to like it out by? Man if it was up to me, we would’ve had one out already. I wanted one so fast – I wanted to do that whole Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath thing – when they hit the scene they had two albums out in the same year. I would have loved to have done that but obviously people were like “You’re dumb, don’t do that.” We took our time, we went out and toured as much as possible, we didn’t have time to get into the studio. If it was up to me, I’d want to be in the studio now and get one out as soon as possible. Do you usually write on the road? Music writing, it’s so weird, I’m able to hold and retain songs in my head and I’ll pull out my phone and record riffs just to have them there and once I get home, I’ll get songs and put them together and show the guys. I’m constantly writing all the time whether it’s for Kyng or just for myself – I have a ton of acoustic songs, a ton of riffs and melodies and lyrics and things just gathered up. It’s easy for me to just sit down and write a song but to make it perfect, that’s the problem. It’s quiet writing on the road because all you can do is hum to yourself — you’re in a van just driving down the road. There’s no amps plugged in so you just have to hum into your phone and save it and just keep adding until you have enough parts to pick apart. It’s great though. So Kyng doesn’t have a driver, huh? No, it’s literally just us. It’s funny because everyone’s always wondering, when people come and hang out with us, they’re like “Is that person with you? Is this person with you?” No it’s just us three – Tony, Pepe [Clarke] and I. We take turns driving, I usually take the night shifts, Pepe’s in the morning and Tony’s in the middle of the day, we sell our own merch and play shows and do our thing. I saw someone saying somewhere, “Hey those Kyng dudes are making a ton of money,” and it’s like you are so far from the truth. We have zero crew, we have no bus — it’s literally us and a sack of coins but we do what we love to do and that’s all that really matters to us. We’re rich in stories, my friend. [button href=”” title=”Check Out Photos of Kyng Performing in New York City with Megadeth” align=”center”] Watch Kyng Perform ‘Falling Down’ in Concert

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